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I truly enjoyed the book. This caught me, drew me personally in, and entertained me personally. It enlightened me using its descriptive scenes.

I possess just two faults along with it. This being the particular very heavy Eurocentric factors, as is per tradition in ancient Egypt understanding. Where there can end up being none in AE history. I do fully dismiss Mr. Picker of the exactly. Instead, I do point out his "experts. " It is a poor term to chuck to my heroes' very first Doctor Gunter Dreyer in addition to the Doctor Toby A. H. Wilkinson. Well for all their education, information, and skill they are Europeans.

The book's main character is an harmless young queen. Geesh, conserve me, can it be the 21st century C. E. or even not. I was incredibly disappointed in this 1 aspect.

The other is harder to understand other than for knowing. That whenever goddesses of AE are mentioned. Everyone thinks of Isis not the more mature Neith, Hathor, as well as Sekhmet. Again, I was dissatisfied at the missed possibility. This time I acquit just about all three, taking a look at the author. However, I really do understand Isis sells best.

I will continue with the sequence. I enjoyed Book 1 enough to get this one. I will get Publication Three and from previous history have fun with this as well.

Do I give this 5 stars because of the guidance of characters of mine? No . We give it because this is fiction and extremely enjoyable as such., Continuing the stories (and you can find many) of the old Pharaohs, the reader will become a participant inside the extraordinary life of Meryt-Neith, the particular first female Pharaoh of Egypt. There is a new LOT within this book- enthusiasm, romance, ancient medicinal procedures, family drama, terrifying magical characters (the evil Bakht of the underworld is truly creepy), vivid battle scenes, and -oh yeah- history. The reader is immersed in the old world - you experience what the ancient Egyptians ate, how they worshipped, their architecture, government, what they wore, their education and learning, their art- that they loved---the reader EXPERIENCES probably the most interesting cultures ever to can be found., As the second guide in a trilogy, the particular author again brilliantly describes ancient Egypt and their history of the pharaohs through credibility of the particular times and characters. Picker researched for more compared to two decades before writing his novels and after that took another decade to be able to put his knowledge to be able to life in his figures. This book, as was the first, is a lot more than historical fiction--it recounts the human desires, ambitions, and failings of a new maturing Egyptian populace. More, as background to understanding current events in the particular Mid-East, this guide is a new MUST read., The writer has brought to life a good obscure era without sacrificing known history. The old characters are excellently described. All known historical in addition to recent archeological finds have been nicely woven into the particular fabric of the book., The book was entertaining. Lots of details in addition to not necessarily character powered. I've come this far, I guess u will see the third installment!, We thought Picker's first guide in this trilogy - The First Pharaoh - was outstanding. The Dagger of Isis exceeded the expectations. This is not a short book, but it held my focus from page one until the very end. Now We can't wait for the particular third book within this three set. I'm now likely to notice what else Picker has written. I truly take pleasure in his style.

Also, inside looking around the internet, I discovered Picker is also an accomplish photographer. Talented guy!, I loved this book very a lot. I've been interested inside the subject and appearance for books to go through and this series is very well done. If you have an interest inside Egypt... you'll like these kinds of books., As good as the first book within this series, the storyline movements faster, with a lot of plot twists. Established in ancient Egypt, exactly where power and tradition is everything, Lester Picker weaves an account where nothing is pretty since it seems. You possess to read this!

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