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This book was good, just not just like the first two. There were several places throughout where things got monotonous and slow.

Possibly what I liked best were the quotes from real killers saying why, how, or their feelings when they killed. The real surprise at the final was that the beginning was a little turned. Maybe the reason for the quotes, to let the reader get a firm understanding regarding what a real killer might be thinking.

Even though it isn't the best, I'd still recommend reading it., No-one in the book behaves in any way even remotely like a real person would behave. Everyone does stupid, idiotic, clueless, ignorant, implausible, moronic, very dangerous things. All of the figures act without the awareness in any way showing how, FIRST: how certainly each of the events in the book link to expose an INCREDIBLY clear scenario, and SECOND: how what they are going to do, whatever it is, BECAUSE THE PARTICULAR OBVIOUS SCENARIO HAS YET TO OCCUR TO ANY KIND OF OF THESE, that what they are about to do will only make things worse, murkier, less manageable, more dangerous, is exterior the realm of even FICTIONAL reality, as well as idiotic, insane, illegitimate, BEYOND dangerous AND just... BADLY WRITTEN. This book makes things up, particularly something procedural. EVERYONE always pauses into the seemingly vacant dark, isolated, rat-infested, most likely occupied by a serial kill, house, has information that one person learns then ALWAYS results in untold - FOR SIMPLY NO SANE REASON - to the very person or people who desperately need that information ("Oh, I will just tell my FBI boyfriend LATER that someone just attempted to kill me personally, because I'm a little tired after battling my attacker, who, okay, was the very serial killer he's desperately trying to find, however frankly, I have to have a sandwich. "), while treating as trivial, tries at vehicular homicide, murder attempts along jogging paths, clues that could ONLY have been left by the primary serial killer, as well as home break-ins, blood-splashed trailers, phone calls COMING FROM said serial killer... Along with a child, on house detain after just being released from juvenile retention for removing a man's penile, who, while she lives with her guardians, a PI and an FBI BROKER, dismantles her monitor and acts like Nancy Came on crystal meth; browsing strip clubs, serial killer's homes, while also frequently dismantling her guardian's home security alarm while they are being stalked by a madman. There's A lot more. I may come back again and mention a few of the characters more ludicrous choices, but for now, I am just shocked that a book that gets SO MUCH WRONG, with every character either a liar, deeply delusional, a criminal, or maybe an absolute clod, could get SELF published., This was so much better than the 2nd one. It retained me on the edge of my seat and I had a difficult time putting it down. I don't particularly like the " two (somewhat 3) cases at the same time which may have no relationship to each other" thing that the author has taking place -- it seems like it's a common occurrence now. It was present in the second publication and in this one, but I could actually remain it in this publication. Personally, i like it when everything somehow connects with each other (within the primary case as well as with the other cases to the primary case), in particular when is actually in a way that I didn't see arriving. The main case in this book definitely performed that for me personally (not so much the other cases), which was very reminiscent of the very first book (which I loved). This publication is worth the read!, I love the Lizzy Gardner Series and this one did not disappoint! Quick paces and suspenseful, I had trouble putting it down. Have already started out the 4th one - Obsessed., Ready to begin publication 4. I started the series with book 5, not realizing it was a series. Ended up buying all 6 books. Genuinely a pleasurable series. On to more blood and gore and mysteries!, The entire series was so excellent I could not stop reading it- I gladly purchased and read the entire series within a number of days, At first I wasn't too sure that I would like this book... it jumped around from person to person and from time to time and I got no idea who anyone was - or when. But then it all fell together and was really interesting.
Right now there is a serial killer in Sacramento... and he or she has a really evil thoughts... a very dark thoughts.
The key figure is Lizzie Gardner who is a private detective. This wounderful woman has an FBI agent for a boyfriend. Lizzy becomes involved in the serial murder when one of her clients is murdered and the husband is fingered as a person of interest.
There are several substories in the book - and since I have not read the other 2 in the series I am sure that some of the people stories were from previous novels. This is a remain alone book though even though you have no read the other book in the series. This book also ends with somewhat of a hanging twist that I believe will be transported into another book. I will definitely purchase the next book because I would like to see what happens, I really like this author. This is the only series I have read by the author. (I don't know if there are others besides this series. ) The writer has a gift idea of keeping the audience interest and I hate to put the book down. As I have progressed through the series, each book gets somewhat deeper which concerns me. I haven't stopped yet though. I only give it 4 stars due to the darkness progression.

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