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We continue to love this book! The heroism shown by the women and men in this time is very thrilling! I can hardly put it down. What would you do in an Apocalypse? This assumption of the plot carries on, and it becomes increasingly more interesting and the action is mesmerizing. The get away of the people battling for their lives carries on to hold my attention, and I am not getting much sleep as I continue to read almost non stop. I can wait to see what happens in Book 3. I recommend this guide, the writing, and the overall story. It is absolutely a great read!!, As with the first of the series, enjoyed the Western european perspective of a zombie apocalypse. It absolutely was well written & translated with the style being a more typical novel format while book one resembled a diary. Couldn't put it down and finished in a couple days. Searching forward to reading the third as soon as I finish this review., I was impressed with the first Apocolypse Unces book, so I was surprised when the next two books got converted. Dark Days picks up after the events of the first book. While the start of the book seems to have a little trouble getting started, the author still does a wonderful job of describing what our characters are proceeding through after the first book. As the first guide was told exclusively through the eyes of The particular Lawyer, this book interchanges through the POV of some of the other characters in the book. This helps to bring in various elements of the story to give the reader a better understanding of what is going on. Overall, while it wasn't as good as Book 1 in the series, it's still a good read for fans of the first guide., Manel Loureiro gives all of us Dark Days, book 2 in the Apocalypse Unces series. Readers should note that this new release picks up where the first book leaves off. We wouldn't recommend skipping the first book or you may find yourself a little lost. It had already been a good chunk of time since I read the first book, so I was grateful to find Loureiro gave readers a brief run through of what happened to get us to guide two.

Dark Days commences in the air. The group is trying to get to the Canary Islands in hopes the infection has not spread there. Our lawyer is joined up with by his cat Lucullus, seventeen year old girlfriend Lucia, Prit the pilot, and Sister Cecelia. Their foray into safety is quick lived as Prit is accused of a crime he didn't commit. The particular accusation is utilized as influence to force him yet again back into the melee and zombie infested gets to fine medicine. Betrayed by those they trustworthy, the group must find their long ago to the other and out of a corrupt society on the edge of a revolution.

Dammit, I really wanted to love this particular one, and We did... sometimes. But there were so many things I took issue with. First and foremost, the connection between the thirty 12 months old narrator and seventeen year old Lucia does not work for me. Basically, I recently cant get at the rear of it. So that it makes reading the book quite uncomfortable.

The first novel was in journal form, but Dark Days does not follow suit. It is told using first person standard narration. It was an issue for me because it was one of the things I found successful in Loureiro's earlier book. Also, the guide seemed short, in length as well as character development. It felt to me as if the characters were drawn on a piece of paper as compared to interweaved within the pages. Dark Days may have benefited from much more description and what We like to call the meat and potatoes. The particular author merely skims the surface of events and folks. Unfortunately, when you do that, it doesn't allow readers to connect with a character.

When all is said and done, Dark days didn't bring something new to the stand. Been there, done that, and seen it done better. Apocalypse Z is to be a trilogy. Will certainly I read the third book? Yes. But Now i'm hoping it is more on par with the first book and will redeem the series from the dent this one devote it., This book says just a little different from End of the world Z Book 1. Book 1 is told through diary and blog records and Book 2 is told from 3rd person point of view. All in all I liked reading the second guide in Apocalypse Z. 4 stars, I loved Loureiro's first book. The Beginning of the End carried carried a dark and interesting tune, much owed to the main character's solitude.

This particular sequel however , is more a tale of many characters, the majority of which the writer fails to portray. Dialogues are dull and superficial, and some turns of events are incomprehensible, even considering the extraordinary state of Loureiro's world. The main character (Loureiro himself? ) is one the reader can identify with, but his companions are portrayed in a confusing way, through difficult changes of looking at angles and actions insufficiently explained.

There are a few notable scenes, though, that linger in your mind, and the story's development towards their climax does carry some nerve. Thus, I would not advise readers to stay away from this guide. Just don't expect the same chill as from the first one., That has been 2-3 weeks since I listened to this audiobook and had to sit on it to think about it. This particular is not a zombie book, yes excellent few zombie scenes but that is it. It more about the island politics then anything else and how the characters deal with it. The ending was REALLY disappointing and a let down.
And then there is the enhancing problems, some chapters just run right in to each other, you will be in one location then without a pause your in a different location and chapter.

The audiobook some times appear hurried and then slow sometimes, clear spoken.
No loss unless you buy., Tried to give this second book a chance even though the first wasn’t very good either. Huge mistake. Won’t be finishing it. Won’t keep an eye out for more by the author. As the plot, characters, and writing are no even worse than many found in other offerings available, there are way too many good stories to spend time with this.

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