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The five grandchildren were arriving for a week-long visit, so I ordered this book to get ideas for fun activities with them. We had a great time using of the experiments, and i also really appreciated the clear guidelines and illustrations. The children range in age from 20 months to nine years, so I didn't spend a lot of time explaining the scientific principles, but I actually did allow kids do as much as they can for each experiment. We started with the Ivory soap in the microwave; the kids were amazed! Then we polished pennies with vinegar and salt; that was ok. They loved the density experiment with layers of colored liquids (we did one you can drink)! There were fun with the balloon rockets on a string (we tied it to the top of our deck and sent the rockets up from the yard). The fantastic finale was the Diet plan Coke and Mento explode - so much fun, although I told the kids they had to keep watching since is actually over quickly. My hubby took lots of images of our experiments and a video of the diet program Coke rocket so we could watch it again. The very next time the grandkids visit we'll try some more ideas from this great guide!, This book is fantastic! We have already done a few these experiments with my 3 year old and we've had so much fun. He has grasped the basic concept of decomposition through the Banana As well as the experiment and density through the Floating Grape test. Some of these we'll set aside for later on, but a good number of them are simple enough (taking 15 minutes or less) to hold a little kid's attention and interest. Almost all of the things you need to pull these off are items already around the house. Just awesome., Got this guide a few days ago and while I use yet to try the tests with my daughter I might say that the name is deceiving. I could see my wife having just as much fun trying a few of these experiments as well.

Several experiments made me think " Amazing, I can't believe how uncomplicated and awesome that is! ", I tried the earthworm project with my granddaughter.... As a novel reader I use access to many earthworms which made the preparation with this project easy and fun. We both enjoyed digging for the worms and then decorating their new home in the cardboard box. We figured out something new and enjoyed the conversation and expectation about what would happen with our earthworms... Very enjoyable learning experience to share with kids. I actually appreciate that the creator stresses to kids to treat the earthworms lightly, very thought provoking for children. Learning time with kids is so valuable and this book provides many opportunities for that to happen. I highly recommend this book. Enjoy!, Good book, good for little kids, but the fun experiments weren't as much fun as I actually though they would be, i. e.: driving around circles/corners fast in a parking lot with your unbuckled kids in the back seat to teach the inertia., Bought this for my grandson. His dad, my son, who has a PhD in physics, was really excited to see this!, This book is both thourogh and easy to follow. If you want your kid to have an enjoyable science experience rather than what you experienced in high school buy this book!, Not only does this book help kids learn, but it takes the approach that well known professor Randy Pausch (The Last Lecture) called, " the head fake, " and therefore the kids are having fun doing research, and that learning is a byproduct of that joy. My kids and I have vowed to do at least one experiment a day over the summer, and i also believe that is an easily achievable goal, since Adamick's tests are not only easy enough to accomplish 1 day at a time, but they are also designed with the working parent at heart (i. e., inexpensive). This book is going to make a perfect accompaniment to summer fun, as expense only provide memories of your time spent with dad, but it will also keep their brains engaged, rather than use mush by watching TV or playing video games all summer time long.

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