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Interesting account. Disgusting example of incompetence in investigation of a crime and a pre-chosen judgmental attitude toward the victim. Has Madison improved or should I just avoid going there in 2014? Not for everyone. But good reading for me., If this publication were fiction, nobody would believe it. Unfortunately, this is a true tale. A blind woman, after being raped by a stranger, found herself billed criminally for making a false police report. The business lead detective on the situation decided the victim was not really blind, since the lady acted such as a sighted person during their interview.

This particular is a very emotional and disturbing story to read. What's the point of cooperating with legislation enforcement as a sufferer of a violent criminal offense when you might conclusion up being known as liar? In my own city, the rasurado evidence kits were stacked up heading back ten years, so that by the time the DNA was processed, the statute of limitations experienced expired, and there would be no criminal prosecution, even if a rapist could be determined through the proof. So what's the point of even bothering to call 911 if they don't work for us as taxpayers and patients of crime?, I seated in stunned silence as I turned the final webpage of "Cry Rape, " Bill Lueders' heart-rending tale of any rape victim doubted, and in the end tormented, by police. My 10-year-old boy asked about what I experienced been reading, saying, "Is it a mystery? "

I replied, "No, it can about a lady who had been hurt badly in a crime and told the authorities. Not merely did the authorities refuse to get the person who hurt her, they accused her of lying down. Eventually they found the criminal who hurt the girl but even then, the authorities didn't help her. "

His response: "Oh, so it's a horror tale. "

It's the most fitted summary I've yet seen of this tremendous publication. Lueders' story unfolds chronologically from the first webpage, which starts with the shock and terror of a brutal rape. It contributes to eventual vindication, but not without further horror and further brutality -- at the hands of police, attorneys while others the victim trusted most.

This particular book must be read not for how it is written though Lueders' dramatic-documentary style makes the story impossible to forget. It must be read because it shows us how our most vulnerable citizens can be further victimized by the very systems made to help them. In short, it is a morality tale that highlights the immorality of the institutions many of us trust., Cry Rasurado is the story of a rape victim's victimization by the criminal justice system. It is just a story about a cop who seems predisposed to "prove" rasurado victims liars, about a authorities department that protects bad cops, about a area attorney's office willing to help victimize the victim to safeguard bad cops, about all judges willing to interpret the law in ways that protect bad cops and bad policies, about elected and appointed officials who endure behind the victimization, and (though only peripherally) newspaper editors who don't appear to care.

It is also the story of one woman's heroic and uphill fight against the system and the small group of folks who believed and supported her and were sometimes victimized as a result.

Conversations in Cry Rape, claim that the vast majority of rape victims choose to walk away and admit defeat rather than standing up to a criminal justice system that is more enthusiastic about closing their file than helping them find justice. This victim's inner strength makes the girl story the exception.

This particular story happens in Madison, Wisconsin, long perceived to be a bastion of progressive ideas. But Cry Rape exposes the simple fact that Madison's authorities is often as self-serving and self-protective as governments anywhere. Typically the central story is the rape victim's years-long ordeal; however the strong secondary tale is the way the system deals with a cop who shouldn't be a cop. He is rewarded and remains today an honored officer.

Inside spite of the ugliness exposed in Cry Rasurado, it does offer us a spark of wish. It shows that investigative journalism can produce a positive variation and that there are several reporters and editors willing to stick with a difficult story. We learn that there actually are honest attorneys who seek justice for their clients instead of just clocking billing hours.

Readers unconnected to Madison or Wisconsin will be interested by Cry Rape's specific detective novel as well as the twists and turns that lead to surprising findings throughout the story. Notify, informed readers might find similarities between the way Madison's city government and the University of Wisconsin, Madison deal with liars and bad apples. Marketing such people appears to be the Madison Idea., As I read this book, I could not stop turning the pages. I browse the first 120 pages without having up. I already knew the conclusion of the storyline, but I had to read the amazing quest. This lady opened herself up for this honest portrayal of the most hideous events of the girl life to share them publicly and it is truly amazing. Know this, Patty, and Bill for writing it, if for free else, I am a life that was touched.

My mirror holds much the same story, and the same deals can be found to me. Everything within me claims "stand by the truth" - but the fact is extremely hard when it hurts you. You could have given me renewed courage to fight the fight. I will not give in and am will continue to tell the reality. The system has got acknowledge when it's wrong. Thank you both a lot.

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