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Oily is an awesome writer- very knowledgeable about his subject... well... when he is writing about sailing he is... if he published a book about skyrocket science I might question it, but then again, he'd probably know more about that than I do, so I usually takes his advice. He gives you the straight info on what you require. He cuts the garbage, shoots you straight, and doesn't take sponsorships to tout some fancy equipment (although Rocna certainly owes him a steak dinner). I would say I am a professional sailor, and I actually learned a few things in this book. If you haven't read his other textbooks, you're missing out. I actually found almost no to disagree with him on, and if I did, I used to be probably the one who was wrong. But seriously- I kind of giggled at it at first- " Creative Anchoring"? Why, what could I possibly learn that I don't already know about attaching? Well, um, apparently a lot. (Refer back to the sentence where I actually said if I disagreed with him, I used to be probably wrong. ) I will not admit publicly as to WHAT I actually learned, as that would be admitting that I have been doing it wrong all this time, but I did learn a few things. Of course now that I've learned it, I will pretend I knew that all along and deny I actually ever did it incorrectly. Sorry, Fatty, that's how it goes, but thanks for sharing your great knowledge of things that float., Hey, Fatty. I actually have to admit that I was hesitant to buy this book... for a few reasons. A single, I'm running out of discretionary money - prioritized pennies, as they say. Two, there is already plenty of attaching info available for free on the internet. Three, I'm cheap. However, since Buy, Outfit and Sail has been so instrumental to my planning, I actually kind of felt like I " owed you one, " so I actually snatched up the Kindle version. I've read several chapters this morning, and, as the intro is a little depressing (i. e. dodgy officials), the rest is worth it's weight in gold! GOLD, I say. The explanations you provide are priceless and really help to focus those prioritized money! Great job, and thanks for writing!!

www.dptransom.com,Lots of great down-to-earth info provided in his usual interesting style.
We're actually pretty good at the whole anchoring thing and have safely ridden out a few storms at anchor, yet as with every other one of his books, I walked away with several pieces of invaluable information. I especially liked his numbered processes - I've seen too many people simply stop and drop! His step-by-step describes obviously show that while straight forward, there exists a great deal to consider each time you drop the hook befoer you can call it done!, Before reading " Creative Anchoring", I would not have attributed creativity to any aspect of anchoring. I probably would have avoided the issue as to me the process of tethering a boat to underneath means the cruise has ended... for the day at least. Through the first paragraph on, yet , the author skillfully manipulates you into believing you are reading a light, enjoyable novel, not delving ponderously into a self-help description showing how to avoid going on the rocks. " Creative Anchoring" will have you giggling and page-turning, even if the best you ever get to a sailboat is a picture in Cruising Globe., This is a fairly awesome, comprehensive book about anchoring. I think that a whole book about attaching might be boring, but it turned out to be pretty entertaining. This has from the essentials to more complex subject areas like careening and getting ungrounded. The author liberally expounds his philosophy and tells sailor stories mixed with the practical knowledge about anchoring. I found this to make the book engaging but do have a fair level of repetition and extraneous information. To keep important information salient and straightforward to identify, there's many lists that help separate the practical knowledge from the interesting rants., It's an alright book, but the palm drawn illustrations leave a little to be desired., Cap't Fatty has written an excellent collection of his personal encounters anchoring in strong water, shallow water, off-road, sand, coral, sea grass, tides, gales and (gasp! ) hurricanes. He also includes incidences of smashed fingers and severed hands or legs, and how to prevent them, so that you don't need to learn from experience. He digresses a little here and there, but which how the Cap'n creates., Awesome! I am always waiting on the next Fatty book! I have so much to learn from him "seamanship wise", and "life wise". This individual provides this in an entertaining humorous manner which keeps one engaged. I actually highly recommend this book and all the Fatty textbooks, and this is the best one yet in my opinion. I have yet to "drag anchor", but this may be due to the frequency of attaching events rather than any "skill" this statement may imply. With Fatty's publication I hope to switch this condition to be based on the skills imparted by this publication. Thanks Fatty!

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