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I found the stories intriguing, but it's was so annoying to get to the finish and find that they don't have proper being!, For the fan of Mr. Lewis, this is a great look at some potential stories that would have been even better if the author had lived long enough., I am always nervous when I have read a lot of an creator I can’t get enough of, and something further is drawn to my attention that is of uncertain merit. What if the author is reduced in my eyes by his further work? Possessing read and adored Typically the Chronicles of Narnia as a child, read and been confused by the Space Trilogy as a pre-teen (it was ahead of time; I need to give it a second try), and read and happy in The Screwtape Characters, Till We Have Confronts, and several of his nonfiction theological works such as Mere Christianity as a young adult, I am not a newcomer to Lewis. The fragmentary novellas and stories contained in this slim volume, luckily, did not puncture my love of Lewis as a person or an author.

There are six works found in this collection, two of which have never recently been published before in any form and four that were previously included in an earlier collection, Of Additional Worlds: Essays and Reports. The first, “The Darker Tower, ” is a marvellous fragment that seems to have been meant as a sequel to Out of the Silent Planet, and features Lewis himself and Doctor Ransom, a symbol of Lewis’s friend and fellow Inkling Charles Williams. Discussions about appearance compared to reality and the nature of time are put to the test when the men observe a terrible Otherworld through a chronoscope. Then one of the men plunges through the product, and the story really gets cooking! What remains of the story is highly disturbing and interesting, and I heartily wish that Lewis had continuing it. I award this piece five stars, minus one for being tantalizingly incomplete.

The four brief stories that follow are fairly short rather than incredibly memorable, but neither are they particularly flawed. “The Person Born Blind”, no time before published, plays with the experience of look and blindness; “The Substandard Lands” gets inside the head of a stupid New Woman; “Ministering Angels” is a playful jab at those who thought that space travel would necessitate the relaxing of sexual taboos; “Forms of Things Unknown” is a brief thought experiment about the reality of misconception. Four stars all around.

“After Ten Years” would have become another Until We Have Faces, a retelling of a Ancient greek myth ‘with a twist’. Troy has just recently been sacked on the pretext of recovering Helen, but––Helen is apparently merely a washed out, aging woman. What have the Trojans done with the real Helen, or could this really be her? What to do now? The first four chapters and a 5th that was intended for the later middle of the novel survive, but I was not as captivated by them as I was by the few dozen pages of “The Dark Tower”. We give this fragment about three stars, possibly four.

Harcourt has done the fictional world a great prefer by releasing this complete collection. The introductory essays by the eminent college students Walter Hooper, Roger Lancelyn Green, and Alasdair Fowler, all personal friends and intellectual colleagues of Lewis himself, are simply superb. Yet , the cover has little to do with the interior contents, the back material could have recently been better composed, and the price per page is quite high. At least the general cover design and printing are satisfactory.

Lewis devotees will leap at the chance to add more of the great man’s work to their cabinets. Appreciators of fantasy and speculative fiction, especially that dating from early- to mid-century England, would also be well advised to give this collection a try., As a great enthusiast of Lewis' Sci Fi Trilogy, and especially the powerful imagery he creates, I was very keen to read this 'lost' manuscript. We may find out where it fit into Lewis' vision - an unfinished work or an abandoned one - but you can get lost in it and wonder what might have been had he previously a chance to finish it., Not bad, still still left me wanting more, but considering that it was part of an unpublished sequel to the Lewis's Space Trilogy, it's worth the read., Is there anyone with the creative guru to finish it for him? It was maddening having to stop at such an exciting part of the story!
I loved viewing Ransom, MacPhee, and Lewis himself in another context. I thought the portrayal of Ransom was especially well done. It revealed him as something in-between the timid "modernized" Ransom of Out of the Silent Planet and the Messianic hero of Perelandra. And MacPhee is a great character, and really loveable in his way. It's interesting to see Lewis himself appear as a character; which was a particularly creative stroke., Many who are familiar with the work of Chemical. S. Lewis, would be surprised to know having been working on a companion to the first publication of his science fiction trilogy. It is, unfortunately, unfinished, but the portion that is presented in this book is intriguing reading. As the title reduce of the book, " The Dark Tower" raises a variety of questions about time, time travel and displacement theory. In addition, it presents a face of evil that is beyond " gruesome. "

The additional stories are each the kind of thing one reads not merely for entertainment (as the writing is Lewis's, after all) but to chew on different questions, such as, what exactly is Light, after all? Lighting and seeing appear to be a common twine, if one can be seen, among these stories. In addition to who can resist reading on after one has encountered, " For several minutes now Yellowhead got thought seriously of moving his right leg"? Option closest Lewis came to writing strictly historical fiction., I don't care what C. S. Lewis has written -- it may be worth reading. This book consists of some short stories written by Lewis.

The main story, after which the book is titled, is "The Dark Tower. " Somewhat like the tales of Narnia, a friend of Lewis travels to a parallel world and gets trapped there. Lewis includes in this story some interesting remarks about the nature of time. Sadly, it is unfinished, and leaves someone wondering how the story might have continued.

Typically the book contains several other stories as well. We really enjoyed reading "Ministering Angels" which is the storyplot of how our world sends prostitutes to help boost the morale of men at a nest on Mars. It sounds perverse, but the story is quite humorous and coming in contact with. The five insights of the priest at the finish of the story get this to short story one of the best I have ever read.

For pure entertainment sake, We also enjoyed "Forms of Things Unknown. " This has a surprise finishing, which I will not spoil for you here.

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