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After seeing MTV's Faking It (not to compare it, but I think anyone who has seen the show will see the definite commonalities between this book and the show) I was in love with the characters and the complete idea that was original yet auld. What happens if you pretend to be something you aren't, and tumble for your best friend in the concept. Is actually not simply about LGBT, or finding your sexuality, is actually about finding your own identity each time when is actually most difficult. But still, I used to be left feeling a little dissatisfied with the progression and the ambiguous love triangle it's seeking to create. Maybe once it starts again in the next month, it will clear some things up. But this book made me laugh, cry, and wish it had recently been around when I was a teenager. A definite must read., This was cute. The writing wasn't bad and apart from being frustrated by the protagonist at times, it's a sweet and easy read. The love interest (Sarah) was the most likable character, and we see enough of the woman to carry the story. PG as far as the romance goes, directing on feelings more than descriptive sexual interplay (which is realistic for the ages of the characters), but satisfying for anyone who's had butterflies before and wants to reawaken them for a few hundred pages (or for a teen wondering what being with their best friend or a female for the first time might be like). We would recommend it. The one suggestion though: skip the preface. It gives the complete book away and I do not understand the author's motive for including it. It should have recently been the last chapter, not the first., This publication manages to maintain a lighthearted tone while still discussing the challenges confronted by the lgbt community. (There's very little angst. ) I loved the figures and their story. Katie and Sarah are incredibly practical. The fake-dating-turned-real trope can be used excellently. Also, there are several prominent bisexual figures including Sarah (the love interest). I like this because many authors seem to forget that drone people exist- it's like suddenly they like a girl and everything they already have ever felt for a guy was fake. Many awesome of all- there's a happy ending., What a cute book. I enjoyed both main characters so much! The way they fall in love is very quite organic and natural, never feels forced. We liked the way that mcdougal handled the physical relationship. No graphic stuff, but instead focused on the feelings and the love. Some great peripheral characters as well, and I'd love to read more about all the characters in this book!, Very good publication. Realistic to young gay and lesbian lives. Relatable characters and moments. Definitely recommend this book for anyone buying a genuine, enjoyable read., I have a weakness for Young Adult lesbian romance works of fiction. I am really too old for them, but I wish they'd been around when I was obviously a adolescent. That would have recently been so wonderful. Maybe I'm re-imagining my youth by reading them. Anyway...

It is a well-written story, much better than most of the self-published stuff one reads nowadays. It's a typical, but sweet, high-school romance between two best friends. There's a twist... and it's kind of fun so We won't spoil it here.

I would give this story four or five stars, BUT.. it's overly being a television set series called " Faking It" on MTV. I don't feel comfortable calling it a rip-off, as it's not exactly identical... but... the similarities are there. We don't want to imply the author of stealing subjects or anything, because that particular plot-line isn't unique to either " Faking It" or " Dating Sarah Cooper. " Is actually possible that mcdougal experienced never seen " Faking It" when she wrote this book. They both came out in 2014 and I'm sure it took her time and energy to write this book. So maybe it's just a coincidence.

Hmmm... Hard to say. Properly, if you love " Faking That, " then you'll probably like this book too., a great story that had me liking both main characters from the beginning and rooting for them to celebration. However skip the prologue (which I did) as it ruins everything. The writer wants to tell us it comes to an end happily so we'll keep on reading. If you read the prolog you'll lose the best climax as the deception romance turned real is revealed. Do not read the prolog. Furthermore the moment when they finally get it on is simply glossed over and what could've been a very touching and fumbling scene of first love where neither knows what they're doing that could've been handled very tastefully with the right hinting words is simply lost permanently., So first I love that it has a happy ending. That's hard to find. I also like the banter between Katie and Sarah and the fact that there might be a lesbian book without either need to be super boyish (although I am and like those publications too). Its just an exaggerated stereotype about all lesbians. I read it in 2 days so definitely recommend!

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