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After reading Stephen Meyer's guide " Signature in the Cell" I was curious why he would write about " Darwin's Doubt" or the Cambrian pet explosion in the precious record. Stephen Meyer's guide " Darwin's Doubt" is an excellent sequel to " Personal in the Cell". Personal successfully argues that Intelligent Design is the best causal explanation for the origin of life. Inside Darwin's Doubt Stephen Meyer again provides a clear, readable text that describes the crucial issues that need to be dealt with in explaining the Cambrian radiation or explosion of animal phyla in the fossil record. The need for a huge amount of new specified complexity or information necessary to bring into existent whole new body plans of many animal phyla along with the regulatory and structural genes that are necessary to code for the RNA and proteins for these new animal kinds is impressive. I think that the current materialistic major mechanisms fair even less well in explaining the Cambrian Explosion than they are doing in explaining the first appearance of life on earth. Irrespective of your world view or position on the best theory to make clear the Cambrian Surge this is an excellent read. I think the Epilogue in the revised edition by itself is a great testimony to how Sophie Meyer thoroughly outlines his critic's arguments and refutes them fairly and sure. I wonder what Sophie Meyer is writing now?, “Darwin’s Doubt” by Sophie Meyer is 1 of the most important books in our time and deserves to be read within any serious-minded program dealing with macro-evolutionary history and theory. The sub-title of “Darwin’s Doubt” is “The Explosive Origin of Animal Life and the Case for Intelligent Design” and this sub-title is exacting. The majority of the book reviews macro-evolutionary concept (the origin is handled on but there’s a lot left out in favor of analysis of the science) up to virtually the present day (approx. up through 2013) and just how it has transformed and faced its challenges over time. Macro-evolutionary concept has been the beloved of the mainstream medical community and if one dared (dares) challenge it or features alternate varieties of animal origin then they are scoffed at, bullied and teased, derided and in the truth of several scientists dumped on their keisters. Neo-Darwinism therefore has maintained a stranglehold within the sciences and education, but what if it is completely wrong? Meyer here analyses the information presented to bolster and/or confirm macro-evolutionary theory from fossil record evidence to developmental genetics and including informational theory (where performed the information needed to build animals and humans come from in the first place, and how in the world did it come to pass to be structured in the way that it has as confirmed within the continuum of life)? As he does so we see that, one by one, macro-evolutionary theories pillars of support teeter and collapse and don't support its claims. This really is the primary body of the book and Meyer offers notes and critiques from many places, including from within the field of mainstream Neo-Darwinism. “Darwin’s Doubt” is carefully researched.

But another, and significantly shorter, section of the book is dedicated to the second section of the sub-title: the case for intelligent design. Meyer, who were raised within the world of Neo-Darwinism and who authored the important “Signature in the Cell”, explains how he came around to belief in intelligent design as both the best explanation for what we know (and intuit) as backed by scientific principles and understandings about the source of animal life but also about how precisely intelligent design, so often decried as non-science by mainstream scientists who've been practically brainwashed into rejecting it, can endure as a true medical explanation to life’s roots. In the finish it isn’t terribly complicated as it posits that an brains is accountable for the creation and origin of pet life, and there are tremendously good reasons and supports for believing so, though this explanation will fail to satisfy many within the scientific community because they think that it endorses religion also because they think that it takes their knowledge (or their control over what they think knowledge is) out of their hands and instead of their feeling they may have “all the answers” they finish upwards in a large shrug of the shoulders. Obviously that doesn’t feel good, and nobody wants that, but is that grounds to deny a probably important truth? And does it mean that biological science can’t offer any important answers, or information, if intelligent design isn’t true?

Obviously it doesn’t! Science has yielded an outstanding amount of valid and irreducibly important information on so many things. But “science” is never the creator of this information, but merely the uncoverer (the detective, so to speak, that finds the answers to riddles and complexities). To his credit Meyer addresses the issues of both the philosophy of science (in brief, though) and the issue of what proper belief is worth, especially in the case of if intelligent design is in fact truth. Intelligent design doesn’t just offer an alternate, better explanation on the origin of life it contributes to different questions, different kinds of questions (both fundamental and foundational), and suggests new ways to look at life that can yield faster returns on info and our ability to develop. Meyer also doesn’t avoid the issue of faith in relation to intelligent design. What he does, though, is not support any one religion (nor do I remember him or her identifying what particular trust he espouses) or even that the idea that a particular religion can be inculcated or should be interwoven into a scientifically based framework of understanding, but that belief in intelligent design does offer the potential for satisfying reasons for why life exists (whereas random chance does not as we are left to our own devices in the big, scary, cold and corriente universe). This, too, is an important element of the discussion but it’s not the foremost issue that Meyer deals with. But, it is dealt with. What a fantastic guide! Highly recommended., Pretty thoughts boggling book! When one looks at the Cambrian Surge from so many angles, you are asking yourself, " where is the tree of life? "
Just a 'few' paltry organisms below the Cambrian! Well written and Dr Meyer blogposts very good examples and problems. I had formed a whole lot of 'hard' science courses in college or university but I had to push personally a lttle bit to follow the science. Very much worth the effort and money!

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