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Some read Dark Prince, the first in this series, and this is the first book I have read by this author. The particular opening chapters were very intense, describing the horrific encounters of Jacques because of this to be tortured by two humans accusing him of being a vampire. This individual senses a female and unconsciously calls to her. Shea is a young surgeon who hides the fact that she has what she believes is a rare blood vessels disorder.
In the course of the book it is uncovered that half her make up is the same as Jacques, that is Carpathian, and this is the reason why they are inexorably drawn together as moth to flame. But Shea does not actually find him for many years, leaving Jacques in discomfort until she does.
The Carpathians are an ancient but dying race with supernatural capabilities. They are dying out because they rarely conceive and when they do, it is rarely female. This produces a situation where there is an extra of unattached males. The particular longer each goes before finding a lifemate, the more likely they are to turn into vampires.
I love thrush descriptions in this book, being drawn into the scenes, experience and sensing what the characters do. This guide contains some violence and some highly erotic intercourse scenes., To be truthful, Jacques wasn't really a memorable character in Dark Prince for me personally. But this story put him in the forefront of my mind in a big way! Things that tied your pet to the first guide leaped out instantly and I was like, " That is him! That's Mikhail's brother! " That's how I knew that this was the forgettable brother to the Carpathian Prince and not someone with the same name! Great save! And to have him using the line between vampire and Carpathian throughout the story was genius! I loved it! We obtained to see what happens when a Carpathian is so near to turning that you needs only to inhale the wrong manner to push your pet too far. It was interesting and made me constantly fear for Shea, but additionally rooting for her at the same time!, I have read this one at least three times, and each time, I feel all of the emotional turmoil that Shea, and Jaques have to endure. This one is a full tissue box story. The girl doesn't really know why she is the way the girl with. She is in some way connected to a man in agony. She does not really know what it means. He is existing on the need to learn why the one who is his lifemate has forsaken him. Unable to call to his people for help. Unsure as to why they never look, and come to help him escape. Years of starvation, and madness and somehow they are together. His is considered the most heart wrenching story, because usually the Carpathian men are always so large and in charge. Shea is a powerful, super intelligent woman that is dragged, into their world of blood, and violence. She needs to be the strong one at first. It is a struggle for them both, with crazed "vampire hunters", and a traitor included in this, the author retains you glued to the story. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys dark, brooding heroes., This is a compelling series that makes you return time and again for another fix of affection and dangerous adventure. It is very sad to yet again see that it is mankind that is the more soulless monster., Actually this book had a decent-ish plot and characterization, though they seem to discover the same stupid bad tricks of the evil doers every time. Obviously Carpathians aren't too bright, despite being hot., This is the 2nd book in the series which i have read. In many ways I enjoyed it more than the first as there was more laughter. However, in other ways I felt it was simply the first book with changed names. Both of the heroines had very similar fears and responses and even though Jacques didn't remember much, he performed be sure you be overbearing and autocratic. While I understand the author has created a new species with certain characteristics I am not into submissiveness in associations.

With this universe Carpathians are another species in which the number of ladies is very low. Man Carpathians commence to lose the ability to feel emotion or experience color around their 200th 1st birthdays unless they have became a member of with their lifemate. Right now there is just one lifemate for each and every Carpathian although they can lover with somebody who isn't their lifemate. With out a lifemate these older males are susceptible to becoming vampires in the traditional sense as killing during feeding supplies a type of high similar to as being a drug addict. Once a Carpathian becomes a Vampire the other males will hunt and kill him hopefully before he kills too many other Carpathians or humans. Males are overprotective of their lifemates. It is this where I have issues with the series. While the men say they only want their lifemates happiness, in addition they only want their lifemates happy with them. They have no problem driving their lifemates will to their own.

As for the story, I liked the beginning while Jacques was not quite aware. I was also very happy to see Mikhail and Raven from  Dark Prince: Author's Cut Special Edition (Dark Series)   return, but it would have appeased my individualistic nature if the Carpathian men weren't so domineering.

Overall, I did take pleasure in the story, I like that there is a thriller edge alongside with the romance. We all also get more time with the vampires to observe how they actually differ from the Carpathians.

I have already purchased and am reading the next book,   Dark Gold (Dark (Avon)) , and will probably also read Gregori's,   Dark Wonder , story. However, if by then I still feel that the H/h h are basically cookie slice outs of the original without unique personalities of their own, I will not read further.

ETA: Right after reading the first three publications in the series I have come for this conclusion:

If you like strong heroines and heroes that want a powerful partner and not a damsel in distress I recommend giving this series a skip., Certainly one of my favorite of the series. I read some other reviews who believe that Shea was weak because she kept asking the connection she felt to Jacques. I argue. If she had accepted it without question, that would have been amazing. As with the Dark Prince, the heroine is brought into a completely different culture and needs time to adjust to the " insta-love" the Carpathian's feel for their true mates. Jacques and Shea's story is one of my favorites along with Dark Prince and Dark Magic. Have re-read all many times., Christine Feehan's Carpathians are fantastic. Her men are arrogant but loving and her females are sufficiently strong to keep upward with them. I absolutely love them.

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