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An exceptional expose of the characteristics and history of the ideology -- NOT The RELIGION -- of Islamic and Muslimism. The fallacy that the ideology is a " religion of peace" is amply proven by this expert author who lived her first 30 years under the horrors of shiria regulation. I strongly recommend this book to every Us who may be worried about the scourge that is represented by the Muslim ideology., I have simply a little to increase the other excellent reviews. Nonie Darwish grew up in Egypt and personally sensed the oppression of Sharia law and tradition that is merely getting better in that country. I cannot help comparing her history to that of Wafa Sultan from Syria, and Ayan Hirsi Ali from Somalia, Nigeria, Saudi Persia and the Netherlands. All three women provide a revelation of just how strong fundamentalist Islam is in all these countries and how oppressive it could be. All three give a summary of Islam as it increased out of the Arabian dessert in the 7th century. You can also read this material in the " Islamophobe" writers Townsend and Spencer, reviewed extensively on this forum. But what the women give that Bradzino and Townsend cannot give is a personal history. Also their stories are not from olden days, they are from modern-day times in countries not usually considered repressive by the west. Of the three women, Nonie gives more historical analysis and less personal stories than the others, but what the lady gives I found give up touching emotionally. Her first seeing a Christian wedding ceremony in an old movie for example. She contrasts the vows to “unite two people as one, eternally”, to the Muslim “contract for sex intercourse”, in which the bride has little to state and can be replaced at the whim of the man. Also, her first sitting down in over a Christian praise service where she was shocked to hear prayers of confession and asking God’s forgiveness. After reading this book and others noted above, I have already been searching to have an answer to the obvious question: “ how can so many Muslim people, especially Us Muslims, be such good people, in spite of the fundamentals of the faith? ”. That is not the main topic of this book, which I found well written and engaging. It is educational, and a good read of a very personal story., Ms. Darwish has had a very tough journey as this publication attests. She suffered under the brand of Islamic practiced in Egypt and eventually found her way to America. It is an inspiring tale and a must read for anyone serious about learning about Islam's intolerance and physical violence. Thanks Ms. Darshsh.

A person know how researchers are keen to investigate the bloodstream chemistry and DNA of survivors of deadly viruses to develop vaccines throughout us. The United Says Government should be analyzing Nonie Darwish’s blood chemistry and DNA to learn how she escaped the fate of women dehumanized by Islamic police says. Cruel and Usual Punishment exposes the human privileges abuses inflicted on women with the intention of a totalitarian cortège that has only the thinnest claim as a religious beliefs. That doctrine passes by the name of shari’a, and it is Islam’s constitution.

The unimaginable cruelty of shari’a has festered everywhere it has been forced for thirteen hundred years but it has been largely overlooked in America. Until just lately shari’a-adherent Muslims have already been content to mutilate, maim, murder, rape, enslave, and humiliate their own women. What’s new now is that they’ve got their sights dress the Western, our rights, and our daughters, wives, and parents. They’ve finally gotten our attention.

Other writers, notably Brigitte Gabriel and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, have written about the human privileges abuses inherent in shari’a but no other article writer has explained it as well as Nonie Darwish. Simply stated, there is not any better exegesis for shari’a presently in print. Ms. Darwish approaches the subject as a native Arabic loudspeaker, as a woman, as a survivor, and as a patient researcher. With scrupulous references and original insights she covers a brief history, the sociology, and the psychology of shar’a. No-one before Ms. Darwish has so effectively linked the jihad imperative to the subjugation of women.

The twenty-first century is surrounding up as a decisive battle between Western civilization and Islamic barbarism. With the publication of Cruel and Usual Punishment we can not say we weren’t aware., Nonie Darwish does an excellent job of telling the ugly truths about Islamic. And as a lady raised as a muslim in Egypt she has first hand knowledge of how that ideology mistreats and debases women. The Muslim Brotherhood and its various online marketers, like CAIR, work diligently to suppress inescapable fact regarding islamic, the horrors from the sharia law, its necessitate world domination, and the point that the doctrines are in opposition to all basic human freedoms. Nevertheless Darwish tells about Islamic as it is.

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