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This series has been pretty good. Gabrielle doesn't make the evident dumb selections for the sake of a fairly easy plot. There has been some character growth but not practically as much as I would really prefer. Gabrielle has so much unused possible. I just wish she was less of a victim. Each book seems like a repeat of the one before it. I gave this publication 3 rather than 4 stars because it's essentially publication 2 all over again. So far after about three books I'm not sold with the devil as the big bad. The particular lack of progress on the devil's consort plot bores me a little. Three books with the same plot. The closing is such that the next book may be worth reading., I love the world that Laura Thalassa has built for Gabrielle and Andre. It's such a beautiful mix of romance, dream, and intensity--all within the realms of the world we live in. The lady brings in the poker site seizures from the previous two books and continues to take it further, yet still leaves us wondering, " What's really happening? " and " How can Gabrielle defeat the devil of people? " She requires the overall series arch and stirs it together with each individual story arch flawlessly, leaving me jockeying for more. More. MORE!

I'm not rehash the story in the review, you'll have to read it yourself, but I think both Gabrielle and Andre grow tremendously in this 3rd installment. Since people and as a couple--soulmates. I think even Oliver grows a little. Just a little, but nevertheless.: ) The fairy girl uses a gun for desperate loud!

Great publication, and I'm so looking forward to January 2015 for book #4., " The Cursed" by Laura Thalassa is book about three of The Unearthly series and picks up a few months following your occasions of book two. It's now Christmas Break and Gabrielle, though sad her friends are leaving is looking forward to a few days rest. The woman vacation is cut quick though by the Politia when they call her and Caleb in to go investigate a ritualistic murder in Romania. Angels are being killed and exhausted of blood on shifts reminiscent to the killings that occurred around Samhain two months prior. Andre de Leon is also in Romania facing trial for the massacre at Bishopcourt that occurred during the first book. He has done his best to keep Gabrielle away from trial but now with her in the same city, she faces the wrath of the elder vampires.

In search of to take a moment and say how much I love Gabrielle and Andre, the plot, and of course the bad guys! This specific author knows what the girl with doing!!!!

Gabrielle is merely as spunky and independent as she is in the first two books of this series. In this payment, you get a opportunity to see Gabrielle come more into her powers as both a Siren and vampire. And she is a little scary as a Siren, in reality I think she frightens herself! Andre is the gorgeous, bad boy vampire that he always is. I love the few times the author tells the story from his POV and you may get a few of those towards the ending of this installment, and i also will admit he made me tear up simply a small bit.

The plot of this story is absolutely intensive and filled with action/suspense. The particular angelic murders bring Gabrielle and Caleb to Romania, something that Andre is not happy about. But the murders go further into the primary plot of the series, which brings me to the man in the suit, or otherwise referred to as Devil. I don't know how many times I can say this before I annoy someone, but I love this villain. He is amazing and scary and interesting and..... I possibly could just keep going forever so Items stop there, however, you get the picture; ) 1 key plot for this book as well as the series in whole is the author finally reveals why the devil believes Gabrielle is his consort::: squealing:::

Sorry, you will have to browse the book to find out why but it's a twist that I would not see coming and absolutely love!!!! Thus of course, if you have read books one and two you will definitely want to pick up this one and you should be forewarned that it does ending in a cliffhanger. Total, if you enjoyed the first of the series you will love this addition! If you have not read the series yet, I highly suggest you check out books one and two first. In case you enjoy fantasy, mythological creatures, a little paranormal romance, i quickly believe you will enjoy this book., GEEZ! A cliff hanger!? SIMPLY NO!!! I. must. know. what. happens. next.! What? I have to wait?
Definitely a great, comprehensive guide series for supernatural fans. Again our character types always grow and develop and the relationships deepen. Oliver is definetly one of my favorites now! Andre and Gabrielle's love has even deepened and has become an unbreakable bond. The extremes Andre will go to to protect, defend, and avenge Gabrielle are impressive! Love is such a powerful feelings and this author has a flair for painting it's colors so strongly. I can't wait until the release of the next book. I Cannot put these books down, seriosly! This series is merely soo enthralling!, Thalassa has done it again!

Gabrielle is growing into a character that I love. She actually is strong and intelligent, but knows when to back down and tune in to reason. Thalassa has seamlessly shifted Gabrielle into a popular character of mine.

Andre... oh yea, Andre. Every person who loves a dark, attractive man in their life needs an Andre. The particular way he treats Gabrielle is perfect too. He knows that she is valuable and breakable but, at times, he understands when she needs to be protected as only this individual can do - without remorse.

Not only are the characters realistic and loveable in this series, but the plot is exceptionally well thought out there. Thalassa just continues to amaze me with where this series is headed. Just when I think it can't get any better... wham!... it will. Thalassa has quickly become an author that I one click without worry.

Thalassa - Please, oh please, let Gabrielle and Andre have their 'moment'. You know very well what I am talkin' 'bout. *wink*

Favored character: Always Oliver
Favorite scene: Something to do with Grain Castle - loved that aspect.
Favored quote: "Here in this place without God, love came to die. inches
Would I recommend this? Hell yes., I love everything Laura creates and the extension for Andre and Gabrielle is not a exception. Gabrielle is growing up and I love how she it turning out. Most people are out there for her and she just gets up and takes it every day. I really like the supporting character types and can't wait for the next one!

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