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Jerrod and Aaron were a great match for each additional. Jerrod was straight and serious and Aaron has been gay and a little bit flamboyant. These were each arriving off a poor breakup and Aaron had a mob boss threatening him thanks in order to his loser ex. Jerrod hired Aaron for any project and tried to maintain things professional, but of course if he got, this wouldn't be a romance novel. There was lots of chemistry between them as well as deeply felt love that came throughout the pages. Despite the genuine dangers Aaron faced from the criminals (sometimes he or she acted too stupid in order to live) there have been moments of which made me laugh away loud. This book and the sequel Sparkle usually are both worth reading., I received this book as an ARC in return with regard to an honest review.

As an author Jerry maintains upping the ante. This particular book is no exclusion. It draws you inside from page one and it doesn't let a person go until the finish and even then this sticks with you.

Jerrod and Aaron are amazingly done and not to be outdone is Jerrod's bestie Luster who just about abducts every scene he's inside.

Jerrod is heartbroken over a recent breakup and Aaron is as well.

Aaron's ex, Charlie is a new hot mess of addiction and psychosis that makes you want to cringe wonderful drama spills above onto Aaron putting him in the cross hairs of a viscous underworld boss who is bound and determined to see each Charlie and Aaron lifeless or wishing they were and Jerrod steps inside to save a man who has come to suggest more to him than he thought anyone ever would.

It's compelling and dramatic and funny... and for myself because I am a Jerry Cole devotee the mention of Jerrika 'Clint' McClintock from his More Than Friends collection was one of all those OMG moments that has been an incredible and heartwarming.

It is such a great incredible book and I truly cannot stress adequate the need for everyone and anyone to go through it. It's heck of a journey also it would make a person believe and long with regard to a hero.. even any time that hero is oneself., This was an excellent history about an absolutely amazing shy guy named Jerrod, who inadvertently through his best friend Sparkle, fulfilled the love of his existence. Aaron was bartending the particular night Jerrod walked inside but there is just some thing about him. This can be a fantastic, fast paced romance with a terrific story. I loved the give and take between these characters. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PUBLICATION!!!!, What can I say.... I have everyone of Mr. Cole's Books and each new book gets even more engrossing and more challenging. Each of his publications are thoroughly developed and his characters are therefore real; it's like reading about someone you know. Sparkle... what a trend, wild and energetic personality, given the opportunity he could steel a scene every time! (And yes, I had a wild, ridiculous and loving best friend merely like Sparkle in the Bar hopping years! ) The slow burning lovemaking tension between the apparently straight Jerrod and the particular hot and sexy bartender Aaron after that very first. kiss is hot! Aaron's ex, Charlie needed someone to haul off and slap him hard upside his head! How could he or she screw over his " Lover and supposedly finest friend Aaron" But then to introduce the Mafia into the scenario, whoa did not see of which one coming! What a new greatly developed plot. Each and every of the characters were so developed and clearly thought out before their introduction in to the story. You can't help but be taken into the story and the additional minor character types were well presented and added a lot in order to the overall story line! As far as this reader is concerned, a person will never go wrong buying one of Mr. Cole's Books. I have learned, never to have any kind of other plans when I am going to sit down and read among his publications, cause once I start reading Constantly put set it down. I use did not remember dinner plans, closed the particular front drapes and set the cell phone inside a drawer at sex, therefore I won't be cut off. I use only four additional Authors that I carry out that for, because just like Mr. Cole; their created characters and story ranges completely captivate me and I do not would like any interruptions. Please maintain up the truly amazing work Mr. Cole. Your avid readers in Rock Tavern, NEW YORK....
" I received a free of charge advanced reader copy of this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review"
one, Jerry has again done the impossible. He is probably the best author proper now. Now to Luster and his story., The dis functional family history. A cop and offense story with an F twist. But mostly this is a story of self discovery/ worth and love, As I've pointed out I don't normally just like books with mobster designs. But when Jerry Cole is the author, it's a great read irrespective. I did receive this book as a ARCH for an honest review... Thus here its is. I have found that Jerry Cole is one of the best authors. I know I'm gonna get a great intelligent read and not simply fluff. His characters are very well thought out and plot ranges keep your interest. Take pleasure in!, A suspenseful and fascinating continue reading taking a walk on the wild side. First time love could be both intriguing and a new moments of discovery and this book has
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