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During the summer of 2014, out of the clear blue sky, I had my first panic attack on an a flight from Altlanta ga to Chattanooga, TN. Luckily, I was able to leave the airplane before takeoff, but started out to rewrite rapidly downward into a world of which I had formed no understanding - in fact , completely bewildered, scared, and depressed. Most people have no idea what's taking place when they have a panic attack, and I was no different. After seeing my GP (who diagnosed it immediately), I scheduled 6 sessions with a well-meaning but relatively ineffective counselor who recommended relaxation techniques that were only slightly effective. I was in a season of job change, and this was going to effect it radically, as I was going back into consulting with steady travel, meetings, interactions, etc. Freak out was overflowing into agoraphobia, to the point that I didn't want to go to the back of my local grocery or golf club store without feeling the walls closing in on my life. I was in prison.

Only by the grace of God did I stumble on Barry McDonagh and the Panic Away program. I actually consumed every ounce of his information, and started out to train his techniques: just one. Say " so what is the worst that can happen? " 2. Fully and completely acknowledge and allow the discomfort (NOT DANGER) or stressed feelings and thoughts 3. Face it down - dare it to do its worst and 4. Engage in another activity - dwell in the moment to reacclimate the brain.

Unlike many other programs, Barry's counter-intuitive approach of addressing our worries and anxiety head on forced me to offer with discomfort in a different way, and prove to myself which i could push through anxiety and stretch out there my boundaries. Anxiety is no longer something from which to " be cured, " rather, is actually a condition that Now i'm learning to welcome and live with, converting anxiety into excitement. Barry's approach is warm, intelligent, common sensical, and effective. Simply no matter if you're a newbie like me, and have dealt with this for years, there's life change in this book., To start with, I have been working with on / off panic condition since the age of 8, and by age 12 I thought I got completely overcome it and was doing perfectly. I actually had been in a frequent state of " flow", as Barry would call it up, for a good few years other than the occasional social anxiety--Up until the fateful day in 2013 at age 12-15 when panic struck out there of literally nowhere. I actually was even at home. However, I didn't identify it as panic at the time. I was so caught off protect I thought it had to have been a ailment. Maybe a heart strike or maybe there’s something REALLY wrong, like, I’ve been terminally ill for years and just don’t know it yet. There was no other explanation. Following some ER visits, a couple of heart displays and echocardiograms, I was disappointed to figure out that it was just panic--yes, I was disappointed. It's so much simpler to cure a physiological issue than a emotional one. After that incident, I actually was in a frequent state of panic. I actually had the panic strike that never ended, that kept me bound to my bed (thank God for homeschool). It was a 24/7 panic attack for a good few weeks, the counselors were bewildered, since panic attacks are usually very short existed compared to lasting for weeks or months each time. It's true, though, my heart rate was constantly elevated near to 200bpm, I actually saw danger in every corner, I didn't want to leave home, or be alone, at age range 15-17, I wanted to die because it just would NOT end. In addition to basic relaxation techniques provided and repeated in my opinion once a week were certainly not good to my case. For those few years I actually would always say that if this year doesn't get better, I'm going to give upward. I guarantee you, I actually have read more anxiety and anxiety cure articles and forums than anyone on this planet. Trying to find through many counselors. I possess tried supplements which were actually the only thing that didn't seem to be totally useless. Some supplements do help, as stated available. However, in general, I actually was constantly taking one step forward and five steps backward. I had formed really lost all hope a few times. I was fear stricken even in the " comfort" of my own home. I could see the risk in everything--no matter how small--never the benefits. I thought I got completely lost it at one point, refusing to eat the majority of food for fear of a " sudden allergy". Looking back that seems literally insane. I didn't want to be in a car for more than 30 minutes at a time or I would get claustrophobic and anxiety. I was afraid of dying inside my sleep. Frightened of passing out, everywhere and everywhere. (Dizziness was a main symptom for myself, when i have fainted in the way past and remained terrified of the sensation years later). Afraid of flashing lights for anxiety about " a seizure". More than likely dare to be well hidden of a " safe person". I would've been genuinely content surviving in a hospital at that point because I felt it was the only true safe zone. I had not seen any friends in those few years. Stress had stolen almost about three years of my life. Three teenage years. Not really to mention, half of my childhood before this new bout came along. I missed out on many opportunities. Anxiety apart, I could have really had a lot proceeding for me. It's quite sad looking back on it. Now the reason for the intensive elaboration in the personal story/panic disorder is because I actually want to emphasize that I had it very, very badly. If I actually can make it through, literally anybody can. I actually had it too bad that I eventually couldn't relate much to the anxiety forums online any more because my attacks were so intensive and the sensations became so weird it turned out almost as if I actually had entered some kind of psychosis. I was not apart of reality for years at a time. In addition to feeling alone in it all did not help, I’ll tell you that.

