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This is the most effective books I've found recently that explains key scientific advancements, and in a highly readable yet very educational way. I've recommended it to a huge number friends, each one of whom was similarly impressed with both the content and the standard of writing. Rutherford is a British science writer who has done some of his own scientific research, so he is sold with all the right skills. The first half of the book goes into some exciting theories about the roots of life. The second half deals with current programs and what's forward. Cannot recommend this book more highly. Also, if you love Bill Bryson's books, you will likewise love this one by Rutherford., It has been almost 50 years since I actually had a course in biology, so I made the decision to read " Creation... ". When i worked my way through the first few chapters, I was awed by the magic that is life as Mr. Rutherford detailed it. I often enjoy a book, but being " awed" is quite and accomplishment for an author.
The book is not exactly light reading, esp., on a Amazon kindle, but it's not a text book with an exam at the finish of each and every chapter.
Starting with the idea that " If I aren't build it I aren't understand it. " Rutherford discusses the history, materials and science, and current state of replicating life in the laboratory. His / her discussion of the legal, engineering, financial and market aspects of life design is seem to be balanced minus specific agenda.
I recommend this book to anyone looking to understand a science " biological life" without needing to become a specialist. Nothing is here that should manifestly offend anyone's religious sensibilities... Rutherford is not reliving the Scopes Trial., For those who require a refresher course in biology and evolution. The book also has the most up to date research on the origins of life itself., Excellent and throught-provoking, Creation: How Technology is Reinventing Life Itself by Adam Rutherford, Penguin Group, 2013, 278 webpages.

This particular is simply the best book I ever read on where “life” originated from and where it could be going. An individual can read for the broad picture and/or for the details. It is a masterpiece of well thought out and well-presented information. Basically all life is based on the same DNA and RNA. All living things probably came from one original cell. Yet even when the DNA is 99. 9% identical (as with humans) the result is an infinite variety of unique outcomes. Even similar twins-who have identical DNA-have different fingerprints and different brains. Like snowflakes we are all one of a kind. And for that matter so is every living thing. We all will not see its/our like again. DNA permits changes and the useful changes survive. Ninety per cent of all species that ever lived are vanished. Yet in one sense the extinct and we are immortal, at the very least in our DNA.
Life is work in progress. All residing things are evolving. Items human, including culture, curiosity and experiment, are growing at a steadily increasing rate.
Within all of human historical past people played with advancement by selectively breeding in qualities we wanted and breeding out your ones we do not want. In the foreseeable future we will build life from scratch. Will we get Frankenstein’s monster? Who understands? Is the objection to genetic engineering, Luddite or rational?
His / her dismissal of the threat carried by bioengineered viruses and bacteria used for battle seems weak. On page 216... The perceivable future, the reality of genetically engineered weapons depends on the most generous technique words theoretically possible.... Nor do viruses respect geography or nationalities.... By figuring out how to upgrade a flu virus into one that can cause a pandemic, we provide ourselves against the very real chance of it happening naturally. What Rutherford fails to note is that anyone who designs a virus capable of creating a universal illness is also effective at selectively immunizing a select populace. For example Switzerland could develop a flulike virus that would kill 95% of all people and selectively immunize all Swiss citizens.

On page 250 the author sums up his ideas of where genetic engineering may go. Yet it is not inconceivable that one day computers might store their memories not in silicon chips, but in DNA chips…

That creative engineering philosophy is key to synthetic biology: how can we redesign and use biological technology for purpose? All the endeavors referred to above are nascent systems, still greatly in the experimental phase. Yet they all demonstrate that the limits of nature are being surpassed by our own inventions. We have always adapted nature for our benefit, and in the era of molecular biology we have done so by remixing it at a molecular level. Today, for the first time, we have been engineering living systems created in ways that rewrite the actual language advancement has provided.

Find out if you can understand Luca, Synthia and Freckles and their relation to genetic evolution? Of course, if you read Natures Oracle you will see that Darwin needs some small adjustments. There is an altruistic gene.

This is a fun read. The author is serious but has a sense of humor and picks examples from our common experience that make difficult concepts manageable. Wow! I hope that Lord or whatever helps us. I suspect we are going to need all the help we can get and not just rely on human wisdom and judgment. Frank, This was a good resource for a university course., An extremely informative account of the origin of life., If you read a lot of current science, this book will not present anything new. The author does an outstanding job of summarizing. popular science and would actually be a great book for a seminar for teachers (or anyone else) who should be keeping current.

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