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Design and style Thinking is apparently in fashion today, especially at business schools. I was just curious what all the hype was about. This publication definitely delivered. Get ready to learn a new way of thinking and problem solving that can bring fantastic and creative solutions to whatever the issue may be. I actually loved this book., Brian Kelley, who co-wrote 'Creative Confidence' with his brother Tom, had worked with, and was a good friend of the late Dorrie Jobs. In the publication, we learn that, " Steve a new deep sense of creative confidence. He believed -- he knew -- that you can achieve audacious goals if you have the bravery and perseverance to go after them. "

The purpose of the book is to dispel the idea that only some of us were born with imagination in our genes, when in fact, most of us have the ability to be creative, despite what we might have been informed and taught over the years. We can all achieve " audacious goals, " just like Dorrie did, or at least to believe in our own capability to change our world in some way.

It can explained that we emerged into the planet with imagination and fearlessness, but as time passes we come across others who shake our confidence by saying we are going to not creative, including colleges where we figure out how to think too constructively -- that there can only be one right answer. Thus, we unlearn imagination and lose our confidence, anxious of what others might think.

Sir Ken Robinson's TED Talk, " Perform Schools Kill Creativity" is mentioned as a must-see and as an example of how traditional education has, well, killed creativity.

Typically the book inspires us with examples of individuals who were extremely analytical: accountants, scientists and legal representatives who didn't have a bias towards action. Even companies that suffered from inertia; bogged down with data and judgements by committee. But by unleashing their creativity, they have learned to conjure up and consider a myriad of solutions to problems, no matter how ludicrous, and to learn by doing.

There's also an emphasis on empathy and human-centered design. How important it is to notice customers and end-users when designing solutions and products instead of burying heads into spreadsheets and dreaming up things we think will work.

The authors share the activities of many students who've attended their d. school at Stanford University. It's a fast-paced, team-based learning environment where students, young and old, and from diverse experience, are asked to find human-centered solutions. A popular project is finding out how the experience of a daily train commute from San Francisco to Palo Alto can be increased for passengers, from holding out on the platform to disembarking at their destination.

The book not only focuses on inspiring individuals to build their creative confidence, but in addition delves into the value of working in teams and provides case studies where entire companies have embraced creative assurance to improve the experience of staff and customers.

Composed in a friendly conversational tone and filled with real human stories and experiences, 'Creative Confidence' was a pleasure to read, and having finished it, I've realized I've pointed out so many passages to read again., Tom Kelley is a dam smart man. I had to buy this textbook for a course.... Now typically textbooks and dreaded things that no person wants to Crack available unless they have to. But this book was actually good eno8gh TO BE ABLE TO READ WHEN I COULDNT HAVE TO!
review Over!, This is an amazing read for almost any type of creative person or group! Well written, with many delete word finding new kinds of imagination and allowing for imagination in jobs that traditionally aren't considered creative. Thought provoking and intriguing., I started writing a blog to document my trip as a designer and some of the struggles that come with being confident in the work and presentation. Many the time I was focused on myself and not my work. This book requires you through a trip and reminds you to have fun designing the life you want and the way to embrace creative confidence gradually. Thank you for writing this book., It is priceless book in that the authors provide their specific knowledge about imagination and innovation. There are plenty of examples, which are really helpful to understand what is a design thinking process. Whenever you close the book, you already have a creative confidence!!, I have with all this book as a present to multiple friends. I seriously believe that all people can be creative, they just need the right conditions and to believe in on their own., Il messaggio chiave dalam questo libro é che non esistono persone no creative. Ciò che fa la differenza é il contesto in cui votre idee si sviluppano at the il grado di confidenza che una persona riesce ad esprimere quando cuando parla di creatività Corrente volume é un intento dell'esperienza dei fratelli Kelley che deriva dalle cose scritte e realizzate negli anni Un libro fitto di storie, di cerca de e di strumenti che mi hanno fatto selezionare così tanto materiale at the scrivere molte note La sintesi efficace anche per chi ha letto i libri di/su Ideo at the per chi ha confidenza con il design Considering Il mio giudizio, perciĆ², non può anche organismo elevato. Rimane un breve dubbio. É vero che la genesi di questo libro é legata alle vicende personali di Brian, ma le numerosi automobile citazioni dei progetti realizzati da Ideo risuonano ogni tanto un po' autoreferenziali. Ciò non toglie nulla samtliga qualità dei contenuti che rimangono di alto fascia

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