Now that we have that out of the way, Let me share my journey to the healing part of my panic condition. Before I get into where the DARE book played its part, I actually liked to start from the beginning of the journey by saying by the time I had turned 18, (last year), the panic attacks and anxiety had calmed to an area where it was not a frequent state any longer. (I will say though, if I found this book back then, it would’ve come to that point a lot sooner). This was probably because of to me reuniting which includes supportive friends, finding some new music groups and shows that I loved, and could get passionate about. Also, I am very sure that taking certain supplements (5-HTP, magnesium, vitamin D 3, L-theanine) that a great doctor I was discovering recommended in my opinion had also played a part in that as well. (Don’t sleep on supplements) Nevertheless , although I felt much better than the two previous years, I was still a slave to my panic attacks and anxiety. It reigned over me. I still only went out with friends once a month or less, I used those music groups and shows as a frequent muddiness and ended up ignoring school work. Regardless of excited I felt that my anxiety was heading down slowly but surely, it still was not moving quickly enough. I repeated 11th grade. I didn't do well the second time either. I just barely caused it to be. I was just better enough to where I actually will no longer appeared crazy or obviously ill, I just appeared lazy. Little do anyone know, these distractions were just keeping myself sane enough. I was not really better. I just had worked my way out of one capture learn myself tied upward in a much less constricting capture, but constricting nonetheless. Arriving from where I had formed formerly been, I was truthfully pretty happy about that for awhile--genuinely. I did not really notice how bad it still was. I actually just knew that I actually finally felt kind of normal again. It was not until shortly after I actually had turned 19 (a few months ago), which i came to realize that it wasn't normal enough. Panic attacks were still at least a weekly occurrence. The non permanent treatments were helping but they weren't cutting it. I observed the worry was slowly creeping back. If I was not actively searching for a cure, it was bound to get worse and ending up sending myself back into the downwards get out of hand of the place I actually had finally crawled my way out of. It was now or never.

