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The flipping story ends at 27% I mean really? Who does that. The story it's self was Meh, the regular errors are annoying. Maybe if it was one story, actually written to 400 pages, it would have already been better. instead after 27% you get a few others stories my this author. Unbelievable! This is the poor behavior that has people upset with the lenders library. I am an avid romance and erotic romance reader Exactly why this has so many five stars is over and above me, I didn't arranged out to borrow a compilation book so Now i'm not rating it as one., I just loved Estén and Emily!! I adored how Emily took care of his kids and exactly how Sean tried to battle his feelings but in the finish love received out overall. I would recommend this book to anyone!!, Sean has had a traumatic event in his life that caused him to sell his business in San Diego and move his two small children to a small town in Colorado. He has closed himself off from other people and programs to be alone with them. After a few days of being their sole caretaker, their squabbling and bad attitudes cause him or her to search for a nanny. Emily has a college degree in child management and wants absolutely nothing more than to spread out the woman own daycare. The children adore her the first day. She makes it smile and enjoy interacting again. Sean admires everything about her and is having a “hard” time removing himself from her. Becoming attracted to someone is not in his programs. Having trouble wrapping his mind around what is happening, he adopts his usual defensive mode. Emily doesn’t understand what has happened to make him or her so cold towards the woman, firing her after only two days. This is a fast-paced complete story with a HEA. Ruined Goods will keep you holding your breath, holding out to see what happens next. The sex displays are hot, but very moving and tasteful. This particular is a wonderful story and a five-star read., Sold as a 400 page book, I was surprised when it finished at 25%. I was expecting a slow burn off novel, but got a quick story about instant attraction (starting at the device call), lots of France toast and walks to the park with the youngsters, a couple of brooding episodes with follow upward apologies, a capable childcare professional and supportive heroine, a lot of sex (even in the prologue), and an inevitable conclusion. There was not enough of a story but maybe there wasn't suppose to be. At close to 5 decades old, and a lover of sexy romance stories, this is too child for me. I will not trouble to read the staying stories in this 'bundle'., I received this publication with the understanding that I could leave a voluntary and honest review.

In this book we meet Sean Evans and Emily Ward. Sean is trying to move on with his life following the dying of his wife. He or she is also trying to keep his family collectively. After learning his spouse recently had an affair while they were still married. She tells him just before the cancer takes the woman that his daughter Debbie isn't his. Her biological father wants her and Sean isn't willing to loose one more member of the family. So he takes them to a small town in Colorado. But Sean realizes quick he is in over his head with his 3 children and needs help. His next issue is can he stay away from the new nanny or will the lady be his downfall?

Emily has her degree in child development and is looking to open a child care facility in the woman small town. However getting funding for it is like pulling teeth. She knows she needs work if not more than that but to pay off her college student load debt. So when Sean calls her about a possible nanny position she is instantly agreeable. Little did she know how hot the daddy really is and the lady wonders how she will keep things strictly professional between them?

This is a great story about moving and and finding your way is obviously after a loss. There are some twists in this book that I want to tell you all about but don't want to ruin it for anyone else. Let me say this book will have you hooked from the first word to the very end. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone., Sean found out that his little girl's real father is seeking to get a hold of his little girl, so he or she makes the decision to take his son and daughter far, far away from where they are at present living. When he moves to this new small-town, he or she ends up admitting he or she needs some help. Emily is fantastic with kids, so when she meets his two kids, they are immediately smitten by the woman. She is good at what she does. Exactly what she doesn't expect is for the single daddy to be so hot. He doesn't expect to get boners each and every time he or she sees her. There seems to be something there, but is there? Would it not actually happen? If so, then how will the kids feel about it? Y'all should read this to discover!

I fell in love with his two kids. They will are so cute, so adorable. They are really easy to love unlike Estén. Sean is really a cool. Don't think because he is a father that makes him become just like a person that tells dad humor. He doesn't. He can be mean, especially to Emily. I do love Emily, she really comes in as a saving elegance to this family that needs her. They're seeking to start all over again, but its hard. I really fell in love with this story. The characters are actually something. A person really do want everyone to have a HEA. It's an amazing story!!!

I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book.

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