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Amazing benefits! Such an amazing quest! Our characters have recently been through so much, TOXIC is going to pay for all the wrongs they have done.

War is on the horizon, TOXIC and the United agency against each other. Typically the United has given Mac pc a deadline to give up, but we know that is out of the question. With Macs armed service of the created he or she is unquestionably a force to be reckoned with. Yet so is Talia, Eric and the rest of the coalition!

Absolutely amazing series! I'm so surprised at the development and storylines., It's been a while since I've actually read. Actually a good friend turn me to reading again. She kind of pretty, confident like the cover suggest. Once We began, the story become interesting. Some parts jogged my memory of a movie. On the other hand, the story line worked because of her character. Immortals, good / bad girl thing, but still a women to the finish. The girl boyfriend and other character types made the story development. I credit the author for making the story move. It's a good read all the way to the finish. It doesn't ending like the predictablility would suggest. No give away's. (smile). I'll continue with next series..., I will be not going to spoil anything at all. Keep in mind that to just say, Wow, I will be over sixty and really loved this book and all the books in the series. I really found this story line and all the publications in this series that built it much better than Divergent! Highly recommend reading all publications in order. Talented, Caged, Hunted and Created.

Some read the shorter publications in the series yet, Exiled and one other. I will require outlined were the primary areas of the story and picked up the location where the other left off. Recommend, if you like a good romance, action, adventure with a little sci-fi talents thrown in., OMG! I loved this book even more than relax! Okay, maybe not more than book 1, but it was so FREAKING FANTASTIC!!! We are completely invested by the ending of Chapter 1 - finding out a dear good friend was involved in the death of her parents, knowing at the ending of the countdown she'll be on her way to rescue Erik. This book was filled with action, suspense, love, and lots of super talents! It had been definitely a nail biter! Every time they would lose program a friend I thought the worst was proceeding to happen. Part of it broke my coronary heart. I used to be amazed at the detail and just how descriptive the author could be, We could visualize the whole guide in my head! We loved the progression of the skills, even though the very idea of someone with that much strength is a bit terrifying.

Typically the way the book was left with several available ends leads me to think there will be a Book 5... but even if the story ends just where it is, that might be okay: )

We was given an ARCH of this book by the author for review. There could have been a little begging involved. Maybe. Somewhat., I love these tales. The author does a great job weaving plot situations that keep the webpages turning. I got the first book, Talented, free on BookBub. It was so good I bought the next one online and read it right thru in to the night. Typically the books resemble The Tairen Soul series by CL Wilson with certain character types able to morph and fly, and also help remind me of The Hunger Games with the Gifted being taken from their families and forced to undergo special combat training. Yet each of the tales have different focus as Talia begins to know what has happened to her and what it means for her future.

Each of the four books in the series so far was Excellent. I excitedly await the next guide due out their year., Alright, so, I used to be seriously looking forward to this guide. Now that I read it, I must say, I was a bit disappointed, it experienced kind of rushed. And even though I understand why to recap certain things, to me they just took overhand. Also i noticed some editing mistakes, which, drove me crazy.
I didn't like that Donavan got killed by his father, that to me was taking it to another level.
Now I don't want to make the whole book look bad, since it is not. I do enjoy the series, and We do enjoy realizing that there will be another guide out next year.
In my opinion it's like with every series, when you have several guide, then there are always at least one or two a person link with. In all the top selling book series I feel reading, I have at least a book or two that are not to my liking.
Okay, but enough of this. I don't repent to have bought this guide, and I will also recommend to others. We am looking forward to the next book., Inside book 4 the primary figure finally reaches her prospective and is useful. Hair trigger temper with wild mood swings are still there using her ultimately having to put someone else first she has to manage herself. A little bit over the top in a couple places and was very disappointed with your decision to close doorway what happened to Mac pc! This was the bad guy! The rest was satisfyingly creative and filled with action!, I use downloaded a lot of the free books available and very few have made me excited enough to buy the next books in their series. the talented series has done that in my opinion. The curiosity to find what happens further in talia and Eric's lives and also to find toxic's destiny was fuel enough to go following your series. each event and person has been made up of special care and not something is left as a loose ending anywhere. The vulnerability in talia's mind when penny projects images from talia's childhood that had been wiped from her memory until now is touching being Eric's sacrifice to keep his family safe. Donovon's story on his own is truly heart rendering.

I downloaded all the novels of the series and finished reading them in just three days, I was so captivated by them! In reality I wished I could have read them quicker.

Ms. Davis did leave a thread open towards the ending making me personally wish for a 5th novel in the series and soon.

I rate all the novels in the series as five stars even though We have rated just the last one and am would not hesitate to get this series.

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