Now here is where CARE TO is available in. Shortly after it occurred to me which i still was not healed of my anxiety and was only wearing a band-aid that would inevitably fall off at some point or another, I realized it was coming back some real help. I'm nineteen, this is a crucial point in my life. I actually can’t be dealing with this. Required an amazing fix if I would definitely live the independent and anxiety free life Required to survive in this world. I was running out of time. I was ready for a real cure. I needed one. In desperation, I actually came to Amazon and literally just typed " panic attacks" into the search bar. Yeah. I actually don't even read books. I didn't know very well what I actually was doing. But to my surprise, I saw a 5-star book that claimed to be just the cure I was looking for. I thought, " what? how could this book become a full 5-stars, people with anxiety are always so critical about cure claims, the reviews have gotta be fake". Upon reading some of the incredible reviews however, I became super intrigued--and desperate. I had absolutely nothing to lose but a couple of bucks and you can't really put a price tag on the potential cure for an anxiety-free life. When it arrived, I read the whole thing in two days. I could not put it down. I was too amazed with the contents and intrigued by this unheard of method of dealing with anxiety attacks in a way that never occurred to me after all of my searching. Even before I place the DARE method into practice, I got already felt like I'd won my life back. I felt elated just by reading the book and I was so excited to try it out and put it into action. It covers everything that you need to know. Every question I actually had along the way was answered as I actually kept reading on. I actually was even shocked to see that it included the panic symptom of derealization in the fine detail it had, as that is personally my most prominent panic attack symptom, and honestly, the scariest one of them all, inside my opinion--which after reading the book, made me realize it was probably my anxiety about the derealization that caused it occur so often. I felt so relieved--and skeptical. It was too good to be true. That is, until I started out putting the techniques into practice. I had formed already practiced some diffusing, " what if" techniques (the D step) with one of my many counselors, and while it helped slightly I realized this wasn't gonna be a cure. I still had anxiety. Allowing, (the A step) was the one that I had struggled with for many years and probably why my anxiety was so high at all times because I actually tried to refuse to let myself feel that way. I was so angry that I kept sensation that way. To feel much better, I had to learn to allow painfully uncomfortable symptoms join me--and what do you know, we were holding nicer when I actually didn't make an effort to rudely kick them out. If only I had read the book sooner I would've known I was doing the complete opposite of what I should have been doing--which is a huge reason why I actually wasn’t getting better.. When I truly--emphasis on truly--allowed myself to feel the anxiety in it's entirety, that's when I began seeing it fade. I actually had every strange physical symptom in the book and then some. They were very intense. In addition to I have to confess, sometimes the first two steps just weren't enough at first. This is where my favorite part, the " run towards" step, (the R step) is available in. I love this step. It is the most effective for me personally and it's sometimes even fun to implement depending on how I do it. Strenuous and asking for more/worsening of symptoms as opposed to pondering, " no God please not here, not now" works wonders I would've never thought possible. Regarding course I was hesitant as first, I thought, " imagine if they really do get worse and am get dizzy and pass out WHILE DRIVING OR SOME THING? ". One day I actually decided to let go and test it out and instead think, " just what exactly, I'll pull over and even if I do pass out, just what exactly, if I crash due to fainting I'll get my license taken away and I won't have to even worry about it anymore! So what? Of which sounds great, I desire the dizziness sticks around and perhaps gets even even worse. Give me your worst--I dare you. " Regarding course it was cynical, but the reason the this step is my personal favorite is because that can be done it in any way that works effectively for you. Applying sarcasm and humor makes light of it all which personally does miracles. Making light of it and enjoying it while using the “run towards” step is definitely a really powerful part of reducing panic symptoms for myself because it eventually ends up also putting me in an improved mood and making myself feel like I can handle anything with my attitude. I am always in control of my own attitude, therefore I felt in control of my anxiety. Following the " R" step and getting everything out there of it that you can, it makes it so much simpler to simplicity into the " E" step which is engaging with life, or in others simply just continuous to live--continuing your life in the way that you normally would, anxiety or not. Letting it be present, but not-at-all affect the way you reside or make any selections for you, no issue how small. And hey, even though you feel more anxiety coming on just repeat all the DARE steps. Trust me, it’s gonna work.

In order out is through--through the DARE response. If it works for myself there's absolutely no possible way it won't work for you.

The DARE method aside, I love the way in which this book completely crushes and dissolves any idea of " safe zones" and " safe people", and " crutches". (However I still think is actually smart to keep your mobile phone and basic crisis stuff with you most places). I love the emphasis on making peace with your anxiety as if it was an enemy or bully that you decide to call a truce with. Almost like you're treating your anxiety the way that you want to be treated. Okay, that could be stretching it a little, nevertheless the more analogies the better. It's a very important concept that needs to be grasped. Being okay with having anxiety and welcoming it somewhat than fighting it is such a beyond simple concept that works miracles and the word needs to get out there. All of the other techniques out there need to take a walk, because they're just complicated people by throwing out there unhelpful--but well meaning--methods in to the mix and discouraging people when they ending upward feeling even worse. This is the method that is going to work and heal you completely if you stick with it. This is the method that must stand out there from all of the other ones. This book clears everything right up. That will give you all the tools you should have and more.

