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I've been reading the Dark Tower system saga for a 12 months roughly ething now, sometimes I stop and read various other book in between, and I also decided not to jump into the Dark Tower comics before finishing the publications.

That said, to date this was certainly my favorite book. It starts with a bang, concluding the insanity that is Blaine the Mono, only to slow down to a number of frustrating facts (most important the advent of the thinnies) that culminated in Roland telling the tale of his early years, what happend after he became a gunslinger, of how he met his first love at the age of 14 and how, with his trustworthy and beloved friends Cuthbert and Alain, was swept away by "ka" into a sea of messianic ratios no e of them could've ever foreseen. The particular spectacular conclusion is a groundbreaker that shall not be mentioned, least there be spoilers, suffice to say ot's the grand comeback to Roland's new ka-tet, formed by Eddie, Susannah, Jake, and Oy. Most of the tale, however, does take place in his past, when innocence was utterly easily wiped away in rains of blood., Stephen King has been doing a masterful job of writing this series. Thus thrilling to see that a writer that has experienced such a traumatic problem, can reset his expertise to bring us maybe his best set of stories with most compelling characters., I know that this may not be everyone's favorite. In fact, for people who love Stephen California king and are obsessed with The Dark Tower, this may be their the very least favorite installment of the series. But for me, I this this was an excellent ride. Wizard and Glass may not have put us much further on the quest, but it quite certainly enriched it., Different, takes King a long time to share with a story sometimes, found it interesting, but I'm having a break before reading the next book in the series. It took King years to create the entire series, We may need that much time to read it!, This is my second time reading The Darkish Tower, which has always and will forever be my favorite story. For some time after first reading the series I believed The particular Wastelands to be my favorite. I loved finding Mike had joined the tale again and the riddle scenes remained the most memorable of all in the series, save for the ending, but We feel that is promoting. At the very least until I reread the rest of the series.

Wizard and Glass is heartbreaking in the beauty. We found myself near to holes in the climax of the story. Few freelance writers have that effect on me. And though Stephen King had scared the living Christ out of me and caused me to turn on the lights in a dark room with the rate of a gunslinger, he rarely brings me to holes.

My new favorite? Probably, but how can you choose a single chapter of your selected story?, The particular book has me enthralled. A good story which I haven't finished yet but Let me asap., Stephen King builds this image of romance and incertidumbre and then brings it to heart rending reality with a balance of horror and violence which makes the story seem to be so real. The true horror of the storyline is that the fantasy isn't everything that fantastical, it's grounded in real life fears and conspiracies making the horrifying conclusion to Rolands adolescent years run home., We haven't finished the Darkish Tower series yet, but this is my favorite installment thus far. Love the Roland and Susan Delgado again story. When I lastly finish this series I'm sure it will be inside my top five all time favorites.

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