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This book is a very interesting and in depth review of medieval crusades and the powerful men who wielded the swords. I discovered it quite complicated in following the timelines and locations so by using a historical map (included in the book) helpful. I also tracked the major event times by building a picture of sorts. This seemed make the reading flow better. All in all, it is a fascinating time and illustrates the tumultuous growth of the Christian church. Be prepared to take your time., A good, readable history of The Crusades has escaped me to this point, for whatever reason. I was very excited when Tynerman's God's War was released a few years ago, and quickly became disenchanted when I tried slogging through it and realized what a boringly-written brick it was. Couldn't finish it. Runciman's classic volumes, that have been the definitive essential reading for half a hundred years now, are still appropriate, entertaining reads but have been long since over-taken by newer evidence and much fresher, more-encompassing interpretations. As a read, they may still great fun. Because good history, they're quite biased and lacking today.

So, when I saw a shiny new place promising a complete revisiting of long-held assumptions, I couldn't resist. Asbridge's chronology is straightforward; starting with a quick survey of Islam's rise and subsequent takeover of the Christian Ay Land, he moves to Europe to set the scene of the middle ages papacy and nascent traditional western kingships that will bring about the concept of Crusading. In a nice touch, this individual continues to revisit the modern-day meanings, definitions and presumptions behind crusading as it developed from an event without even a name ("crusading" was a later appellation) to the currently-understood form. From these basics, he moves us through each of the primary five Crusades, deftly describing the expected peoples, places, and challenges. He strikes a good balance between talking about the main figures and key battles compared to less-glamorous but as-important topics such as trade and societal makeup that, while harder to make exciting, are very important when wanting to gain a full understanding of the poker site seizures.

Very crucially, he consumes as much time masking the Arab viewpoint as he does the Orlando. He also properly provides notice to the fact that, while western resources are fairly voluminous by the standards of the era, the Crusades just didn't have a major impact on the Muslim world during the time, and therefore resources from the Muslim POV are much less available. That said, he really does an admirable job of situating the reader as best he can in the Muslim mindset during each crusade, giving admirable details on outside pressures that might've existed, any inner dynastic or civil events that had bearing on their interactions with the Crusaders... other histories I have read of this era often fall flat in this particular regard.

He or she closes with an outstanding review of how the Crusades have themselves been viewed throughout history, both in the Western world and in the Muslim World; this may have recently been my favorite part of the book as it can not a topic I have ever seen covered before, much less so well.

The writing style is nice and lively as well. It reads almost like a strong historical fiction narrative, a legs not just in the author's talent but to the inherent drama of the period.

BOTTOM PART LINE: This will be my only answer for anyone asking for a recommendation on the time for probably years to come., Congratulations - excellent narration, substantial look at the subject matter matter. Outstanding detail, good background into “cause & effect”. A bit of repetition, but overall, a very good book!, Nicely written account of the crusades, very good story at times make you feel you are reading a thriller. Very enjoyable and realistic approach., Good publication, This seems to me an unbiased look at the Crusades that evidently puts it in the historical context. Although not light recreational reading, it provides insight into how much of the conflict has not been about religion, but strongly influenced by the politics of the times. If you desire to gain some understanding of events so far out of character for religious principles, yet learned in phrases of religious discord, read this book., if you're interested in the Crusades of course. I enjoyed Karen Armstrong's history of the era, much less dark-colored and white than has been portrayed in recent history. Cambridge does a nice job explaining not only the causes of the conflict but the background, politically and religious I only, that led to 200 years of intermittent warfare, skirmishes, and industry between the Levantine Muslims and Christians. From the good kindle book as you can search easily, there was many cities and fortresses that piqued my curiosity., A new very informative and easy read of a major historical event that provides an understanding of why the Crusades still resonate in the Islamic world today. It provides a detailed chronology of events in a way that allows you to feel the violence and terrible suffering for all involved on both attributes of the conflict.

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