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> Book Review – Darkish Warrior Mine

> We am an independent reviewer. This particular book is the seventh in the Children of the Gods series and ends a little upwards in the air. Andrew is a dormant, who is still human. He could be not sure he wants to choose immortal because he may well not survive the process. Their immortal friend, Bhathian, requests Andrew to help find a lost love. Toby tracks down Bhathian’s dormant/human daughter, Nathalie. Andrew and Nathalie have an instant attraction.

> Finally, this series is back in the 5 star rating again. Bhathian is a unique immortal, with a love for his daughter. I do wonder why he suggested illigal baby killing to Nathalie’s mother way back when. Procreating is apparently an objective of every immortal, even with humans. There is a lot of wit in this book. Bhathian trying to be cheerful and the descriptions of that is hysterical. The new character, Jackson, is a young immortal with an easy wit and a huge personality. Andrew is combating his alpha tendancies and listening in to his thoughts how to woo someone is so sweet. Nathalie is survivor. The girl hears voices in her head and feels like a freak consequently.

> I love the connection between Nathalie and Toby. All the scenes in the coffee shop are like a breath of fresh air. The enemies of the immortals are still setting up their lair, so no battles or threats result from this story. There is a lttle bit of suspense with the disappearance of Nathalie’s mother. Hopefully Eva will be seen in a future story. I’d like to see Bhathian get his HEA.

> This guide is appropriate for an adult audience. I am offering this book 5 stars., I love the series, have read every guide so far and love the passion, character development and story lines. We am not too loving of Natalie and Toby and it seems the story starts weakening ( for me) at the point they were launched. Throwing the father into the mix added a certain sad aspect to an otherwise exciting story, perhaps because it struck too near home having had to deal with the heart break of any daddy and father in regulation who suffered from dementia. otherwise this series has become a favorite and I cannot wait to learn each book as soon as it is available., I'm not usually a fan of fiction like this, but it was so enthralling and the concepts interesting and the plots mezmerising and the characters so interesting and fascinating and beautiful We was kept up night time after night and kept downloading the next a muslim to what was going on. It's such a believable concept, while of course fantasy, but the two keep you believing and following what was heading on and wanting EVEN MORE! I T Lucas has hit on something great! I want more! -- spent a fortune following all the follow-ups! Nevertheless, I don't care. It was totally entertaining!, I am seriously hooked on this series. Andrew and Nathalie are sweet together. Nathalie is a coffee shop proprietor and a baker and her life is obtained over by running her small business and taking care of her father who is suffering from dementia. Seems like she would have nothing in common with Andrew but the attraction is immediate., By simply the time you get to this book in the series you are hooked. You know the characters well by now and can't wait to read where their tales go. Of course, there are more interesting characters introduced. The story moves well and doesn't dissatisfy. I found myself wishing certain parts wouldn't stick around and they wouldn't. It kept me reading and reading., Once again, this series is great. Anyone who likes ancient history, mythology and modern burdens of the world today will love these books. Microsoft Lucas is a learn at weaving story outlines that are pertinent to today as well as informative about the earlier!, I'm into the ninth book of the children of the gods. This particular series is addictive, memorable characters, great plot with lots of twists, and the steamy sex which is hallmark of this series. I'll miss this series when I've completed it and definitely look for more by I. To. Lucas. Incredibly talented and interesting writer., Book seven is just half of Nathalie and Andrew's story which is continued in Book eight. To thoroughly enjoy this series all books need to be read in order. The intricate detail of all the key characters is vital in understanding this undead world. I am looking forward to Book eight!

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