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The last (to date) in the continuing story of Later on Dillard, criminal defense legal professional, of this wonderful and riveting legal thriller series Set in Nashville, TN, Dillard defends a audio producer accused of murdering his young, up-and-coming superstar. In fact--and this is not a spoiler--the spouse of the accused has hired anyone to kill the singer and frame the woman wealthyproducer husband. Pratt has created a smart, meaningful character (not without his flaws), and consistently produces wonderful courtroom scenes with clever and believable conversation. The ending is unexpected--and perfect. Running throughout this entire series is the story of his wife's ongoing struggle with cancer, and the supportive and caring relationship they have with the woman and his two produced children. He's a personality to like and admire, and I can't wait for the next book--Number 8--to be released., In this story we know who the culprit is immediately so there is no mystery to solve. Typically the hard part is showing the client innocent—which means that Joe would have to prove who is guilty. Not so easy when everything is either circumstantial or hearsay.

Later on Dillard takes the case of a major music manufacturer who is accused of killing his singing star—a star who makes him millions of dollars every year. That alone should have told the DA that he had every reason not to kill her. But of course once they had a little evidence it was much better to just go with the suspect that they already had. That doesn’t help that the accused is a very unlikable person and really does not have a shiny history with women. Because unlikable as the client is, Joe really thinks he is innocent—which this individual was. Joe pulls away all the stops in the courtroom to prove that there was no reason for his client to get killed the vocalist. Toward the finish there were a few surprise witnesses—one I was not necessarily amazed about but the second one just blew my thoughts. It is the most unusual testimony I have ever heard from someone on the stand. You can just have to read the book to learn what I am talking about. The finish had a solution and a climatic finish even though there was one major part of the story that I performed not agree with. Other than the one thing We did not agree with We agree that the culprit got what was well deserved. Now I am off to read Book 8—read all 7 books in less than a week., Mr. Pratt continually supply his visitors with great suspense and intriguing characters. His descriptions of local places are relevant to his style of writing, i believe. This Later on Dillard Book 7 entails the music industry in Nashville, but still includes beautiful Upper East Tn for his local enthusiasts. I'm eager for Publication 8!
We could have to re-read some of his previous publications!, The whole Joe Dillard series is absolutely engaging. I love a good legal thriller and Jeff Pratt has quickly become my favorite of the genre. I find personally not only associated with the legal side of the story, but also very much engrossed in the personal struggles of the Dillard family. Mcdougal really does a fantastic job of producing you care about what happens to them without detracting at all from the key thrust of the story.

In A Crime of Passion, Dillard finds themself doing work for an innocent man who's still kind of scum bag. The story unfolds in a very interesting and unexpected way. The ending caught me quite off guard and gave me personally quite a smile by the end. I very highly recommend it.

John Grisham released me to the legal thriller genre, but We must say, Scott Pratt blows him away in my opinion. If you like Grisham and would like to branch away to others in the legal arena, you SHOULD give Scott Pratt's Later on Dillard series a try. We would recommend starting from the beginning of the series with An Harmless Client, but if you needed like to just choose this one up and read it, you won't at all be lost and you'll be happy you did., I have just finished reading Jeff Pratt's " Crime of Passion " which is the 7th series book of Joe Dillard. We have been a major enthusiast of authors Balducci, Grisham, Patterson etc. I use liked each of the several novels of Scott Pratt equally if not more so then the previously mentioned authors. Each story differs (but strongly suggest you start with book 1) Typically the novels are fast moving, action packed and maintain your attention. The price is certainly right and much less expensive then the aforementioned authors, Is supported by his plot development, character diversity and simply a feeling of realism for his stories. We stay in North Alabama and frequently find myself in TN from Nashville east to Bristol and Johnson Metropolis. Love hearing about the locale.
Yet most importantly he has the courtroom cleverness of Grisham and the intensity of detective work if Michael Connolly of Lincoln legal professional and Bosch popularity so I get the best of both sides. I'm starting to read slower now because We don't want to get to the finish of his book trail faster than I need to. I hope he retains writing for a long time!!, I have just finished binge reading all 7 books in the Joe Dillard series. I love the way Scott Pratt writes: limited, easy-to-follow, plausible plots; excellent job of building figures, from the central players to the tiniest; he researches his work effectively but does not bore us trying to impress us with how smart he is. In short, I highly recommend him and plan to learn what else he's written.

Jeff Pratt, despite the glowing report, I would recommend you have someone look for grammar (especially commas) and omitted words. This issue is a trifle annoying to many of your readers., Having just completed a marathon reading of the Joe Dillard series, one thru eight, in four weeks gives me a fascinating perspective. We obviously became hooked on the Dillard character and his family and friends early via books one to three. I completely enjoyed the plot outlines and rapid pace.
Unfortunately, from about book six and through eight, the stories became too predictable and boring. One cannot avoid sensation empathy for the difficulties Joe was experiencing together with his career and family issues but the story outlines appeared to drift and the freshness of characters decreased and became perfunctory.
Unsure how this series will summary but ideally soon, before fans deny the tedium.

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