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This is a great read for anyone who is looking for adventure. There is some language in it so I would be careful in suggesting this to some of the more youthful readers that I know, however minus the language the book could have seemed less realistic. Therefore it comes across as something that would actually happen in he circumstances.

There are definite religious undertones in this guide, as a pastor We highly admired them and the faith that gone behind the preparation of this book! That being said this does not appear to be a Christian themed or designed book, so don't enter into it thinking there will be some Christlike significance typically found in a Allen Dekker book, or something of the like. However this was just as much an enjoyable read as his work or even say a Stephen King work.

My compliments to the author, she did an amazing job compiling a story that had me hooked from the beginning to the end. Keep upward the Good work!, The story plot to this book is unique in that I haven't read something quite like this one. There are many different angles heading at once, and the foreshadowing is excellent because I seriously couldn't tell what was to happen or how things would be to unfold. This book didn't give me the ' I have to finish it even if it is 5am in the morning' feeling- and its not necessarily a bad thing. It was nice to be curious and interested although not overtaken by it. Love all the characters and how a fit into the history. Will definitely be reading the next book, which is to be released the first of July. I'd say buy it if most likely wanting as stated above- not all consuming, but has you interested enough to read it in 2-3 days. Very pleasant read: ), For being a Young Adult Unnatural story, it's quiet good! There was enough suspense from both myself and the primary character not knowing that which was going on and there was quite good character development for me. Right now there ended up being a lot of characters that I didn't connect with and honestly couldn't understand simply because they were all introduced at once and given very little time for development. They were there as story movement devices and also to add a lightness to the deeper material being presented in some parts. I hope the author should go deeper into these characters in future books (this is the first in a series).

So, do I think this book should be one to read? If you like the slightly biblical paranormal (angels/demons/etc) and young adult literature, then sure. Otherwise, you might want to look somewhere otherwise, at least until the complete series is complete.

Overall, I believe this book still left off at a place where I'm okay waiting for the next guide. Yes there are unanswered questions but at the same time I feel satisfied that I can wait with the primary character for the next history to begin., I loved the worldbuilding, and the writing stayed out of its own way, which is good. But the characters are really convincing as being actual teenagers, which addresses well for the author's skill but interfered with my enjoyment of the book because it's so, so evocative of the awkwardness and angst and self-important drama that We remember from my own teenage years. Not in a fun nostalgic way. Having the characters, who are clearly children in spite of thinking by themselves world-weary adults, in these very grown up situations is really unsettling. I'm attempting to figure out why that's bothering me here in order to usually doesn't in YA, and I think it's that usually either the protagonist is adult for their age (which I believe this book attempted to do) or maybe the POV character and/or the narrator understand that kids are even less equipped than adults to deal with supernatural insanity. I finished it because I was determined to find out about all the mysteries, but it was a grim slog at the conclusion, and I'm not going to read the rest of the series., While I am sure somebody likes this kind of book, the history line is weak and the characters unbelievable. If you want to put the paranormal in the modern world as in " Ghostbusters" don't get bogged down in a dimensional characters with dysfunctional lives—too much teenage emotional upset; too many stereotypes and unbelievable characters in incredible situations. Ms. Marks can write but I erased it off my reader without finishing it., It had been an enjoyable story. I would be interested in the second book.
The particular only downsides are:
A little too much concentrate on the lovemaking pull. there isnt any ACTUAL sex, but plenty of sexual talk/focus.
Also, the primary character's background is a little overly typical: boy finds all-powererful heratage, and so forth

Really good writing and characters though., An interesting history with a lot of mystery and surprises. A bit on the more youthful side of YA though some blush-inducingly suggestive displays. I enjoyed the relaxing male POV of Aiden and appreciated the combination of action during his run-ins with assorted demons that contrasted beautifully with his deep and caring soul. All he wants is to protect his sister Ava from the Darkness of the demon world, which seems inexplicably insistent on grabbing her on her birthday. But how can he do that when he doesn't really know how he fits into everything or why he can see demons in the first place? It can especially difficult with Ava resisting, and when Aiden's thrown into an odd group of kids in the LA Paranormal company, who along with their own gifts, seem to be to weave along with secrets of their own. The allusions to various historical and linguistic aspects of religion made for an extraordinary history and I enjoyed being pulled into Aiden's self-discovery, his frequent battles with his stubborn sibling, and his conflicting feelings over the various seductive girls, standoffish guys and manipulative mentor of his new home. An interesting paranormal EN ESTE MOMENTO read; I'm eager to read book 2.

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