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I love Amanda. She is smart, outrageous, courageous, and lustful. Reading Dark Stranger I actually suspected that there was more to Dalhu and I wasn't disappointed. This individual turns out to be a guy that is worth considering despite his dark past. The new bad guy is a different and interesting kind of antagonist. He appears charming while being unapologetically cruel and sadistic, and unlike Dalhu he could be a dedicated and loyal Doomer. This fourth part was really busy and as expected it was very sensual. I finished it in one marathon sitting and immediately moved on to the next one., Dark Enemy: Taken – Captive – Redeemed
Children of the Gods books 4-6
I. To. Lucas

Series Summary:
From the beginning of time there were near immortal beings who have shaped humanity, been the object of worship but who as a race almost destroyed the other person and human world.
Now only two Gods are still left both sworn enemies:
The followers of Morta, the Doomers and the descendants of the Goddess Annani.

Lucas proceeds her unique addicting series with Amanda and Dalhu’s obstacle filled love history. It’s extreme including times dark but she always instills enough light for hope. Her dialogue is fast paced and her plot is engaging and interesting giving a freshness to this often stale genre. Her world building is unique and her figures may be ancient but surround themselves with all the 21st century gadgets plus her hints to future stories will attract readers (well this viewer anyway) into purchasing the next group of books in the series.
Books 4 through 6 are Amanda and Dalhu’s story and must be read in order. In these installations readers will find out more about the history of these two remaining clans of immortals, will get more intimate with the Empress and her family and will eventually get suggestions about what’s to come.
The audible edition is once again left in the able voice of Charles Lawrence’s deep, sexy, satisfying baritone who expertly gives viewers a deeper experience by intoning the thoughts vocally and does a fantastic job representing each and every personality, human, immortal, male and female.

Amanda is the daughter of the last remaining female deity, Annani rejeton from a race who ages ago were almost eradicated by civil battle. She’s the youngest and for centuries has already been known as the “party princess” but has redeemed herself lately when the girl became a scientist with the sole purpose of finding dormant immortals and save her race by giving them with mates. When she has abducted by a associate of her clan’s persona enemy, the doomers, she has afraid of death or worse. But that’s not what her captor is thinking of at all.
Dalhu has long known the doomers philosophy is wrong and when this individual sees the photograph of a female immortal of his clan’s enemy he’s smitten. When he views her in person this individual knows she’s his destiny. Now only if this individual can figure ways to keep her., There is more than meets the eye to Amanda. On the surface she appears short and spoiled but on the inside she conceals a deep wound. The woman dramatic behavior and to the outside appearance will be the shields the girl puts facing getting harm again. If she aren't feel, she can't get hurt.
Dalhu is in love with the idea of having an immortal woman of his own, not any underworld woman, a beautiful professor. For an uneducated mercenary getting his hands on so one like her is the best catch., Alright. I looked it up and you can spell kidnapped with one p, but why would you? I like the books anyway but man that was really bugging me. Also if this is the type of book you usually like, supernatural romance, just buy the boxed arranged, the books are short and I've wasted a lot of time heading back to buy each one., My favourite so far in the series. There was a good little bit of repetition from previous books, which I was kind of surprised by, since i have thought you got to read all books in order. But actually, this one was written in a way that you could start the series with this book and not overlook anything important (in my opinion). I liked both the key characters of this book. Dahlu is such a sweetheart - despite the anger management issues. Amanda is a much better heroine than that frustrating Syssy too., LOVE THIS PARTICULAR SERIES! It's recovering and better with every guide, and also you learn more and more about the figures and what makes them who they are. By book 9 you really feel like they are your best friends and you've known them your entire life. Some are better than others but no person is perfect, like in real life., This is an amazing beginning with a new group of characters while still incorporating the first ones in the series. Since with the first 3 books I have not had the capacity to put this one down. I look forward to the next ones in the series., Just when you think you can breathe, Ms. Lucas throws you a hard ball and attracts you by surprise!! This is certainly strong and weak, tough and soft with forgiveness and rage all added too to one!! Great reading

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