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Suggested For Any one in need of a new world to fall in love in/with
Evaluation Taking advice to get started on this series from several online websites and avid book critics, and in need of a new fantasy tale to explore, I made the decision it wouldn't hurt to get started on this series. Little did I know that I would be wooed, addicted, and absolutely obsessed with the style, story, and character types of Taylor's tale not 5 minutes into it. I found it easy to skip on the mundane necessities of life - sleeping, eating, active, in favor of this book!

As far as the fantasy and young adult genre, this book is greater than expectations. Without spoiling it, Let me say that the whimsy of the tale shines through each webpage, as does it's rather serious and often all of a sudden grave tones. It is truly a tale on it's own; if you like mystery, descriptive story-telling, mythology (original in it's twists and ties within the story), and basically everything awesome, you'll love this book. Oh, and take that stupid notion of yours that women protagonists of YA illusion novels are only strong enough to get the dude or dudett who they undoubtedly BELONG to, after which they become meaningless lumps of " supple" flesh, and THROW IT OUT THE PARTICULAR DAMN WINDOW. Because, Karou. Karou met with that " i'm only a strong female character in theory" female protagonists, threw her hands up, and unsheathed her blades and said, " oh, no sister, I'm here, and that's about to change, change, change. "

I love Karou. I can relate to Karou. I will consider Karou as a role-model. I totally understand why someone as cool as her someone would be head-over-heels in love with her, because so feel I. Just, Karou, my buddies, Karou!!!!!!!

**I give it a great 4 star ranking since there are bits of relationship in it that get a little too sappy for not only my taste, nevertheless the story itself (just in snippets); but just as I think I must pause to quell my gag reflex, the meat of the story recommendations right back up, and I am entranced, yet again. Apart from that, I still very ship the primary ship, and I am crazy about the other relationships that really and truly make the story worth while.

I absolutely recommend the audiobook, as it allows for better multi-tasking, but I know which i will lose personally and my time to sitting down for multiple re-reads in my future, and i also will not be sad about it at all.

Zuzana is a employer, and I want to be her, that is all. I guess it didn't really spoil much but , better safe.
Also, this tale is rife with words which i want tattooed all over. If not for my fear of needles, not even my forehead would be off limits., I last read this book around when it first came out, so back again in late 2011. I couldn’t remember a complete lot about what this book was about and I feel that was a good thing. It was like I was reading it initially and I adored it. Absolutely loved it.

The word that comes to mind when reading this book is rich. Lush and magical and mysterious. This guide made myself think of cold winds and pouring rain. I don’t normally think things such as that when reading a book, but there you go. This book was truly enchanting and I can’t think of the reason I only provided it three stars before.

There were so many wonderful things about this guide. Starting, of course, with the friendship between Karou and Zuzana. Their companionship was delightful and I was glad they had so many scenes with each other.

Another few things that were wonderful? This book is defined in the Czech Republic! The main personality has blue hair! Brimstone! Magic! Everything!

Okay, alright. I wager you're wondering why if everything was so wonderful did I only rate it 4 stars? Well, that's generally because the middle kind of drags and the book ends a bit abruptly. Just one of those things I could of ignored, but both? No. Points have to removed.

Overall though, this book was amazing and I loved it and I can't wait to get the second one!, Daughter of Smoke and Bone was... interesting. I have mixed feelings--there were parts I really liked, parts I thought were uninteresting, and parts I was quite intrigued by--but the writing and the concepts persuaded me that this was a very, very good book.

I DNFed this the first time I tried it. There's simply a part halfway through the book where I just felt bored. It was a little after Akiva and Karou meet and it's really like... it's like some of the story's magic was lost. I wasn't very considering what had been happening at that time, and I wasn't any more interested the second time through. However, both before and after that period, the story was fascinating!

Laini Taylor's writing is beautiful. Her descriptions were brilliant and the world she created was so wonderful and magical and unique and I just CHERISHED it.

" It was cold, and it was dark--in the dead of winter the sun didn't rise until eight--but it was lovely. The falling snowfall and the early hours conspired to paint Prague ghostly, just like a tintype picture, all silver and haze. "

Beautiful, right? Here's another:

" Her thoughts had flown outward, darting and dipping with the hummingbird-moths that flocked by the thousands to the lanterns hanging overhead, as she wondered, with a wild timpani heart, where her angel had eliminated. "

The concepts of the seraph, the chimaera, the teeth, the wishes--everything--were incredibly creative and done so well. The setting, the characters, the weapons, the mythology, the romance provided the story a certain richness that has the ability to captivate a reader. Yet, at the same time, completely a very grimy feel into it. Grimy in a very " smoke and bone" sort of way. This particular quote captures that feel well:

" Prague enthralled you, lured you in, like the mythic fey who trick travelers strong into forests until they may lost beyond hope. "

Karou was an awesome heroine. At least, nearly all of the way in which. Towards the end, she didn't appear to have that same Karou perspective as she had before she met Akiva. The girl was funny and had some seriously cool blue hair.

" 'I don't know your customs, but here, if you don't want to frighten someone, you don't go looming over their sleeping body with knives. '"

Akiva was okay. He's very serious and romantic, but additionally a bit on the dull side. I'm hoping he or she impresses me more in the sequel. I'm also hoping to see your pet with additional imperfections. He had a couple, but generally he was too beautiful and perfect for my taste.

Zuzana was an interesting best friend! I want to see more from her because I always loved the scenes she was in.

" She was fierce, ready to scold, but when she saw your pet, she faltered. Her appearance warred with itself--ferocity with awe--and awe won out. She cast a sidelong glance and Karou and said, in helpless amazement, 'Oh, hell. Must. Lover. Immediately. '"

Now, for the not-so-good. This book was soooo sloooow. While I loved the world, the writing, and concepts, they did weigh down the pace for me. There was a lot of details to soak in and, as I said before, there was a portion of the book that bored me. I trudged through that part. The last 20-ish % went much quicker because the storyplot (the Madrigal parts) got really interesting. That part and the first section, before Karou meets Akiva, are the best components. They're the ones that interested me the most.

The ending made myself very curious about what happens next in the storyplot. I have questions that need answers!

Overall, I definitely liked this book. It was a pretty different and, for the most part, quite fascinating read and I'm glad which i provided it another try. I will be reading the second one, for sure! When you're looking for book with incredible writing and with unique concepts, this is actually the one that you should read.

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