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Tho not my favorite publication in the series I stuck with it and feel done. One more publication to finish go through. I am ready. I recommend this book to all enthusiasts of modern horror!, Part of The Dark Structure Series by Stephen Ruler.
Highly Recommended!!!!!!! Too bad I possibly could not give 10 stars.

#1 The Gunslinger - Intro to the last Gunslinger, Roland. This book was wonderful. It introduces you to some of the figures of the series and gives you the Gunslinger's quest.
#2 - The Drawing of the Three - Roland pulls future Gunslingers, Jake, Eddie, and Suzannah from our world over to his. I really enjoyed how this was done. The characters are very likeable (especially OY)
#3 - The Wastelands - The Gunslingers make continue on their way. Blaine really is a pain.
#4 - Wizard and Glass - Roland tells them the storyplot of Susan, The girl at the window. A very sad thing that happened to him in childhood. An attractive story.
#5 - Baby wolves of the Calla - The gunslingers help a town that is about to have their children taken. Jake makes a friend his own age. A character from another Ruler book is met. This book was well put with each other.
#6 - Song of Suzannah - This tells of something that Suzannah is proceeding through.
#7 - The Dark Structure - The quest is finally over. The tower system is reached. But who will make it there? Truth be told this book made me cry.
#* - Wind Via the Keyhole - This story takes place between some of the other publications. It is Roland and his gang taking retreat from a storm and Roland telling stories to pass the time. The tales are beautifully written.

Just about all of the stories in this series are exceptional. I really like how they flow together. It really does seem to be like one continuous publication., As the title says, this is another great one in the Darker Tower series. Very quickly:

Speed/pace. Everything moves along at a nice clip
Characters development. We all see the rest of the Ka-tet (particularly Eddie and Susannah) enter into the light more, as well as secondary/tertiary characters like Mia and Calvin Structure
Action. One of the better set pieces in maybe the whole series, when Eddie and Roland take on the ambush at the general store.

Que tiene:
Ending. This is the only que incluye and am will not vender it, but if you act like you were frustrated by the ending of The Waste Lands (I was not) then this will enrage you. Regrettably this simply does not have an ending. It is not a cliffhanger, there is certainly simply no quality to the storyplot. Very very frustrating, specially when if this sounds the penultimate book this means the first part of the next (and final) publication will be about cleaning up the ending of Song and not the conclusion of the Tower.

All in all a great brisk read. The pace is frenetic and you may feel the broken Ka-Tet moving towards their individual goals at a breathtaking speed. I'm very eager to observe how Ruler concludes his magnum gyvas., " When you emerged right down to it, how did anyone know they weren't a character in some writer's story, or a transient thought in some bus-riding schmoe's head, or a momentary mote in God's vision? "

This is a tough one to rate. Mostly because I think overall this was my least favorite book in the series thus significantly (which shouldn't came as that much of a surprise to me because Susannah is unquestionably my least favorite character). However it also contained some of my absolute favorite areas of the series. For example We would rate Roland and Eddie's plot line a organization five stars, but Susannah's only two. And I absolutely loved what Sophie did with the closing. He's clever this Ruler guy., Even though many people may complain about the longiligne length of Stephen King's novels, I found this to be too quick. It wasn't my creativity. At a little over 400 pages, it is smaller than all of the other DT novels (except The Gunslinger (? ); not only that, but I compared the typeface and spacing, and is actually probably about a 300 web page novel in contrast. This is my major complaint, as it didn't cost any less than any of the other books. It moves like lightning once you start it, though. Depth is sacrificed for pace.

I found the introduction of King as a character as a brilliant turn of events. I doubt we are supposed to take all the events he writes about as happening to the King character as things that really happened to him, as if he desired to post a memoir, but rather an excellent blend of fantasy and reality, where he has woven real events that we know do happen to him with things that probably never existed to be able to create plausibility. I chose to take it as a way to accept how the Darker Tower, Roland, Eddie and the rest could have an effect on " our world"... when they were real. That made reading the book a much more nice and magical experience than if I had simply chosen to assume that Ruler desired to be self-indulgent., This is maybe my least favorite book in the series, but it's experimental, so allow it roll. Caveat: start reading the series from the beginning!, This is actually the weakest link in the chain of novels. I genuinely like the Susannah character. King does a marvelous job of marrying the diverse faces of the Susannah. I'm not totally sure about King's motivation with this one but he is forgiven. The set is a success overall.

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