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Excellent book a little technical but nevertheless a good publication, This book was certainly over me but I kept on, reading and re-reading. I learned and figured out., Very grateful for this book. It is very helpful to understand the kingdom of God and the atonement hence understanding a much deeper familiarity with the Gospel. Builds confidence to the spread of the Gospel through suffering. Excellent read - will be re-reading in the future at a much reduced rate for taking time to explore the massive referring to to Scripture especially the use of OT Scriptures., I acquired bogged down early on in this considerate work, but about a 3 rd or so through I found my interest increasing... steadily... to a wonderful crescendo at the final conclusion. This book got me to view the main element theological points of the Bible from new angles along with new connections and intertwinings. At times the author seems to split hairs with certain règle, but eventually he developed his assertions more totally in order that the "hair splitting" is apparently a very important thing!, In The Crucified King: Atonement and Kingdom in Biblical and Organized Theology Jeremy Treat attempts to show the continuity of the kingdom of God and the cross through Biblical and Organized Theology. Michael Horton states in the Foreword, " From the beginning of his ministry, Jesus saw himself because the bringer of the end-time kingdom, with the cross as his destiny. His main concept was the kingdom and his main mission was to go to Golgotha. " Yet, as Treat talks about in this volume, much scholarship has set these two ideas, Kingdom and Cross, against the other as an either/or argument rather than, as Treat argues, Kingdom through Atonement. With this tension at heart The Crucified King answers the question " what is the biblical and theological partnership between coming of the kingdom of God and the atoning death of Christ on the cross? "

Treat is helpful in showing the reader how this division of Kingdom and Atonement has come about over the course biblical and systematic studies. Treat focuses in on six main reasons why the kingdom and the cross have been often times set against the other in theological studies as opposed to integrated together. Here are a few that were quite helpful in understanding the tension and requirement for this book: " First... the wedge powered between kingdom and cross is largely the consequence of reactionary debates between those who emphasize the kingdom and people who concentrate on the cross. " These types of reactionary divides can be seen in many places in theology, where one group will ignore or deny a teaching of Scripture and another team can come along and over correct as well as in over-correcting reject a clear teaching as well. " Second, the fragmentation of Scripture that has occurred since the Enlightenment has contributed greatly to the severance of kingdom and cross. When the Holy bible is not a unified whole, then there is no need to integrate the seemingly incompatible ideas that God reigns and the Son of God dies. " Learning the Holy bible as a progressive revelation of what God is doing in the world in and through Christ is necessary for proper Biblical interpretation. Otherwise, as Treat says, we are going to just divide the Bible up into as many parts as we need to until we remove and tension or difficulty. " Third, the kingdom-cross divide is wide and by the " ugly ditch" between biblical studies and systematic theology. " Often times Biblical and Organized Theology are set against each other, rather than two methods that can complement each other. These underlying issues show the necessity of an e book like this to bring together Atonement/Kingdom and Biblical/Systematic Theology.

The Crucified King is this broken into two areas: 1) A biblical theological look at kingdom and cross and 2) a systematic theology study. Treat does an outstanding job displaying how kingdom and cross our interconnected and scripture and not isolated competing ideas. In the first section Treat gives a great overview of the Bible's teaching on kingdom and cross, like any biblical theology should do, but then focuses in on some key passages that really bring clearness. Treat's focusing in on Isaiah and Mark outstanding in their content and contribution to further understanding how kingdom and cross relate. The thought of the struggling servant being the messianic King is expounded upon from Isaiah, and the idea of the King being the one who is crucified is looked at in detail from Mark. Treat's scholarship and knowledge is on show in these sections and is quite helpful.

In his systematic theology study Treat offers great regarding how past debates can shape our theology. His brief look at how reformed theology has sometimes over corrected when faced with an incorrect focus of open-handed theology really helps the reader to see that we must be careful in our Bible study. We must recognize that all of us have presuppositions, and it is far better to over correct against one error, then it is to walk the line that the Bible takes all of us on, often times clasping two truths that may be on the surface seem to be incompatible but come together flawlessly in God's mind. One of this is Christus Victor versus Penal Substitution. Rather than setting these at odds against each other, Treat proposes a way forward: Christus Victor through Penal Substitution. That is, Christ is victorious and triumphs by way of penal substitutionary atonement on the cross.

