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This guide is smart, insightful, sweet, therefore SO funny!! I actually mean stomach hurting, sobbing because I'm laughing so hard funny. And not only in some chapters, constantly throughout the whole thing. If you're a fan of Gaffigan's you'll recognize a number of his jokes in here, although not an annoying, overwhelming amount. I am a major enthusiast of his and I actually have 4 small children, so I think I'm basically the absolute perfect audience just for this book. It was so funny because it was true therefore amazingly relatable for me. Does that mean if you don't have a great deal of children or any children that you will not enjoy it? Definitely not, if you enjoy Jim's style I actually think you will find this enjoyable too. I highly recommend it! In fact Seems recommending it to everyone I know since I actually started reading it earlier today. Yes, I read the whole thing in less than a whole day. Along with four kids. (Don't worry, the youngsters were cared for... the laundry might have been neglected, but.... ); -) So yeah, I'd say it's a pretty participating, enjoyable read.: ), I actually don't even have kids and I'm a lady, but I laughed through the whole book! I've always loved Jim's sense of humor and have seen him perform live a couple of times. This book easily lives up to my anticipations. I really admire comedians who know how to make people laugh from their bellies without having to stoop to sexist, dirty, racist, religious or other jokes aimed at downgrading selected categories of people. I also appreciate that Jim truly loves being married and a daddy yet still can see the advantages of a child-free life and some of the " cult-like" or neurotic behaviors some parents can exhibit from time-to-time (including himself). This book was such a pleasure to read that I gave copies to friends and family members who also laughed their way through it. Enjoy this fun read!, Since I actually became a mother I actually got enthusiastic about books about people's encounters as parents, and soon found out they're all the same. Well, Dad is body fat is a different one, with clever insights that are dead on. That starts to decline towards end, as if John is justifying to the world his decision of having five children, and it ends up becoming a " diary", but I enjoyed the first half, let's say, a great deal that I felt the five stars are well deserved., This is gaffigan gold here. It makes parenting feel more enjoyable when the going gets tough. His / her perspective and sense of humor are so clear and hilarious. I can hear his voice as I read it. A must for parents who feel tired and stressed out., Funny..... and am like his sense of humor a lot. But its a little AS WELL " New York-Centric/NYC life/high rise apartment living" to be relate-able to people all across the. The lot of his stand-up is universal stuff that most American parents can relate to. This.... not as much.

Also, he blatantly recycles many of his famous stand-up parts in sections of this guide. Some bits many years old.

Overall, a nice and entertaining read.... just left me slightly disappointed., Being a mom of three kids 5 and under, I truly loved this book! I actually laughed from learn to finish, and may relate to nearly everything... but thank paradise we don't reside in NYC in a 5-story walk up, or I'd be dead. I don't know how the Gaffigan's undertake it. I have recommended this book to any or all my friends who have little kids and still have a sense of humor about it. I also recommended it to my brother as a brand-new dad with a non-sleeping newborn, your dog is up all night in any case, may as well get a few laughs out of it.

A very quick read, especially as the individual essays are short enough to get through one or two between interruptions. If you have seen Jim Gaffigan's remain up specials, you'll understand some of the materials, but not too much, so it is still worth buying. My only (minor) complaint is that as self-deprecating as John Gaffigan is, he is equally if not more praising of his better half, so while I liked relating to his mankind and imperfections when confronted with an overwhelming family life, I actually felt that he counteracted that by painting his wife as an uber-saint. He certainly didn't have to rag on the girl or anything, but at times it did feel kind of like a fan letter with her perfection, and as someone who loves Jim Gaffigan because he's so relatable, I actually found his characterization of her extremely un-relateable to this frazzled mother. That was a minor complaint, yet , and as his wife edited his guide, I can't really blame him for keeping themself out of trouble on that front. Smart man., on of my favorite comedians! Very funny, well worth the cost! Provided on time, well packed. THANKS, love love ADORE Jim Gaffigan! He is hysterical and makes all of us laugh: )

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