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Unfortunate that folks want revenge and destroy their region!, Kept the pace up and didn't clutter up the narrative with recommendations and academic asides, I would recommend this book to any person who else loves history or desires to hear the truth about how precisely the democracy fell apart., Democracy can become fragile... we should consider care with ours., This was fascinating account showing how the worlds first democracy set itself up in order to fall. And fall this did. It's a really easy read that pulls mainly from two options written in the post occurences of a battle identified as Arginusae between the particular Greeks and the Spartans.

Athens sent her fleet, guided by her finest Generals to meet in addition to rout the Spartans. A couple of Captains were left in order to retrieve the survivors whose ships were sunk, as well as the dead. A rare but violent storm appears which makes it as well dangerous to do anything at all but flee so the survivors died and the dead remained in the water.

When word reaches Athens that her sons have been abandoned the location was filled with outrage. According in order to their beliefs because they never ever received any funeral rites their souls could never ever go on to the particular afterlife. The Generals throw blame on the storm, but the folks desired heads to roll thus they turned their ire on the Captains who else then cast the blame on the Generals.

In the conclusion it had been the Generals who stood trial and just a single voice, as has took place so often of all time in addition to in the present, makes use of his oratory skills in order to bring the rage associated with the folks to peak levels and as opposed to making use of reason and logic, they condemned the Generals in order to death.

With their military leaders gone, Sparta started out a series of episodes that drew Athens back again into the war exactly where, essentially leaderless, she had been broken, starved, and subjugated.

What's the meaning of this tale? That democracy is actually a fragile thing that can be lost if we all aren't careful., I love this. Clear, simple without speaking down, and covers a good event not in Thucydides. I'm knocking off a single star for being thus pro-Athens and pro-Athenian democracy which a few things weren't dealt with. A couple associated with examples:
Lysander was not a " reserve" or an " auxiliary. " He had been a mothrax--the illegitimate boy probably of a helot mother. Which is, precisely the particular sort of person the particular Athenian democracy barred through citizenship or command. Nevertheless in Sparta, if a person passed the agogae in existence and paid your mess dues, you were a new Spartan, Likewise it's democratic if Athens makes slaves rowers within the fleet, nevertheless evidently not when Spartis frees helots and makes them hoplites.
So too the Athenian empire. Athens was as democratic at home as any city of the period could have been, nevertheless the dependence of the particular governments in Athens' disposition on the Athenian fleet and sometimes garrisons makes on think of the particular Warsaw Pact " householder's republics" and also the servile " republics" of Revolutionary Portugal. It's a point that will needed to be resolved.
But this is still very great writing on a significant stage in classical history with implications for democracy in addition to constitutional government. Buy this and enjoy., Audley mixes two source documents which may have survived since ancient times and whips them in to a thriller style bank account of the last couple of years leading to the particular collapse of the Athenian glory days. There are excellent naval battle company accounts, although a few of these factual brutality is sanitized. The title is somewhat misleading in addition to not much is manufactured of any particular day. The story should not be advised without bringing in the backdrop contributing factors; chief one of them a powerful oligarchy that will wanted the pre-democracy (payday) back. Audley also cites the increasingly litigous character of Athenian society in addition to theatrical oratory. What may in the end not get overcome had been the catastrophe of circumstances leading to a major blasphemy against the standard ritual traditions for those killed and left weak in battle., This speedy read much more than a good enjoyable tale of historic history; it resonates with our modern experience since the mere words of our Constitution seem to be to have got little binding effects on the political leaders associated with both parties.

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