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A unique point of view on the Crusades, and one that's needed for balance. This could also be a person's first publication on the Crusades-- it is that clear and well written. Amongst many things I learned that both sides used service provider pigeons. Fast, but with enough depth to understand many of the difficulties of diplomacy and war at that time., Reading through this book was quite interesting to say the least. It gave a view of the crusades through eyes other than the Europeans for once and it was stimulating to hear about it using their point of view. However, I did provide four stars because the overall way the book was written was a little confusing and hard to follow. It jumped from spot to place and sometimes, time to time, so it caused it to be a little hard to follow. However otherwise, this book was an incredible one and was quite the interesting read., Well crafted. Ties events from the Crusades to present-day Middle East. Very relevant to this date., We hated the title but maybe it gets the reader's attention. Maalouf presents a really balanced account of the Crusades. I found it almost self-affacing and genuine. No polemics here. Somewhat Mr Maalouf presents the facts from the Arab accounts and critically affaces the Arab world's failure to coalesce in the face of attack. This is an sincere book, fast-paced and should be read with any bio of Saladin for perspective., We tend to forget that there are at least 2 sides of a war.
Plus History only tends to give voice to the winner, not at all times " the good guys".
If you imagine yourself an arab, caring for your day to day life and from nowhere arrive a number of strange people dressed up in armour under the desert sun and starting to kill in the name of the liberation of the " Holy Land", your land, after generations there must be something to say, to know and understand the consequences for future years., I try to read any new material We can find on the medieval period in the Mediterranean world and the Crusades in particular. Maalouf does an excellant job at offering sources and material sometimes omitted from other works on the Crusades. He includes this substance, but presents it in an objective manner, which is not always the case with works on the Crusades. I highly recommend this book., Obligatory reading to understand current events at the center East, Amin Maalouf's
" The Crusades Through Arab Eyes" depicts an before dislocation caused by the
Crusaders' eruption and its atomizing repercussion on the Levant., Excellent read fro breaking down a number of the campaigns of the crusades, what worked, what did not, how things could have gone in a different way. All while providing a fantastic account of the details.

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