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Despite the fact that I edit novels for many major competition in the same genre as Ms. Bishop and do not edit on her behalf and have even written a few novels myself, I am a huge fan or the woman work. In this book, Karin has presented an overload of feelings and activities true to the TG genre and indeed true to the thoughts and activities of a true TG person. That will alone guarantees success for this most recent offering. On the other hand, in choosing a time book set during the depressive disorder - before hardly anyone knew just what a TG person was, she has outdone herself in details and accuracy that is absolutely quite amazing... I was impressed so i actually tried to identify truthful settings and activities and look for errors - I found NONE. I can not imagine the time and research that went into this novel. This historical accuracy set the sculpt for a biography on the life of Claire that will captivate the reader and frankly the one which is very hard to put down. She brought on me a couple of very late nights. If the TG fiction genre interests you and you appreciate a compelling life story set in a past that wasn't all that long ago whatsoever, give this due consideration. You won't be remorseful. In case you are looking for porn - find your smut elsewhere. This novel is worth the Hollywood setting it encompasses. Well done Karin Bishop., I was a little concerned about the concept behind this tale initially when i first read it, but needlessly so. Miss Bishop pulls off the storyline with her usual experience, making a wonderfully believable and gripping story. He or she characters are so well fleshed out as to make you feel you might actually see them sitting next to you at the cinema. Her action flows smoothly from part to chapter, and it is evident that she has researched her material.

Her knowledge of not only the film industry, but of it's history and the people who filled it during the 1930's is astounding and gives greatly to not only the believability of the tale, but also to the depth of the characters and the world they populate.

Add in her description of the medical knowledge of the day, and the true start of the medical comprehension of what would later become known as gender dysphoria, and her story is so real as to associated with reader feel as if they are truly there.

If you have never read any of Miss Bishop's work, this is a good place to start. In case you are familiar with her work, then this is an outstanding addition to your library. Either way, I would whole- heartedly recommend this book to any and all readers., Our admiration of Ms. Bishop's work, is well noted. While I am appreciative of her Youth Appropriate work and the importance in our world, I am always happy to see the age group meter go upward. This really is an outstanding work.

My grandchildren think that I was still living in the 30's. Several of them think nineteen and the rest 20. I am a enthusiast of what they call 'the grey people' of TCM. So, the period is familiar. Others have commented on the research. As always I study from reading her books. The wide range of knowledge is impressive.

If there are editing errors, We did not catch them. Which is probably inaccurate. That was so cotton picking interesting i probably overlooked the few that might exist. I wanted to get at the next page. We made the mistake of thinking that I had developed found one or two, but then looking back We found that I was wrong. My new eyeglasses are due in a couple of days. I certainly wasn't going to wait on them to finish reading the book.

As usual there exists much wisdom. Without a doubt people such as us have existed for a very long time. Ignorance is not bliss. I had been ignorant for many years. There were many familiar feelings expressed.

The making a man out there of me failed as well. My stepfather experienced decorations from the Excellent War for Civilization (WW1), the Banana Wars, the Second World War, and the Korean adventure. He or she did his better to make me a man. Presently there was a component in this book that brought me personally to a stop. I had never considered that as a source of his motivation. Even though provoking.

It is well worth the read. We look forward to more work. I will also check the list in the back to ensure i have indeed read all her work. I suggest you the actual same., The thing about Karin Bishop is that you can trust her in the little things and in the big things. Her details are researched and accurate. She doesn't be a cheater. She writes entertaining things involving credible characters. The advantage of Karin Bishop is that she does that in so many areas. In the " Port" publications she made it happen with music artists, shipboard life, and musical arranging in our. In " Day in the Sun" she has done it in movie production in the 1930s. And in each case she has done it convincingly and authoritatively. I am not going to comment on the details of the plot and also the characters other than to say they may have verisimilitude and they are entertaining. Study them yourself and you will be glad you did. I will discuss her spelling, grammar, and syntax: You will never have that annoying experience of having to attempt to figure out what she really meant or really should thought. Her writing is technically flawless.

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