One of the best parts, for me, was when he described going through a very scary real life scenario, something I actually could never imagine taking place to me. I love it acknowledges that life out there really can be scary and sometimes panic is justified and not only random. Things happen. Life comes with a lot of frequent concerns and concerns. He even provided tools on how to deal with justifiable worry, worry and panic and it was very leaving you. This whole book is empowering.
Another thing that I'm so happy he mentioned was how to approach intrusive or obsessive feelings and made it explicitly clear that most everyone has or has already established them at some point and that it doesn't make you crazy--and more importantly, focuses on that you're not a bad person because if you were, those ridiculous weird thoughts wouldn't take the time you at all. I actually believe that is a very important subject to recognize because it is something that I imagine many omit when seeing their counselor or anybody they vent about their challenges to. They might secretly think they are ridiculous and maybe feel ashamed and would never dare let anyone know very well what goes through their heads--and it is a very dark and dangerously self-destructive trap to fall into. The segment on intrusive thoughts sets an ending to pondering that you're crazy and provides again, very useful, very fresh tools that will--if you practice--put an ending to them in no time.

Towards the ending of the book, it also touches on forgiving yourself for achieveing anxiety and how important you should truly love yourself which means you don't subconsciously self-sabotage your own progress--something I am doing, and probably many others who don't even realize it. As silly as it sounds, practicing self-love as simple as just telling yourself, “I love myself, ” everyday can rewire your brain out of the self-sabotaging state--something I still personally need to practice. When I say the book covers everything, I actually mean it--even touching on the significance of exercise, water-drinking and supplements to even humor and love. This book is everything you need and more to be well on your way to recovery. Although I actually don't discredit counseling and therapy--because I think air flow and one-on-one remedy is still incredibly helpful to stay on track--this book has been the single most important aspect in my journey to healing, and I actually just wish I had formed found it sooner. In case you have anxiety and don't go to counseling, at least check out this book. And if you do, take this book with you and have your counselor help keep you on course with it. Have it be the schedule for all of your counseling sessions. Heck, even suggest that they recommend it to their other patients, I know I actually have. As the more the word is spread about this book, maybe the fewer cases of anxiety attacks we’ll see in this world, of course, if that is not motivating, then I may know very well what is.

I have been panic free since reading this book this past winter--and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. No fluff, this is the real stuff. Do not half heartedly try variety of different anxiety techniques. Whole-heartedly put your all into this one. It’s so worth it. Trust myself.

It completely changed my perspective on anxiety and even life. It's true--YOU would be the cure. You just need the right tools. And this book is it. This book is my tool and I protect it with my life. Anxiety really does have some nice perks--when you go delete word, you come out there of it a better, wiser person and turn into more appreciative of the tiny things in life that other people don’t think two times about--for me, anyway. I actually also struggle with depressive disorders caused by my anxiety holding me back, so the less anxiety I actually have the less frustrated I tend to feel--another perk. You only know true happiness when you've gone through true suffering. So be grateful for this opportunity. You'll probably find that you're much happier when you achieve the light at the ending of the canal than the people who have been there, having never gone through a canal of their own.

Instead of fear passing out, having a heart attack, intrusive feelings, and so on, demand them. Welcome them--and persevere. You'll be surprised what a difference the simple DARE technique makes. You'll feel better and better a lot more you practice it, and soon you won't be thinking of any of that old anxiety products at all. And even if it decides to stop for a visit in the future, welcome it. Pleasant every ounce of the discomfort and fear.

My personal advice to you is this: coming from the worst of the worst, I think everyone with anxiety, no matter mild or super-severe-nearly-bad-enough-to-be-hospitalized, you need this book. And keep in your mind, I’m not a reader. This book has given me a great deal personal energy and I cannot wait around to continue to grow and keep growing. So keep your head up, keep things light-hearted and funny, make friends with your anxiety, love yourself, and DARE on. It's only up from here.

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