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Excellent read this was to sure a page turner I actually need to know what's going to happen with these trifling couples. Niko was no good from the very beginning and he cannot stand that the tables has been turnt on him or her. Meghan is so hmm no words to describe her right now I actually hope Laila is able to find her happily ever after because Nko is obviously not it, Truthfully, this book had a lot of potential, but the frequent sex scenes overshadowed the story. None of the characters were really that like-able. They had no depth to them. These people were all shallow and self-centered, especially Niko and Meagan. Also, Laila got to be one of the weakest chicks I actually had ever read about. Her backbone was no place in sight. It required a longtime for Renegade and Laila to meet so when they did lastly meet, there is nothing thrilling or explosive about it. There was no hormone balance between them, in my opinion. This book was not bad, but it wasn't that good either. Possibly, part 2 will be better., A. J and LaToya y'all did y'all thing! Told u Renegade was will be BAE!! Megan ol that tail irks and she must die ASAP! Who does that??? Niko is the true associated with a FB (Amazon won't let me be great lol). Laila should have left Niko alone period as opposed to having fun with fire. The lady can make it onto her own and she knows it. Step out on faith sis, step away on faith! Can't wait around until the second part comes out!, This book was the bomb. Renegade is bae! I loved this book. These two creators did an awesome collab. The characters were entertaining. Quan and Jada were good together. I'm really hoping Renegade and Tegul can make it work. Niko needs to get what he deserves. I actually can't wait for part 2!, Whew!! It's some dirtiness going on for sure and I won't spoil it for anybody!! How in the hell Niko does not know Hitta and Renegade are brothers??? I feel there are some gaps in the story that could have been addressed to give a much better picture, however you kind of figure things away, so still a five star. I'm ready for part 2!!, That closing!!! Omg I'm so sick of Megan and Niko! Megan was dead incorrect for that stunt the lady pulled but I'm pleased Renegade knows the truth now. I hate Niko with a passion and I'm praying Laila can get away before is actually too late. I wanna see Laila and Renegade together so bad. I actually can't wait for part 2!, Wow this guide was EXCELLENT. These 2 Ladies will have you laughing one minute and cussing them figures out in the next. Megan is simply crazy. Renegade is my new publication bae(sorry Blazes). Love ❤ Laila. Quan is entertaining. But don't take my word with this book. Proceed and purchase it for yourself., I know Now i'm meant to hate Niko but I really couldn't because he only did what Laila allowed him to do! Renegade is bae! This cliffhanger males me want to cuss the creators out it was so good! I suggest both of their books!

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