I had been tremendously blessed by The Crucified King. Treat has compiled a wealth of knowledge and study into a readable volume that will surely bless those who read it.

I received a copy of this publication from Zondervan in return for an honest review., In the the church and the academy, there has been an unfortunate separation of the kingdom and the cross. I’ve experienced cathedral and parachurch settings where either kingdom or atonement was emphasized, to the near-exclusion of the other; and in both situations I have an soreness for what is missing. The same dichotomization characterizes theological tomes – works that treat the kingdom hardly ever mention the atonement, and works that offer with atonement hardly point out the kingdom of God. Both kingdom and atonement are important motifs in Scripture, and focusing on either while discounting/ ignoring the other can have damaging impacts on both one’s theology and ministry/church life.

Inside The Crucified King: Atonement and Kingdom in Biblical and Systematic Theology, Jeremy Treat provides an in-depth study of the biblical and theological relationship between kingdom of God and the atoning death of Christ on the cross. “[T]he answer lies finally in Jesus, the crucified king, nicely understood within the tale and logic of redemption” (25). Here “the story” of redemption is biblical theology and “the logic” of redemption is systematic theology. Because the cross-kingdom divide has much to do with the divide between biblical and systematic theology (with the past emphasizing the kingdom of God whilst largely ignoring the doctrine of atonement and these focusing on the doctrine of atonement whilst paying little attention to the theme of the kingdom of God), a holistic, integrative treatment of the themes of kingdom and atonement “will connection this gap between biblical studies and systematic theology, incorporating insights from both disciplines for both doctrines” (27).

Part 1 addresses atonement and kingdom from the perspective of biblical theology, tracing the partnership between these two occasion as it unfolds in the storyline of Bible verses. The main thesis of this section is that “the kingdom of God is established in the world by the atoning death of Christ on the cross” (139). Part 2 moves on to look at the relationship between atonement and kingdom from the perspective of systematic theology. “At the most basic level, the kingdom and the cross are held together by the Christ. Therefore, the doctrines of Christology, atonement, and kingdom must each be properly understood, especially in relation to one another 149. Part 2 deals with each of these doctrines consequently.

The Crucified King is a modification of Treat’s Ph. M. dissertation at Wheaton under Kevin Vanhoozer. It is moderately academic but accessible to interested laymen, especially those who have done some prior reading in biblical and systematic theology. Greek and Hebrew words are certainly not transliterated, but they don’t appear frequently and do not present a important hindrance to one without proficiency in biblical dialects.

This is a important book due to comprehensive, detailed way in which Treat integrates the biblical occasion of kingdom and atonement. While his thesis is not new, no-one worked it out in this much detail. And certainly, no-one to my knowledge has done so by adding the disciplines of biblical and systematic theology, so frequently torn asunder : this also makes The Crucified King a landmark and unique work. This specific book will convince the reader of the importance of holding together both criminal substitution and Christus Victor, both the doctrine of atonement and the kingdom of God. In both cases, concentrating on one and neglecting the other results in a truncated gospel. The Crucified King also provides a robust explanation of how kingdom and atonement associate from the unfolding revelation of Scripture as well as church history and modern-day theology.

Any with desire for kingdom, atonement, biblical theology, and/or systematic theology would enjoy this publication. But those who bemoan the dichotomization of kingdom and atonement and/or biblical and systematic theology and long to see them integrated as it should be would especially enjoy and appreciate this book. Within the Crucified King, Jeremy Treat has not only provided a strong study of kingdom and atonement, but also a model of integrating biblical and systematic theology that should be employed more in theological studies.

*I received a free copy in return for an neutral review, More than I expected., The Author demonstrates the integration of the Cross and the Kingdom. We have a suffering (Lamb) King who completed our atonement and inaugurates His Kingdom by His finished work on the cross that includes His revival and ascension and come back.

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