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Daken, the son of wolverines and a villain in the own right, is on a course for either dying or empire. This volume, with is volume one of the new name dispute any numbering on the coverx is largely groundwork for that tale. That is both most interesting part of and the key weakness of the gathering. In interested in where this is going, but you'll be disappointed if you wanted anything self included or action heavy. Furthermore I'd say you need to have read the previous dark wolverines name, as his relationship with the fantastic four comes from the first volume of that. Now there is a multipage resource of Daken in this volume, so you can just hop in if you want to get some feel for Daken with no earlier knowledge., I'm a major Wolverine fan and I didn't think I would like this, but story is real good. Can't wait to see the rest., i actually like Daken, need more development though, Adequate but not precisely what I was looking for I imagine. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, Wolverine's son, Daken, has inherited his pa's bone claws (though he has two rather than Logan's three) and grown up to become a superhero in his own right (however "hero" is an ambiguous term as the title suggests - "Dark Wolverine"). "Empire" features the character to those who aren't familiar with him, showing his pompous and intimidating personality, his bisexuality, wonderful deadly deadly side throughout the guide as he attempts to hunt down his father and the man who wiped out his mother.

The storyline runs alongside Jason Aaron's "Wolverine Goes toward Hell" series, with Logan popping upwards in flames every now and then for some bone-popping action, and an X-Men fave shows up for a date with Daken, but otherwise not much happens. Daniel Approach and Marjorie Liu are both decent writers who spend the book generally setting the scene for a larger, more involved storyline than the ambling pace of "Empire", so the book couldn't be called a classic. But as an introduction to the character, it's a decent read and a full biography of Daken at the conclusion therefore the new reader can get up to speed on everything the character's been through., Coming from Daken's inception he was always a pale version of Wolverine but his personality is continuing to grow and he or she is a devilishly likable character. While his again story, much like his father's is overly intricate, he is still stimulating. This book shows Daken's new life path and while I wasn't up to date on some of the Marvel continuity I actually did enjoy the guide. Daken's ability to completely toy with almost everybody's feelings is a treat to watch and the inclusion of Mystique here is actually fun. The artwork was good and the actions scenes were fantastic. The drawback is that enough happened and there wasn't enough supposition for newer readers until the ended of the gathering., To be able to start off, I failed to know who Daken was until I read the  Dark Avengers Omnibus   and  Siege . But I actually became adoringly obsessed with him right from the get go. I knew he had not been just another "Son of a superhero turned evil" as Ultimate Captain America's son was. While Daken's future goals aren't evidently defined in different of these issues, I expected this. As the first three issues in this HC are apart of the Wolverine Goes To Terrible storyline that crosses over into  Wolverine Vol. 1: Wolverine Goes to Hell   and  X-23, Vol. one . Issue #4 requires Daken visiting his old friends, The great Four, in order to get a new weapon. Daken's figure shows with him discussing with Mystique (Before being attacked by a demonic Wolverine) and overtly flirting with Johnny Storm. Overall, I actually recommend this volume to anyone who is new to the Marvel Universe or a fan of Dark Avengers.

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