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I will be currently half-way through the book.

This book reminds me of " Getting Digital" by Nicholas Negroponte, updated and applied to medicine. I am any engineer who worked in high tech (and the figures feel as if they came from a strategy/marketing presentation in that field). Reading on a Kindle, with the book function, manages any esoteric medical terminology.

Who could read it: engineers, medical professionals and statisticians.
Who should read it: Everyone - especially if, like me, you have a chronic medical condition.

It will be interesting to see how this plays-out., Wow Dr. Topol became a role model for me after I check out this book.

It just sucks that the average person thinking about health isn't going to be able to read this publication, nor are ideas like this the impetus for social change, because regrettably complicated ideas from smart people aren't understood by most and thus don't go anywhere without social media efforts and popularity. However Dr. Topol wants a change, and I agreed with some of his ideas. Most intriguing to me personally was the part about pharmacogenomics and the future of personalization in medicine. Huge population based studies effort to homogenize its trial but never do, because the genes of those individual people weren't measured and individuals will respond in a different way. Being able to group people by certain haplotypes and genetics is revealing greater answers in medicine, faster.

It's dense and has a LOT of information, lots of references, which I like. Strongly recommended for medical students., Given all the havoc that has beset the medical market it is no surprise that Topol has called this a " Creative Damage of Medicine". The medical system in place from (say) the mid-20th century forward, will not be able to handle the continual flow of going baby boomers, let by yourself senior citizens with actually increasing life expectancies. Just like so many promises made over the past years, in its present form medicine will not be capable to afford to respect the Medicare entitlement. So the current system must be replaced it with something else that will work.

The only real good news is that the price tag on treatments can be greatly reduced through the aggressive intro of advanced cutting-edge technology. Topol provides examples of where the injection of a little technology can substantively improve medicine, and at the same time do so at reduced costs. We might be seeing what others in the past have called " inflection points", where radical improvements and changes lead to measurably better patient outcomes.

Changes on the cusp, are by no means painless. In the future you personally will be unlikely to get almost as much one-on-one time with your doctor. Instead you will be seen by other medical professionals like physician assistants, nps, and technologists of all stripes. In writing this, I remember the times when my dentist actually washed my teeth (! ). Now a hygienist seems to that, with the dentist stopping by to take a quick look and shake hands.

It would seem to be the dentists obtained to the answer faster than medical doctors were able to:

Delegate anything and everything you can to more affordable staff so you can see more patients and reap the rewards of an expanded practice., This specific book merits five celebrities for content. I'd have shaved one away, because was NOT an easy publication to learn. The topic, however, is so important that we're going leave a complete array. Inside any event, if your life intersects with medicine big, read it.

Dr. Topol is an eminent cardiologist, geneticist, and medical investigator. Here, he argues that the practice of treatments is on the edge of massive structural change. The title attributes this to the digital revolution, but the book are at least as much about the effect of the science of genetics. The mixture of these two will produce a medical strategy far more closely targetted to the individual, significantly more precise, and -- ulimately -- much less.

A new great deal of what Dr. Topol states is very informative and very convincing. Some of it is "gee whiz" as to be offputting, and some of it feels like science fiction. Much of what sounds like science hype, however , is already in development. And some of it is already moving into current practice -- by patients as well as by doctors.

This is very important reading for individuals who have heavy contact with the healthcare system. 1 of Doctor Topol's key points is that as information becomes much more easily available, patients will have to take on more responsibility for their own care -- no one doctor can make all the right decisions in every area, and no one understands a patient like the patient him or their self. There is a lot in this guide that's essential knowledge for those with serious conditions (or those who are helping those with serious conditions). Typically the rather horrifying chapter on medical errors stands away, but there is much, much more.

My only problem with the book is that I came across it a tough read. That's not so much because it was over-technical. The one example in which which may be true is the section on the role of genomics in medicine, but that is a hard thing to clarify, and not part of the general medical knowledge base -- Doctor Topol notes that at the last report, only 2 out of one hundred fifty U. S. medical universities had "more than a brief, cursory curriculum" dedicated to genomics beyond simple Mendelian traits. My problem was with the overall approach, which is to throw lots and lots and LOTS of information at the reader, without enough explanation or backlinking together.

Stylistic issues, however, should not deter readers: there's so much very important stuff in this book that it can be worth a little of a slog. Additionally, the readability problem may be with this (elderly) reviewer. Two generally beneficial reviews didn't seem to be to find it a problem. See the Wsj review at [... ]at [... ]

Anyway, read it.

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