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A story that is hard to read (in terms of subject matter), and yet worth the effort. Dawn is the second child Cathy Glass and the woman husband fostered, and she's a very disturbed girl. Rejected by her parents and running from secrets the girl believes are too horrible to redeem, Dawn is broken and lost. From 13 she stays out there all night, drinks, cuts herself, skips school, and attempts suicide more often than once. Nevertheless she can also be a pleasurable and agreeable child who shows affection and looks for the approval of the woman caregivers.

This story is easy to read in terms of language choice and narrative flow, and difficult in terms of subject matter. Seeing Dawn's story unfold and feeling Cathy's love, concern, frustration, and despair provides a pasional, moving experience. I sensed for Cathy, sympathizing with her desire to provide Dawn the loving, stable atmosphere the lady desperately needed, but struggling to overcome a busted system and even more broken girl. I had been frustrated for her, John, and Barbara. I felt all of them wanted what was best for Dawn, even Barbara, in her own flawed way. But the system, intended to help threatened and disadvantaged children, seemed to do more harm than good. My heart broke for Dawn, and the more Cathy revealed about the woman past, the greater I hoped she would somehow be able to turn it all around and state the happy life the girl deserved.

While I loved the story a great deal, I can only give 4 stars because I felt Glass sometimes went into far too much detail. There's a fine line between providing enough detail to orient the reader fully within with story, and too much detail. I sensed a number of the instances of "I did this, followed by this, then this" neither sophisticated the plot nor revealed necessary information about the people involved. I found there were passages I wanted to skip just to get back to the plot, and that was discouraging., I didn't thoughts the book but the book seemed to tell only half the storyplot. In the story the foster mom was almost stepford spouse quality, always saying and doing the right things, never getting frustrated. Also to be based on a true story, it seems like somethings were left out. Any human being tends to make mistakes or lose their temper, especially working with this situation for the first time. Typically the fact that dawn consistently acts out but the family always treats her picture perfect makes me feel like something was glossed over or left out there which would have made the book much more realistic., Typically the book is definitely a powerful one and should be read by teachers, foster parents and those dealing with abused children. This is the story of a young girl named Dawn, who, through no fault of her own, is sent to foster care because she actually is out of control and her mother feels reliant to deal with the woman.

Cathy and John, the woman foster parents, have such patience and kindness towards Dawn in spite of the pain and problems she causes them. Nevertheless, ultimately, Dawn's cries for help are answered properly and she faces a healing journey through the woman deepest and darkest encounters., It's a really nice insight into how Cathy started in giving treatment to children in need. I enjoy her books greatly, but I'm pleased it wasn't the first I'd read as she's even more amazing in crafting her true (and based on true) stories now., I've enjoyed reading books by Cathy Glass for sometime. Thankfully there are people like the woman and her husband that have the strength and patience to deal with these children effortlessly their known and usually unknown problems. I love the truth that she can stay o composed and with each other emotionally when facing what seem to be impossible obstacles every day. Thank you for being who you are and educating us, the readers of what the world of promote caring is all about., I both liked and disliked this book. I will be giving it four stars, as there is nothing wrong with the book or the telling of the story itself. I realize that We have a strong reaction to just how almost all of the characters acted at one time or another in this book. I was very frustrated at the was the British Foster Treatment System worked and I think I would probably have the same reaction, if this story happened in the us. This is a true story about the first foster care connection with the author. More power to her, because I do not know how We would have acted in the same circumstance. Usually, We would find myself thinking " What's wrong with these people! " This must have been a good book to elicit strong reactions and to make me personally feel that I am that great same things the author did.

This guide is one of many that Ms. Glass has written about being a promote parent. I am hoping to read more, but I will admit that I will have to give myself time to recover before starting a next guide. That is, time for you to psychologically recover. Once you realize the potential of strong emotional content, you will have to put yourself in the right frame of mind to knowingly read the next story., The book had plenty of British spelling of words, no problem but the editing or perhaps because it was in some way transferred to e-book format there was tons of run-on words and blank areas in the written text. It was kind of a mess. The story was coming in contact with and it also had good drawing a line under considering what this child went through. Forgive me Cathy, but I am always somewhat suspect when the person writing, who had been the foster mother, does everything right. I am positive that she is a gifted foster mom with an abundance of patience and love but it was her first foster child and it just seemed that in the text, she did everything right. I just doubt that. Still a good story although it does get bogged down in details. " I changed the babies diaper and put him down for a nap. He woke upwards 1 1/2 hours later and I fed him or her a snack and... " Just gets somewhat cumbersome., This book is truly magnificent and I would direct it to anyone who is depressed as well as suicidal. It tells a real story of a young girl who has got a really tough and rough past. It shows that with accepting and the right help you can be happy and put the past behind you and.. Be happy!

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