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I was pretty impressed with simply how much information was packed in to this little book! I have always thought Crystals (or pretty rocks, as I actually have trouble remembering the types/names) beautiful and I have been told from the “powers” they hold, but I actually had never really attempted to learn anything about them. About the only time I was lured was when I believed about getting a Himalayan Salt lamp. My child has always been ‘into’ the ‘new age’ products but I never paid out much attention when the girl was explaining their energies. I also only believed about them as rocks and not all the particular other uses (jewelry, watches, electronics and radios! ) If you know a person that comes with an interest inside Crystals this will produce a perfect handbook! Lots associated with color pictures and explanations. This is a smaller size guide (6” x 8”) which often just feels right.
I took advantage of an offer from the particular publisher to get this book free and with no obligations. This review is given by choice., Ever since I was a kid I have been drawn to crystals, and will remember cherishing a a kit I received as a gift. As an adult, I will be Pagan, and ever more interested in them and exactly how I can utilize them, find out from them, and possibly even heal with these people. This little book is quite the plethora associated with knowledge! So crystal textbooks I have seen have been overly complicated, nevertheless I love that 1 is to the level and gives plenty of excellent information without being overwhelming. It is great with regard to beginners, but I was finding it very helpful because a quick handbook for the more experienced as well! It starts with a excellent overview, as well as how to choose, retail store, charge, and keep your operating crystals. It is explained inside a way that also those who are very new to the idea can know. It then goes in to an area that includes a good amount of popular crystals and their makes use of. Inside the back is one more great section with different issues and what crystals can help with these people. One of my favorite sections is in the extremely as well as includes a color coded guide with images which is very helpful when you are trying to identify a brand new crystal. Given that some look so comparable, its very helpful to evaluate them to this manual! So all in almost all, I am totally pleased with this book plus recommend it for the particular beginner and experienced alike! I received a backup of this book free from the publisher., I genuinely like this book. It is very interesting even though I didn't previously have an interest in crystals. It has a great deal of information and the particular author makes it effortless to comprehend. The book provides all the info that you require to know. I genuinely like it, I had a few times where it absolutely was hard to set down. The book is made well too. It is paperback but the web pages are thicker than additional books I use read. The particular text is very readable and there are images of crystals showing exactly what they look like. It explains crystals, how to use them, and where to use them. Very low part that talks about how crystals can aid things like balance, panic, regret, motivation, self-confidence, success, trust, love, patience, plus many other problems.
I think this is a great guide if you want to learn something new and have absolutely an interest in crystals. It offers all the different crystals and one complete page each explaining their own origin, shapes, colors, power, what that crystal is great for, and many other things. It also includes a portion that talks about how a person can feel a crystal's energy. It covers experiencing it in a meaningful way, by becoming open to it, environment aside your expectations from the outcome, any preconceived notions, and more. I did receive a copy coming from the publisher but that will did not affect my opinion. I would suggest this to family and friends., This guide is a great guide for people who are interested in learning about crystals plus all the fundamentals. It instructs you things like in which the crystals come from to the science behind the particular energy and also all the healing powers it provides. It mentions a great deal of different crystals. The particular book is very well organized and contains quite a few pictures to permit you see what each for so looks just like and what shapes the particular crystals have. Very vibrant book and I will suggest this to anyone interested in learning about crystals and any healing powers they have., I love learning all about the several uses and healing attributes of crystals. I locate it all very exciting. I have been reading through about it for several years. I remember I did previously own a collection associated with various crystals when I actually was younger, but I actually no longer have these people. Looking over this book only manufactured me when you go out plus start collecting them once more. I like how the particular author talks about the particular way she found the particular magic of crystals and exactly how they affected her very own life. She explains the particular energies that are provided off by crystals plus how they can end up being both positive and negative. She covers different methods you can incorporate these people into your everyday life, which are safe to handle, which ones to be more careful along with, how to take care of these people, what not to perform with them, how to go shopping for them, and the different things that many associated with them can perform for a person. This is a good book to have about my bookshelf. I seriously just like it. I received this copy complimentary from the particular publisher., Don't know much about crystals so I actually want to read this book over in notice what I can find out to do know that will they are colors associated with your chakra. And really helped me and gave myself a lot of very good information some information you will find in this book is the origin, shapes, power, color, placement, lattice, aid us with, works along with, and usage tips. Is actually very interesting to read about all the different crystals plus I was especially interested in the anxiety 1 and it gives a person three prescriptions on exactly what to try to get rid of anxiety which often will help you sit down relax and think about the crystal., This is a overview of a free copy from the author.
I really feel this can be a superb book with regard to the person either seeking to learn about crystals or even for a person to obtain just a passing knowledge of these people.
Well written, it will take you from a little background then in to the different crystals themselves with beautiful photos. Towards back are " prescriptions" for common situations that you may use crystals to aid with.
Overall very pleasing to look at and read, plus yet a wealth associated with information.
Definitely recommend.

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