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A great astonishingly comprehensive analysis of cultures in over 70 countries conducted over a 40 year span. Hofstede shows that our cultural imprint drives many of our values, beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behavbiours. Several operate at the unconscious stage … until you travel overseas and experience a different culture. The book measures and compares cultures on 6 dimensions and in doing this provides amazing insight into how to operate when living and working in a culture that you did not grow up in. A must for anyone who works with people from different cultures. ”
After speaking with expert lecturer on Cultures Olga Muzychenko, I now have reason to doubt how Hofstede integrates data from different studies to arrive at final conclusions.... even with that knowledge... it is still very much worth a read., This distills multicultural communication with business orientated dialogues and is written in a guide format; rather than an activity based format. There is another book, Foreseeing Foreigners Out - an acceptable guide, that is written more in a Q/A activity format. The substance is largely the same. Sometimes, people complain to me that one other book has an older copyright: 98. This book is the year of 2010. The material is mainly the same and both are quality books. I actually recommend this book if you want a book that is written to learn as opposed to an activity book. I like both and find they complement each other's formats well. Although it is fair to make note of that this book was lately published. Either way, I suggest supplementing this book with talking to different cultures and youtube videos on communication in several ethnicities. Despite the youtube supplements, I still think you desire a quality, well-written guide source if one is serious about the topic. Furthermore, the Kindle version of this book has about 10 popular highlights at the time of this review. As if there is an active kindle community highlighting in this guide. The most popular highlight choices are very good choices too... I actually would have an interest to see other people highlight in this kindle book to see what people find valuable: )., A comprehensive and interesting review of Hofstede's dimensions, by the investigator himself, showing broad high-level insights into history and culture, although a little tedious, as it often identifies in detail relationships many of us implicitly understand., There are a lot definitions of what culture and what values are. Most of them are in are romantic poetry, personal experience and feelings. What Hofstedes actually performed, they quantified value systems, gave them names, dimensions and showed how values for different cultures fluctuate ( or cultures for different cultures differ, which way you like: )). However the main stuff to take from the guide is the fact that even Western countries fluctuate a lot. This is especially important for citizens of developing world, where we all believe in one, monolithic culture of the whole western society.

Although the book is dependent on pretty good statistical evaluation, the book does not discuss it much. Thus it will be interesting for all i guess.

Nevertheless , the kindle version of the book was not great and organized, but still this is a nuance that can't destroy the impression from the book., Hofstede is very talented in making deep ideas seem to be easy. This book changed the way I travel, work, and vote. It allowed me to understand the human condition a bit more, and enabled me for taking a few steps again in the way I actually analice things and make decisions.

Buy it if you need to understand your own culture or compare it to others. If you read and loved this guide I strongly suggest their iPhone iphone app that quickly compares cultures in any 2 given nations around the world., THIS CONTENT WAS THUS CONFUSING AND DIDN'T CREATE SENSE
We had to use this for class... and our test but the majority of the info is online
You could do without the book, The new edition--the 3 rd and extended edition--is a considerable enhancement over his past models. The material has always recently been monumental but the data was getting old. I actually stopped using the guide in my classes several years ago. The brand new edition has added a lot of new data from recent follow-up studies and it introduces a 6th dimension to the analytical model. They have also additional a 3 rd scholar who has made some important new additions to the written text, including the chapter introducing the new dimension: Luxury vs Restraint. I have adopted this guide for my graduate class for next semester., Geert Hofstede has done a wonderful job researching and communicating ethnicities. He is THE expert on the subject. A number of his ideas are extremely stimulating, like tracing structure distinctions in cultures to the Roman Empire... and exposing individualistic cultures' use of “capital” I (such once we use capitals to refer to God... ) leaving without doubt of the individualistic nature of the English language.

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