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Kelvin Dorsey is a inquisitive character and that's what makes his material so magical! If you want to have success in marketing you will need to go well beyond giving good content; you need to STAND OUT from the crowd! In this book as well as his more considerable PLAYBOOK, he shows you how to do that so folks will actually " long for" your emails and then BUY your creative options, again and again! Highly recommend this and anything he writes. He's one of a kind!

PS contact him and get on his email checklist. They're a lot of fun to receive. We wouldn't miss one of them and am always overjoyed when I see one in my Inbox. Exactly how many marketing " Exp-Hurts" can you say that about???, This guide is darn good advice for almost any internet marketer. The most important points he makes are in reference to truth and honesty with your prospective customers. This can only come if you really care about them. Kelvin stresses this in a interesting and refreshing way. We love the way he or she presents his ideas honestly and truthfully and maintains the concentrate on helping people. Does this review mean anything to potential readers? Just about all I can say is I come from a 40 year background in brick-and-mortar retail with numerous awards for customer service. The irony is..... this guide would become a good supplement for customer service training!, DAMN HELPFUL ADVICE REGARDING EMAIL MARKETERS is great for beginners and intermediate email marketers. I do not give many 5-star reviews, but this one is well worth it. What Dorsey instructs is so incredibly valuable and relevant to email marketing strategy. Also, Dorsey writing in energized and unique to inspire success regarding clicks, subscribers, conversions, and profits. While other textbooks, on the same subject, might simply round upwards posts from email marketing companies, Dorsey moved above and beyond to deliver legit content., I received this book at no cost. If you are considering email marketing or have tried it and failed like We have this helps. Good advice based on proven strategies. I find that most email just gets ignored. It does help for those that will read it. A lot in this book go over. Writer tries to make it fun. My advice is to hire an agency which can be held accountable for results. If you can’t afford that then books like this will help. Recommended., We received a review copy of this book for free. The advice was good, I liked the humor more; It was funny, natural and hectic. At times it came across as ‘salesy’ but I feel sensitive to that and not a fan. We felt it was a longer period of time than it needed to be, nevertheless the writer did a realistic alternative of spicing up semi dull sales and marketing info., Slice after slice of marketing wisdom-- worth many times the ridiculously low price. Don't hesitate-- buy the book.

BTW, I feel the subscriber of Kelvin's-- jump on his list pronto., Just one idea can make all the difference! There are several here.

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