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We acquired this book because I like going on cruises and thought it would be interesting to get a little of a at the rear of the scenes view of the cruising world. The book is well-written and does a good job of sharing behind the scenes information, funny stories, and an overall plot following the author through his experience entering the cruiseship world. It provides a great view of what ship employees do behind the scenes, whether it be for better or worse! The author will a great job mixing comedy with his history and makes it a nice smooth read. Highly recommended for anyone that enjoys cruising, is curious about cruising or wants to work on a send., If you ever got a question by what happens behind the scenes on a Carnival cruise send read this book. They have given me greater value and understanding for the crew members from the area stewards to the kitchen personnel and wait personnel. I started cruising in 2005 and now have over 13 cruises under my belt. The personnel does an outstanding job and now which is great when you know the cuts the cruise trip lines have made to their staffing levels in the 12 years since We started sailing. Specialists a person who worked in the salon once why there weren't any People in america working onboard. She curtly stated that no Us works the hours they have to. After having read this book, I could DEFINITELY understand what the girl was talking about., It is predicable that the serving crew is overworked and oversexed. The author shows himself as a one woman person but however that one woman is not on the boat with him so its celibacy for him to his mate meets with him or her in Romania.
Any person who have obtained a cruise knows that the waiters and kitchen personnel work incredibly hard. Web servers from other countries have this super work ethic and the author claims that as an Us he is a survivor in the cruel sea send world.
Interesting to see but not startling. Take it so that the worth., Boring -- We mean, seriously, how could this guide be so dull? Nonetheless it is. Rather than giving a behind the scenes look at what it is like to be a cruise trip employee, its purpose seems to be to stroke the author's ego. All we hear about is how hot he his, what a good guy he is for not two-timing his girlfriend, and how much harder he works than anyone. Of wait - there is more - I almost forgot: he can drink a lot too. Do you know what? Staying dedicated isn't that big an accomplishment, nor is getting stupidly drunk every night of the week. On top of all the ego stroking, the guide isn't even well-written. It can taken me months to finish it because We keep putting it besides and moving on to better quality writing. Avoid waste your money or your time on this one., This book gives a perspective from your young, attractive American male entering a new profession on a cruise trip boat. The cruising industry is no different from every other industry-what the general public thinks or sees is often very different from the experience of those who work in that industry.

We enjoyed reading Brian's encounters. They were funny, frustrating, sometimes repetitive, but always interesting. I have been on a couple of cruises, on different cruise ranges, so I had some experience to compare with for reference.

This guide does not give specific advice about maximizing your cruise experience. This book will not reveal 'cruise secrets' that will maximize your dollar. But, this guide will give you a peek into what a dancer, or a waffle maker, or a bar tender, or a laundry washer, etc experiences day after day, week after week, month after calendar month, consecutively, while taking treatment of your delightful, well-mannered, considerate family. The stereotypes have some truth and for individuals who are offended about the references on People in america as workers- I would assume you have not travelled outside of the Usa and seen how the remaining world works and situations they work in. Some are better, most are far even worse. The majority of the world doesn't treatment about being fair. It is definitely business.

I really enjoyed Brian's story and appreciated that he was able to stay true to who having been., Actually I would rate this guide 3 1/2 stars if possible. It was well written with no formatting errors or typos so that is a very good thing on the Kindle. However, call me pessamistic or practical but I found it simply a little unbelievable in parts. I don't know how people might survive the pace of life on a ship with simply a few hours sleep every night and not a day off for months on end. We would think people would be dropping down all over the place. Instead when they have a half day break if the author is to be believed they are departing the ship if possible to party on the Caribbean Island, get totally wasted on liquor and then come back to the send for the next visit of duty that same day. These people are super human otherwise the truth is stretched simply a little bit. It seems like some of the waiters can drink for an hour or two, get totally drunk and then sober up in an hour and go on to serve dinner??? All in all it was a fast fun read with quite a few interesting facts thrown in. Nevertheless my problem with the book was your fairy tale ending where everything turned out perfect and was tied up in a neat little bundle., Our wife and I cruise trip a lot and we enjoy the time away and the interaction with the crew. I thought this would be a fun check out the realities of life at sea for the many hard working men and women who personnel these modern ships. Rather, I got a poorly written book by an egotist who comes of as totally obnoxious. His attempts at " humor" are pathetic and he is the kind of person all sane people would avoid like the plague. This specific is not a good book about cruising--it is pretty just another self-absorbed place about someone who considers far too highly of himself. Ugh.

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