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Coming from #stefansreadalong I finally read Curse of the Sphinx by @rayewagnerauthor and it really was awesome!!!! It was a new carry out the Greek mythology demigods and the sphinx tale and it was really awesome to see how the first book all takes on out. There are some predictability aspects at times but most of the time you are at the edge of your seat asking yourself who knows what and why. The most fascinating aspect that Raye Wagner put in there was clearly that for a lot of humans available still having gods around was not uncommon... it is actually appreciated with mythology classes and curses and such. One of many aspects that really annoyed me was the lady bully and exactly how the primary love interest cannot make his mind up.... I know it is actual life in that sense but it got a tad frustrating after awhile. I would give this book 4. 5/5 stars because of these points thank you @rayewagnerauthor for allowing the e book to be free so We could finally read this and I want to read more from this series!!, This can be a young grownup book which includes great new twists on the demigod storyline. If you enjoyed the middle grade books of Rick Riordan, but need something a little more romance filled, this first book in the series is a promising place to start.

Hope is a monster. She knows this and labels herself openly. But she's not a Gorgon, siren, or three advancing beast. She's the Sphinx. This world is interesting, because everyone accepts Ancient greek language mythology as real. They believe in gods and goddesses, demigods, but monsters are extinct. The world accepts this stuff.

Throw in some cool jobs for demigods and monsters bent in hunting and destroying them, and this can be very interesting.

One star off because in a few places it felt like an important moments were raced through, leaving a puzzling tangle of words or actions. A few scenes were repetitive, too. Still. A good enjoyable read., An ancient bane...
A (mistaken) monster...
Lifestyle on the run...
Mythical creatures...
Forbidden love...

Correct from the start, the writing did me in! So diggin' it!

Hope's spent her life away from home - no friends, no attachments. Only isolation to become safe. What a lonely and tiring life.

The particular story is so addictive and so promising! Searching forward to reading the whole series.

Full of monsters, gods, demigods, curses, secrets, loss, loneliness, love and fear.

Ideal for visitors of Greek mythology/fantasy love., Curse of the Sphinx gives us a world where the gods of ancient Myth reign over the society. Greek gods and goddesses, demigods, and Skia - Hades' answer to demigods - roam the globe, mixed into human being society. Monsters existed once as well but most believe they're gone. Eradicated long ago. They're wrong. Desire is monster, the rejeton of the Sphinx of lore, and that places her life in regular danger. Her life is lonely, painful, and heart-broken with only her mommy and honorary aunt to trust. Losing them could mean losing herself.
Athan is a god. Well, demigod if you need to get technical. He's handsome, popular, talented, and interested in Hope. Too bad for him, her mommy warned her never to let anyone - especially attractive boys - in to her life. Unlucky on her behalf, he is a persistent pain in the... he's not just one to quit.
We enjoyed this book and want to get my hands on Demigod's and Monsters thanks a lot to the cliffhanger finishing.
My only complaint is that We would have liked more than two chapters narrated by Athan., What if mythology were real? What if those pesky capricious gods interfered in the lives of people for decades and committed havoc on innocent lives. There will always come a generation that cries foul!!! Desire is the fact generation. She's young, wounded and and terrified. Where does she turn? Some gods require a comeuppance. Perhaps Hope can deliver that.

Good tale. Good characters. Can't wait around to read more., Once i began reading the Curse of the Sphinx Some understand what to expect. Desire has never been allowed to have friends. When she fulfills Athan, she questions everything she's learned. I enjoyed the new twist on the mythology. I loved the way the relationship builds slowly, allowing the reader to experience a numerous of emotions because the characters grow. I did go through the first chapters of the book were a little slower than I'd typically like, but the book did draw me in and hold me. We also had a question about the role the Gods play in the world. Are they accepted and followed by everyone? Other than these 2 circumstances, I loved the book. I highly recommend reading this book.

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