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Although a bit short for the cost, it was absolutely worth the cost. I was captivated by how such few words and drawings could so thoroughly capture the figures, without stepping on the original cast's toes, so to speak, because it felt like I was viewing Vax, Vex, and Keyleth on their own the first time, as opposed to seeing them through the lens of their players. If possible, this critter of two years fell in love with this cast and this world more than the lady already had. Every character and background is significant, beautifully professional, and written as if the throw themselves had dictated the lines.

So a massive, huge thank you to everyone who worked so hard and took a great deal of risks making these. You all did fantastic. I'm waiting with baited breath to see the next ones and purchase the physical copies when they come out., This first issue provides a good, solid commence to developing how the lovable rag-tag group first came together even before what was presumably their first collective adventure, as documented in The History of Vox Machina movie. The dialogue fits their characters rather well, though it may take a moment to remember that this was how they were then rather than how they are now. The artwork is quite lovely and the narrative itself is set up beautifully. Very much looking forward, impatiently, to the next issue., Vox Machina: Roots is a story set in the Dungeons and Dragons style world of Tal'dorei, following the adventures of a group of "mercenaries", who meet by means of a dangerous plot to rid the small town of Stilben from the residents. The story opens with Vax'ildan and Vex'ahlia, dual half elves with a penchant for mischief. On the trail of an crisis degree of stillborn children, the duo find themselves hired to investigate the situation by a man who lost his own children and wife to the so called curse. They've come to investigate the local swamp where they are ambushed by a particularly ugly and hostile fish person who, of course, dies, but manages to wound Vax. When suddenly, a young and quirky red going half-elf is found and mends Vax of his injuries. They realize that she, too, is on her behalf own exploration of the stillborn children and her new insights lead they to assume that there is much more to this than a simple curse.

This first issue is something We would recommend to any person, whether fans of Critical Role or even if you've never heard of Critical Role. I me personally being a long time enthusiast of the show! Fascinating action, witty dialogue and beautiful artwork, this will not disappoint! Can't wait around for the rest!, Because a fan of the online show, I have come to know and love the characters as I know so many others have. When I heard that a comic would be coming out about Vox Machina's pre-stream antics, We was excited, but weary. The book, and also apparently all of those other series, requires place even pre-home game (meaning that creative liberties could be taken without ruining lore, or backstory, or canon, or whichever word you wish to use here) and yet embodies the characters beautifully! The dialogue, and gestures presented within are area on for the actors' portrayals of their figures, and just how they described them being pre-stream. I really enjoyed the setup to this adventure, as well as the fantastic artwork and writing, and look forward to the rest of the series to come., Before they were the Super Intensity Team, before they became Vox Machina, a disparate group of ratcatchers found themselves on the coast of Exandria trying to solve a mystery. Four plus a number of 100 plus episodes later, they are the internet-famous adventurers telling their weekly tale in Matt Mercer's playground.

Matt Colville and Olivia Samson give life to the start of the campaign in a wonderful first section which satisfies, teases, and holds great promise for the next five months (or, hopefully, more).

I am all in., The only bad part of this first issue is We wished it was longer. It's great seeing this series kickoff with the twinsies. Any fan of Critical Role will love this. I can't wait around to read the future issues., For those who are looking for a great blade & sorcery comic, this is the one for you. But if you are keen on "Critical Role", it becomes much more. Every character is true to his or her portrayal on-screen. As beautifully illustrated as it is written, this comic is vital for Critters... especially if you are curious about how precisely the future members of Vox Machina first met. My sole complaint: why can't I browse the next issue now?!? What more can I say apart from, "How Do You Need To Read This? ", I chose this score as a result of experience I already have with the show of critical role and the Dm advice that Matt colville and Matt Mercer have publish on the internet. May there be more and work that is put into it not become overbearing due to fan pleads, for before the comic was show and before the show was a homebrew game that for Matt Mercer and his friends and I proud that they calling us fans "critters" friends

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