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I really like Pelz's Short Game Bible so I decided to take a chance on this one. The methodology is good to try to eliminate high scores on a hole once you do get into trouble. There are typically a couple of holes a round that can potentially impact your overall score. I bought the book used on Amazon and it is at great shape. Excellent offer., Pelz analyzes golf. Genuinely breaks it down. If this isn't the way you think or learn, you will not like this book. He does not have a great writing style, so you have to grin and carry it a bit. Really redundant and invents words to describe that usually are very intuitive to understand or remember. All that besides, he has a number of pearls which have really helped lower my problème. I find a very good way to use his books is to rove around as you need. Read what you should get the point and review what is important. BTW, I actually used one of his techniques that is so farfetched I never thought We would ever use it. I was on the upper lip just above a steep sandtrap, without room to place my ft other than awkwardly position 1/2 in and 0.5 out of the trap. He recommended standing facing away from the hole, holding the club so that the backwards swing with one provide would send the ball towards the hole. Become damned if it failed to work! Who'd a thunk? He also tells you to play high per-cent shot selection. Duh! This is good to bear in mind anyways... Love to try the inside out cross draw fade/hook shot that Tiger might make.... 8-), Only read the first 20 pages and it already saved me IN LEAST TWO strokes during my golf round today.

When faced with a difficult lie, blocked by a row of trees, with the ball seated on a pile of mulch, regardless of what shot option I selected, my next shot wasn't going to reach the green. My first choice could have been to hit a huge old boucle hook with a 7-iron.

After reading the particular first 20 pages, the probability of being able to hook a 7-iron off plenty of00 mulch to get out of a trouble situation with OB to the right looked a lot more like a marginal success shot than before I see the first 20 webpages.

I asked myself, "can you hit a hook with a 7-iron"? The answer was - YEP almost every time I try. The particular next question was, "have you EVER practiced hitting a hook with a 7-iron off a pile of mulch"? The answer to that one was - NOPE. The next question was, "how bad is the penalty if you miss this shot" The answer was - INTO THE FIRE! Therefore rather than trying to hook a 7-iron off a pile of mulch, I hit it less than 20 feet forward to open a less challenging flight path to the environmentally friendly.

Next shot was on to the green, and i also still had a realistic chance of saving a k?rester. Walking off the environmentally friendly with a bogey and thinking, had I recently been successful with hooking a 7-iron around a line of trees and off a pile of mulch, I still would have likely had a bogey. But if I missed that 7-iron off the mulch it might have recently been OB and a seven or an 8.

About three holes later, with my ball nestled down into the rough with 105 yards to the flagstick. My first reaction would have been to take out the 105 lawn club (SW) and take a rip at it. But after reading the first 20 pages, I asked myself; "what's the record shot pattern going to appear like on being able to pull off hitting this 105 yards out of 4" rough"? Not very likely, so I additional one full club to a 120 yard sand wedge, choked down two in . on the shaft, took a shorter swing exact same tempo, and stuck it 10 feet past the stick. I was now looking at a realistic birdie opportunity simply by psychologically assessing my likely shot-pattern from 105 yards out there of 4" rough? You'll be able I might have recently been able to pull it off, but I think I might have increased the statistical probability of the outcome by simply changing clubs.

I was explaining the results with my playing partner today, and mentioning I was reading the new Pelz book "Damage Control". He's an 8 handicap I am an 11 handicap. No handicap strokes were engaged and I beat him or her 3-up in match play and by 4 pictures today. He was having a laugh and says, "if you can save 3 pictures by only reading the initial 20 pages what's proceeding to happen when you finish the book"?

I am going to have to finish reading the book to answer that question., A great book. Great instruction., Becoming a great fan of David Peltz and having read the Short Online game Bible many times, in fact it is actually on my bed stand dare I say in no offense to the golf god, like a bible. I preordered Damage Control that we got for the holidays and possess read through it with great delight while the weather this wintertime has made golf a near memory. I am always stunned the number of players I get that know golf is a game of strategy but do not ever seem to actually use strategy or think through their next play. In order to read this guide and understand it you should be open to the idea that much of the game entails trouble shots. That is why the golf courses are becoming 7500 yards with endless fort, buck grass you might quest duck in, trickery of the eye, super fast greens and really difficult rough.
I should mention that We are a passing middle era high handicapper beginner of three years playing from the red tees. (Please may tune me out yet just because I feel a female golfer! ) I am also an engineer and so is Peltz. His many years at NASA taught him or her how to problem solve and the golf courses today is surely an engineer's dream of problem solving. In this book he starts with some basic statistics about how often from the Tee you will end up in trouble, somewhat based on handicap and not being a professional that practices 40 hours a week. Once you embrace this simple truth then you are prepared to evaluate probably more than half of your lies as difficult situations. After he has you convinced to accept this as part of the game he uses the rest of the guide to demonstrate how you extricate yourself out there common problem areas.

What I found most interesting was the idea of keeping the spinal column angle as aligned with the terrain as possible to allow for enough room to open your hips and get a pretty good shot, even though you are on the knees. It is discussed in most textbooks briefly in the area on uphill/downhill lies, ball above/below feet. His review has finally brought this into focus for me and i also find the few times the next thunderstorm has permitted me to play and i also am in these situations I think about this first thing and it really makes a difference.

This is the type of book you read through once then return to each area, usually after you have encountered the situation on the course and you desire a refresher about why he says to do what is going to best give you the chance to escape trouble. As a beginner We would have to say that I will follow most of his advice and keep talking about this book probably after every round I play. However, I would really like to also say that as a beginner I book the right to call an unplayable lie, such as a buried ball in the sand since I will most likely take 5 strokes to get free and injure myself in the process!, This particular book is exceptionally attractive to read since it isn't very just one more expert droning on about proper position, movement, etc. This addresses the difficult positions we (I) commonly find ourselves in during a round of golf, and effective way to control our way surrounding them. We have given several of these to my friends as presents.

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