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I remember hearing that Cybill Shepherd's autobiography was a major tell-all when it was released back in 2150. I love celebrity chat but somehow never got around to reading it then when it was offered as a free Amazon kindle book a year ago I snagged it.

Cybill definitely shows all about her sexual escapades but didn't tell very much about other things. I would have liked for more information about the more personal areas of her life. This book was basically, "Here is the project I worked on and who I slept with while I was working on it. " Right now there was an extra big dose of ego through as well.

Another large part of the guide was Cybill trying to disprove her challenging to work with reputation. I thought it was kind of funny - if almost everyone you work with has a problem together with you, maybe you should look inward. Because the guide came out soon after the tv set series Cybill emerged out, Cybill spends a disproportionate amount of the book writing about that series and her issues with the network, director, and her costars.

We recommend this book to the most die-hard ALL OF US Weekly readers or Cybill Shepherd fans., I really enjoyed reading Cybill Disobediance. It absolutely was very interesting to hear things from Cybill's perspective rather than the tabloids or the galleries. Once you overcome Cybill mentioning how beautiful she is (many, many times), it was fun to read and had a lot of juicy chat in it about a lot of celebrities she knew, caused (and bedded). It sounds like she was a good little southern girl until she learned sex, then she became very disobedient. The title is Cybill Disobedience and her disobedience to all convention permeates the guide. I am all for sexual liberation for everyone but Cybill seemed to draw no lines (such married men) and performed not seem to care who she hurt at the same time (the wives or children of the married men). Men were very attracted to her beauty and the woman sexuality and what Cybill wanted, she took. The girl appears to think that other woman hated her because of her beauty. Maybe they sensed that she was very selfish and could not be trusted. For women who want to know how the Other Lady thinks, rationalizes and justifies her actions, this is an excellent guide to read. Cybill appears to blames everyone else for all her problems as opposed to taking some responsibility himself. I love Cybill being an actress and as an activist for a lot of things I consider in but I would not want her as a girl friend because what Cybill wants, she takes., I have never read a book where someone was so full of themselves. She lives in the fantasy land of Cybil. Everything that will go wrong is somebody else's fault. Never hers, and she truly believes this. I do not understand how I finished the guide, but I kept wishing she would somehow change. Usually do not waste your time., I have to be honest. I read this guide as it was free for Kindle.

I am not a Cybil fan but, I have respect on her behalf as an actress. We was too young to watch her on Moonlighting and never watched the woman on Cybill. I needed to see this book because I found certain aspects of her life interesting: her modeling career, the woman affair with Elvis, the woman relationship with Peter Bogdanovich, and her years working together with Bruce Willis on Moonlighting.

This was a good autobiography. I felt like Cybill was being real. The girl told her story the way she saw it. I like that she is a ballsy women and a fighter. The girl had a lot of ups and downs in life. Unlike many celebs she wasn't afraid to share some of the woman low moments. Cybill also has a feeling of humor, is well spoken, and a good story teller. The girl is an avid reader and it showed in her work.

I recommend this book to any Cybill fan or for people who love a good Showmanship story., This book placed my attention and was well written. Cybill Shepherd had it made and still had struggles. It seems that she invested a lot of time surrounding " The Last Picture Show" era, then growth " Moonlighting" and " Cybill". But it got structure that made me personally want to continue on with the story because it was a story. Existing activity is a little skimpy, but she probably wrote what most people want to listen to about.
The Hollywood established leads a charmed life, for sure, but they too have their struggles using their reality, and I think this book points that out pretty well. I would enjoyed this book., We didn't know much about Cybill Shepherd before starting this book, but it was a free Amazon kindle download and I'm a sucker for a biography, so...

It was an enjoyable read. Although she does seem a little "fuzzy" on why EVERYBODY around her thinks she actually is pushy. At the end, she kind of backtracks somewhat and says that she realizes that is actually a case of not seeing herself properly and that if everyone otherwise has a problem, maybe the problem is her. Great to note that she at least acknowledges the mistakes that she's made in life and accepts blame for things that may have been her fault.

If you love gossip, especially about the boys she's slept with, you will enjoy this. What We found interesting was the woman friendship with Orson Welles - an unlikely house guest - that was pretty profound.

All in all, a good read. Good material. However the ebook REALLY needs some editing work. PLENTY of typos and grammar errors in addition to formatting problems.

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