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Mcdougal chose to use a very elegant stilted way of speaking, perhaps since the era was your earlier twentieth century and will take place in an higher class mansion, but the servants did not have a different voice from the educated daughter of the house. There was no contractions at all i noted in the complete book, even outside of the conversations. The figures were mostly one sided, all good or all evil with the exemption of one. This seems to be a story for middle school girls. They are likely the only real ones to enjoy the story without being disturbed by the other factors., This read like it was written by a twelve-year- old, with the most stilted discussion I have ever experienced. I have to admit I read it all, in order to see if it enhanced - NOT!, Stilted discussion, flat, undeveloped characters and a predictable story collection that jumps all around with no proper segues. In dire need of the good editor and proofreader., I must have read an alternative book to some other reviewers. The plot is hackneyed, the discussion stilted and the figures have no life. And the grammar at time. "She lied in bed" occur es twice. Zero she wasn't telling is she was lying down onto her bed., This was a simplistic read which reflected precisely how innocent Martha was at the start of the story. The pacing was slow in some places, with peaks of action during the murder of Mary’s father and resulting investigation. The writing felt like a historical story.

The crux of this story is the secret of Mr. Davenport’s death, including hints of techniques throughout concerning a conspiracy against him. I was about 30% in before I could start to suppose what was really heading on. Not that it’s a bad thing, but the mystery was revealed in many layers.

People that have notions of love got huge lessons to learn. The narrative and discussion of Davenport House seemed a carefree read at times, while at the other times showed instances of real pain from Mary. She handled the whole ordeal as a lady would, with elegance and compassion.

Whilst the ending of this story was not a complete surprise, it did leave me in a happy place., Mary Davenport is a sheltered young woman moving into a little Pennsylvania town in 1915. Her family owns a sizable estate, and her father is one of her closest friends. One day, her dad summons her to the library to tell the woman that things around the estate will be transforming. Mary notices her dad is very ill and becomes concerned.

Mary's maid Clara has lived at Davenport House all the woman life. Clara dreams of a life greater than what she has, and her work and a secret engagement aren't enough to gratify her. Any time her mother gives the woman a beautiful gown and tells her that she's been elevated to a new position in the house, Clara thinks that her dreams are ultimately coming true. But Mr. Davenport passes away before Clara learns about the woman new position, and the household descends into mayhem when foul play is suspected.

This was a clean period drama that could be read as a separate. The plot was being a Gothic romance. The writing was simple and straightforward. The mystery was easily solved, but I enjoyed the journey. I thought Mary was likable and was really worried for her well-being a time or maybe more! She matured a lot through the book and I'm curious to read other series to see what's in store for the family.

Typically the narration was really well done, Allyson Voller has the perfect voice to portray Mary and Clara. Her voice is enjoyable and immersed me in the story. I received a copy of the audiobook, and I'm voluntarily leaving behind a review., Even though I am a tiny bit lured to get the next in series, I will not, because there are so many better writers out there! Great plot, but average writing with too many grammatical errors., Davenport House by Marie Silk was interesting, yet there is something about the book that seemed a little off. Typically the structure had no indication for when a new scene with a different point of view was going to start. The prose exhibited a naïve vibe and the story seemed to be lacking in theatre and raw emotion that were called for during certain circumstances. Accompanying all that were multiple errors.
It truly is a shame because the plot had promise. I desire those problems were fixed for the following installations of the series. I do like the cover very much.

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