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At one time it was said that Lisa Randall was the most cited theoretical physicist with about 10, 500 citations. This really is no easy achievement. She has now written a fascinating story about dark matter. Her previous books were: “ Warped Passages ” about the role of extra dimensions and “ Knocking on Heaven's Door ” about the Higgs particle. These contained the best description of the Higgs that I have read. This new book requires less of a technical background to understand. It is the easiest to learn.

“Dark Issue and the Dinosaurs” brings together stars, galaxies, comets, meteors, particle interactions, and of course dinosaurs. What could be better? The book is well crafted and totally fascinating. We know of the existence of dark matter by its effects on ordinary matter, in particular, through the rotational speed of galaxies, and also by its role in the gravitational lensing of light. Dark matter permeates the universe. There is five times as much dark matter as there is ordinary matter. We also feel that the dinosaurs passed away 66 million years ago when a big meteoroid, electronic. g., comet or asteroid, crashed in to the Earth.

Is usually there a connection between dark matter and the extinction of the dinosaurs? Did a dark make a difference disk lying in the plane of our galaxy nudge the meteoroid into a collision course with the Earth? As an atomic/nuclear physicist I am captivated by the idea that dark matter may form atom-like objects. Once you have self-interacting dark matter, everything else follows: the galactic disk, period passage of the solar system through hard disks, the meteoroid nudge, and the tragic ending of the dinosaurs. However, I feel that we will have to find out more about dark matter. Satellite observations of the motion of stars may show about the disk of dark make a difference. More about the nature of dark matter may be revealed at the LHC or at the bottom of a precious metal mine in South Dakota, a land once dominated by dinosaurs., The subject is interesting and Microsoft Randall's hypothesis is effective. For me, though, there's just too much supplementary information between dark make a difference and the dinosaurs that could very nicely have already been edited out. For example, a scholarly paper would have reported details about the makeup of impact craters, etc. in recommendations and footnotes, and a popular publication doesn't really need it all. To point out identifying characteristics unique to meteoroid craters, show layouts, and footnote references would have made many of the publication less of a go., Trying to find reading Lisa Randall and Brian Greene in order to get a handle on what is going on in compound physics. Randall is both interesting and informative. The lady uses good examples to make clear a difficult subject. As the issue of the Dinosaurs is an interesting feature with this book, it can more of a lead-in to make clear current research on Dark Matter. We highly recommend this publication to readers interested in the latest discoveries in physics and cosmology. But if you're buying a book about dinosaurs, this isn't the book for you., This book has a great deal of introductory material leading up to the various meats of the matter. Will be certainly also many analogies to everyday things to help the readers unfamiliar with the subject. For me, who follow the current physics landscape in at least a cursory manner, it appeared to be a great deal of fluff that decreases down the book and felt like filler. Nevertheless, I feel that We know somewhat more about dark matter and just how technology is conducted in general after reading this book., Reasonable book overall but not one of her best. She spends too much time outside of the girl field of expertise. Because are all her books, still worth reading. The lady is among the best science writers., In excellent condition. Simply way too scientific, rather than an enjoyable read for this nurse. The idea was fascinating, but I experienced a difficult time in relation to the actual dark make a difference. I ended up reading the conclusion for our publication club once i barely received through 5 chapters, the rest of the members were just as befuddled! The woman who choose the book is a retired nuclear engineer., Exciting exposition on dark make a difference with an insider account of how a new scientific theory is developed: in this case Randall's double-disk dark matter idea, which could account for the the gravitational disturbance that directed an Oort cloud comet to earth leading to the mass extinction of dinosaurs., I’m one of the many types of folks this book was written for. I’m the type that has trouble retaining technological concepts in my mind for longer than five minutes or so. This is why I’m glad that one of Lisa Randall’s special talents is explaining complicated ideas in a way that even I can understand. And actually enjoy. And hopefully remember.
Moreover, the very breadth of her eyesight and her goal here is astounding (like the interconnectedness of the World! ). What she their self had to study, learn about, and gain an understanding of in fields far beyond her local physics is impressive, but necessary to elucidate the girl speculative but grounded ideas. She’s always been a pioneer so it’s especially exciting to be along for the ride as she contributes to a new interpretation of what was (and could in future be) a cataclysmic event.
As someone that not only “commits” technology but is capable of explaining it so well, Dr. Randall always seems to add a level in her writing that emphasizes not just her ideas and discoveries but the very process that underpins them. And she doesn’t see science as a thing separate from our culture in general. She’s always connecting them. Frequently within an amusing, and always thought-provoking way. This focus on how we know very well what we know, and what we seldom know, and how we can go about learning more is something that is very much needed in the world. With this book, Doctor Randall adds another strong argument for why we need to science the s—t out of the challenges we face today (as Typically the Martian would say).

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