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Fast read because I finished up skimming more than one page is some of the stories. Downright uninteresting but better than watching evening news, Can not wait for the next one. Typically the mines of these authors are awesome. Boy, can they come up with some good stories. Keep them coming., Fast easy read., AWESOME, VERY GOOD HORROR REPORTS, I'm crazy about this whole series., SCREAMS: Volume several, edited by Brian Adam Freeman & Richard Chizmar is the seventh release of story collections--this one containing six stories of varying lengths. There was a few stories that have been notable to me, but one that absolutely stole the show in this anthology, i believe.

The first story of note is " Lizardman", by Robert McCammon: a swamp man sets out there to stalk a famous, larger-than-life lizard that claimed the lives of so many over the years. " Well, the lizard man figured, it required mean and ugly to kill mean and unattractive... " A story that started out in a " predictable" enough manner, but ended on an unforeseen note.

The second tale I desired to mention is " West of Matamoros, North of Hell", by Brian Hodge. This one was more of a novella length, featuring a unique rock bank in their home country of Mexico. " At home, people found death a lot more interesting than life... " The group makes plans to get some advertising pictures for next trip by visiting a big figurine of Santa Muerte. "... she might look different in a hundred details, but was always the same simple figure: a skull in a dress, a skeleton were a woman used to be... Always, she held your fate... " However, someone... or something... else has been monitoring their movements for an altogether different reason. I felt this was a very thought provoking look at beliefs, and what lies behind them.
" Death turned every person into equals. "

My hands-down favorite in this bunch was Adam Renner's " Monster Will come to Ashdown Forest (In Which Christopher Robin States Goodbye). This story--the first that I have read from Renner--took the well known fairy tale of Winnie the Pooh and turned it into something completely unexpected and different in every possible way, while retaining the initial figures. When a dying Captain christopher Robin, who has spent nearly all of his life staying away from the publicity brought on by his father's reports of his " adventures", decides it's time for a final visit to the place he once referred to as the Hundred or so Acre Woods, he is along with a caregiver and the woman young, autistic son.
"... There are ghost instincts, I think, senses carried down in our genes from our ancestors who huddled in caves and hunted in open fields and has to know when a jaguar was stalking them... "
Christopher once tried to tell the woman there were places on this earth that were " different" from others--places that their minds understood instinctively to avoid, but without the reasoning at the rear of the impression. "... Like your very soul was disjointed from all logic and sense. In the face of such strangeness, our minds protest. "
Again, this story was so interesting in its replicating of a boy's childhood " friends", and yet so hideously distorted by the author's imagination, that I actually simply cannot wait to read more from your pet.

Overall, not a bad collection, but much more " uneven" in conditions of quality that the last Volume, I experienced.

Still, recommended for the James Renner story, by yourself!, I don't normally keep track of stories for review, and.... o. e., I still didn't for this! I've got to say though, I was really impressed by these shorties. First the bad. Lizardman was awful. Still, others may like it. I've never liked a short story by McCammon. Adore his novels, not his shorts. James Renner did a fantastic job with the Pooh story. Oh yea dear, what has become of my eeyore and piglet? It should take awhile to get over those images. This shorty finished up leaving me with an endearing smile, and a few tears. West of Matamoros, North of hell, chilled me to the bone. It required me 2 days to finish because I retained getting freaked out. I actually remember when this occurred, " the real part" as well as its still a chill story. Also, Brian Hodge always manages to frighten me silly. Furtherest was excellent, but the finishing was weird. Still well worth my time. Kaaron Warren is someone I will be on the lookout for. Bill Schweigert connected his story. Anyone that can get me to see and enjoy a story with Nazi's is a unusual thing. Also, I was happy to see that I had developed a few books of Bill's on my Kindle. Mick Garris somehow gets the short conclusion of the staff here. I honestly can't remember what this story involved. I know I did not hate it, and that is it. I've read all volumes of these Dark Shouts books, which may be my favorite one. Thank you much to Hydra/Random House and Netgalley for this free e-arc.

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