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This guide starts out a lttle bit dried out - reading more like a college or university econ book than a novel. I used to be about ready to give it up every time a story twist took place and caught my attention. This still has a whole lot of passages that sound like a textbook, nonetheless they are worth reading, and the plot really ramps up. In case you spend a lot of time on the Internet or on your smart phone, you really should read this!, As we progress further and further into the world of technology, have you ever wondered whether or not an excessive amount of your information is out there. Taking it a step further, how about how precisely is that information being used. This is exploring those thoughts in story form. It looks at those trying to make use of one's information to ruination and a tiny group who tackle bringing this horrifying development to the eye of people and trying to fix it. In most cases, I enjoyed this guide, particularly the last 2/3. We admit I mentioned not finishing the story early on on to my girl as it tended to be tedious in the beginning and in one spot later. However, We was glad I performed read it. The characters became more interesting and the action picked upward. The storyplot reenforced my try to put as little out there individuals to know about me as possible once we do not really know who is utilizing our information. Technology is amazing and can be very helpful, but there is also a disadvantage. A lot of utilize it recklessly. This specific is a scenario of what could or perhaps is happening... good first story., I never write reviews because I seldom find an e book that lives upward to the hype. We am making an exclusion with this one. The particular Curtain displayed a fascinating glimpse into 'Big Data' and the machinations of the marketeers who have access to the same. It has altered my perspective on store commitment cards and social mass media network interactions. This guide is a 'must read' for anyone who has ever been targeted by spam at any time, either in a electronic form or other, and wonders, 'how did they get my details? '. Big Brother may well not be the foretold Orwellian kind envisaged, but corporate invasive technology may be more subliminal, and thus more deadly with further achieving consequences. The author alerts investors to the erosive disparity of competing in stock markets where broker algorithms have been constructed by some of the finest academic minds, lured to the dark part. For my own part, I shall be much more circumspect browsing online in future. Kudos to Mr Ord for the manner in which he weaved his tale and I'll be sure to look out for his next work., Before I discuss my views on the book, here are some requests -- don't read this book in a hurry; it is important that you read the quotes at the beginning of each chapter, consider, and correlate; and after reading share your experience with as many as you can since the message carried in this book is very essential.

Secondly, this is not just any novel... it is sheer poetry, an simple and easy literature and combines facts and fears of the future. A voracious viewer for over five many years, I am thrilled by this novel.... a unusual find indeed!

Wish there is some way to give more than 5 STARS!!!

I have always treasured " Atlas Shrugged" and " Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand. I am going to rank this book in the same genre. Like " who is John Galt", it is " who is Henry Maddox". For a first novel, Patrick Ord turns out to be an exceptional and gifted author.

Turning to the novel itself, it starts as a class room lecture on marketing based on information mining. What Patrick portrays places the fear of the fiction turning to reality. But what Patrick portrays is not far from reality either. Information mining has been making rapid strides and there is slow but steady intrusion of privacy; the marketing techniques lead to habit and some of the large corporations have become mercenaries and push goods with the single objective of profit maximization.

As you come to the ending you will realize where the world is heading towards---" destruction is profit" and " People are for products". The extensive quotes from Brothers Karamazov, the reference to Moby Dick and Omoo causes this story so interesting and various.

Right now there is an urgent message in Chapter 34 to all consumers and it is worthwhile considering a number of the precautions to protect your privacy. Also to note is the term of caution about the habit to video games to which our youngsters are being lead by the gambling companies. How data mining is utilized to disrupt the entire societal structure is terrifying. Parents with young children have need to heed to the warning on addiction.

Lastly, if you find my review useful and you do check out this excellent novel, please spread the word as this is a book of very important input to society at large.

Mister. Patrick Ord, I praise you for writing a real classic novel.... keep going..... there tend to be more concealed evils lurking which needs to be uncovered.

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