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I am on Chapter 6, and i also pulled myself out regarding the book to make sure I actually leave a review. THIS BOOK HAS GREAT VOICE. Seriously, laughter and real world deep concerns and characters with level, and angst. This publication manages to be a lovely morsel of get away that may, I trust, effect in a HEA, nevertheless which packages the traumatic parts of life in snark and fun plus just enough distance from typically the reader (that would become me, and in a few momemts, you. ) A author who doesn't yield in order to convention and writes the woman own stuff her personal way conveys an amazing voiciness to her narrative, and this takes courage. I applaud Lynn Van Dorn. When I grow up, I would like to write with as much courage as she does., 5+++ stars! If I could give this publication 10 stars, I might.

This book is amazing. Wow. Damage Control snapped up me from the very beginning and kept a limited hold even after I actually had finished. Actually I actually read it twice prior to finally sitting down to try and explain in this overview exactly what makes this publication so powerful. This publication is well-balanced and superbly written. It is snarky and passionate and unpleasant, and it brings in order to light a thing that makes me feel a bit murderous as a member of typically the LGBTQA+ community: conversion therapy. I believe, far beyond anything else though, it is usually because this book is usually just so REAL. It is raw, gritty, bitterly honest, and at periods heartbreaking. At the same time, it is furthermore funny, emotional, sweet, plus so freaking HOT (seriously guys - the biochemistry between Josh and Tyler could have set our kindle on fire! ). I experienced every feelings I possibly could while reading this book: I actually laughed, I cried, I actually got angry and wished to throw my kindle.. I was horrified at times, disbelief at others, and so happy I couldn't stop smiling at yet other folks.. At times I sensed disappointed in them, plus other times I had been so proud it absolutely was as if I knew typically the characters personally. So generally, it really is everything I may ever want out regarding any book, MM or otherwise. Read it, guys.. This is one first appearance you may not want to overlook. **Note: Tend not to ignore typically the trigger warnings - they will are there for a reason! **

" An individual are interesting. You possess depth. Nuance. Layers. So many layers I'm uncertain if I'll ever discover them all. You are usually art, Tyler, and I actually think I could invest the rest of my lifestyle studying you and stay away from tired. " - Josh

That really sums upwards Tyler perfectly, but in the same time Josh himself has more tiers than I think this individual might even realize. Tyler and Josh are fantastic MCs for so many reasons. Both men have pasts that have left scars on them, some more literal than others. They are usually each well-developed, complex characters that I fell in love with almost right away. As with any few, both Tyler and Josh have their flaws - both individually and as a couple. Their trip is a difficult one, but it is really worth every second. Sure, right now there were times I wanted in order to slap one (sometimes both at the same time), but it never lasted extended and i also still loved all of them delete word all. Both males show significant character progress during the period of the book. These people are not perfect, nevertheless they ARE perfect for the other person. I think they will say it best by themselves: " If you state I complete you after that I will not be responsible for my actions, " Tyler growled. A short broken of laughter escaped through Josh. " Your ragged edges mesh with our ragged edges. How's that? " " Eh. Acceptable. "

The supporting characters in this book almost all played significant roles. I actually adore Tyler's best good friend Purvi. ADORE her. I actually am so glad Tyler has her in their corner. I really could easily go through an entire book filled with nothing but sending text messages conversations between Tyler plus Purvi and I might love every single second of it! As for Ryan.. um. Well. 1st, Ryan plays a LARGE role in this publication so there was simply no escaping him. He is usually Tyler's brother and Josh's ex.. best friend (*insert vision roll here*). The factor with Ryan is the fact that I actually could never realize decide if I hated his condescending, smug self or if I felt bad for him. In the end, it was both. Well, okay.. maybe not hate, but I still don't like him much. I understand more about him now (and an individual will too by the end), and my heart damages for him in ways, nevertheless not nearly enough in order to excuse things he offers said and done. That will said, I would really, really like a Ryan publication. I want to observe him become the Ryan he would have been in case not for his father. I know that noises vague, but I do not want to mess up anything so I may leave it at that and just say an individual must read this publication to comprehend. I wanted in order to hug Tyler's other brother Brad quite a bit. I furthermore liked Josh's sister Rachel, that spitfire, even though she is.. rather abrasive occasionally. Fiery little thing! In terms of Tyler's parents and Josh's parents, well... let's just say I felt really stabby at times. Agh, my heart is splitting for Tyler all over again just thinking about their parents. Again, you will need to go through to see why.

Destruction Control is sure in order to become a stand-out in the MM world. Yes, it is long, nevertheless do not allow the size scare you in case you are generally a fan of reduced books: it never sensed drawn-out or fluffy in any way. The length of typically the book is necessary, I believe, to truly tell typically the story the way it required to be told... which after 500 pages, I wanted MORE - as exhibited by my reading this twice in a make a difference of days.

With this specific gripping and poignant first appearance novel, Lynn Van Dorn has burst onto typically the MM scene in a big way and I actually can't wait to find out exactly what she comes out along with next. I cannot advise this guide enough - this is worth every second and every tear lose. Ms. Van Dorn offers found an avid enthusiast in this reader. I desire she does in an individual, too., This can be a new author to me and i also would like to say that I actually loved this story! It had heartache, humor, suspense and so much even more. I loved the MCs equally and thought typically the side characters were amazing too except Ryan. Not too sure about him yet.
Anyhow, highly recommend!, Wow, this guide is scary good. Tyler needs good press plus Josh is a great guy. Tyler's scars, both physical and mental are usually heartbreaking. Their coming with each other is not pretty, neither is their history, nevertheless it is actually a beautiful story. Highly recommend., I loved this book. I'm a sucker for a fantastic love story and this specific really was one. Each these characters were so complex and damaged nevertheless strong enough to come out the other side triumphant. Thank you for a wonderful read., Quite a good book. I liked reading it and loved the characters although I will be curious what happens in order to Ryan. Maybe the following book., Loved the characters and the interactions in this book. Got this upon Kindle Unlimited, and ended up buying it since I actually kept re-reading it., This particular is a beautiful publication, I just finished this, and already missing Josh and Tyler, it is usually a long book, so you feel that you happen to be just with them every step of the way. I would give this 10 stars if I actually could.

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