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Even though a good read, cover was ok, this author needs to improve on the proofreading. Nothing above normal but and ok read. No cheating and a happy ending. Didn't like the heavy cussing in some parts. There are several other novellas right behind so makes a longer read. Enjoy, Wow, that tale had me on edge a quite a lot. Hanna got her mind made upward from the start and really surprised me that it didn’t take much for her to encourage Kason of her cunning plan., Tia has written a story that held me hooked for starting to end. Hanna is home for the summer time before her senior year of school. She has discovered she wants to be a single mom. The girl doesn't think all of the things that come with being a single mom. When she locates out her brother's best friend is coming brand name a no th, the lady decides she wants him to be the daddy of her baby. Kason is a self made billionaire and goes through a lot of women. When he sees Hanna for the first time in years he is struck by how much she has changed. He or she knows she is off limits but still desires her. When she speaks to him about being her baby daddy, he denies her. He speaks her into just having fun without the infant making, but of course sometimes accidents happen. May this accident push everyone away and ditch her alone? Hanna needs some growing up and needs to thinks through things before buying something and think showing how her actions will affect others around the woman. I understand some of the woman thinking because of the way the woman mother is. Holy cow, lots of crazy there. Kason and Hanna have great chemistry together and need to be open and honest about everything. I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. You will have different thoughts while reading this book., Mmmkay

*Settles in, cracks neck, and knuckles *

So, We honestly finished Daddy To become 24 hours ago; We have not written my review until now- because I was undecided about how I felt about the book... Which is odd for my rambling do it yourself!

I am not proceeding to lie, after reading this one, I needed a stiff drink, or three, maybe even the bottle.. it is all a blur!
I know I get into the storylines sometimes, but it has been quite some time since We have hated on some fictional characters THIS MUCH throughout the entire book. ( At one point when Hanna was incredibly selfish towards her best friend, I thought to my self, it is a good thing this is fictional ) ** evidently I need some kind of intervention **
Between the odd juvenile, selfish, behaviors, and Karson letting the appendage in his pants call the shots so he is being played for a fool.
To the crazy family dynamics that make mine look halfway normal ( thank you for that BTW) it was a messy concoction hypotension increasing, make me want to throw my kindle material.

***BUT*** here is the kicker, system that said, you would think I might have stopped reading, humorous thing, I couldn't -other books who have me willing to throw in the soft towel I would have DNR'd it and moved on earth on- nope! I held reading on, shaking my head, cursing swiping frantically seeking to keep up with my eyes that had fixed themselves to the webpages!
For as much as I disliked these characters, I was so swept up in the madness I had developed to know how the story ended!
That to me is one helluva tale.
Tia Fascinating women certainly caught my attention with this one! This specific fast-paced, packed with frustrations ( for me ) tale, had plenty of sex appeal, an angsty, dramatic theme, and a storyline that will stick with me for some time to come!
We voluntarily read a sophisticated visitors copy of this publication, I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced backup with this book
I absolutely enjoyed this publication I truly desired to slap Hanna at times
especially when the lady i visited the hospital with her best friend who had
just got another miscarriage, Wanting to tell her everything that is going
on with her and Kason ( Oh she couldnt but just for that to even cross the woman mind pissed me off)
Kason is her older brother's best friend, he could be 12 years older than Hanna but she
has always had a huge crush on him, Any time she comes home for summer break
and discovers that he will be brand name a month as well then Hanna decides
that HE will be the one to daddy her baby, But Kason just cant do that. Little by
little Hanna wears him down into thinking like the lady is. Kason is a self made billionaire
who desires Hanna but feels she doesn't understand all it might take to be a single
mother and has a serious talk with the woman and is capable to change her mind.
Of course it isn't very always that simple and things happen., Hanna is home for the summer before she returns to Stanford to finish her ultimate year of college. The girl has decided that the lady wants to become a single mommy and she thinks that Jason, her brother’s best friend and their next door neighbor, is the perfect choice to be the sperm donor.

Jason is a self-made billionaire and it is twelve years older than Hanna. He's no intention of being the sperm subscriber and he attempts to discuss her out of having expectant as he doesn’t believe she understands the duties that it entails.

Simply because he doesn’t want to be her baby’s father doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want to sleep with her and the good times start but what happens when the lady ends up pregnant? We voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Viewer Copy of this publication.

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