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In Kentucky, where people tend to concentrate on basketball rather than football, Chance is a higher school football coach. Someone is right there with him in his stream of consciousness as his life takes some odd turns.

Chance “…was making a living giving talks about living a good life based on charity and compassion, and that he or she didn’t feel somewhat responsible talking about Jesus because Christ was not the same man the demagogues made Him out to be. Christ was cool, and He didn’t expect humans to be perfect, and if He himself was perfect, well, look at what that did for Him. Had to take one for the team, give himself up, pull a charge so that mankind could continue making its sinful way toward eventually extinguishing itself. ”

The book is so much more than there is no benefits on the surface. As a born-and-bred Kentuckian, We liked the descriptions of Kentucky life and insights into the various subcultures. I grew up in the “boondocks” and found many rural descriptions right on target. Another facet was sports. In Kentucky, we sometimes tend to lift up human (and fallible) mentors to Jesus-like heights., Ridiculous of Natural Causes was a stream bed filled with gold nuggets. Without much effort, I found some wonderful ideas on which to ruminate. I shared many of them with my teens, who rolled their eyes - but I possibly could tell they also listened. Indeed this is a wonderful surprise for anyone who have coming of age teenagers in your lives. A tale filled with football, weed, and Jesus as a mentor, this book appeals across religious lines. Lessons aside, the storyplot line is very well planned, the characters well developed, the pacing superb. Enjoy!, Allow me to preface my review by saying that I am about as far from a good Christian as a good man can be. Possibility Bedford is a man with many similar qualities, for the first chapter anyway. Having known some coaches, I would say his qualities are not far off from a large number of high institution coaches. Win at all costs, reward your players, reward yourself, screw anyone that don’t like it. His accident and following recovery reveal a new character, so seemingly imprudencia from the initial it’s hard to reconcile that they could be the same guy. The new Possibility is filled with a humble version of Christ’s light and shares that wisdom with anyone who will ask. He becomes the man that every good Christian mother wants, without the pot use. Typically the drive we saw before is gone, he enables his job go, enables his estranged wife go, shedding everything but his closest friends, two of his former players. Probably that’s the real session here, that numerous of us all are so busy building our world we hardly ever take the time to ponder whether it’s one we want to live in.
For me though, We miss the old Possibility and with the exclusion of new Chance and his former principal, We think so do almost all of the other characters in the book.
Anyone who loves listening to testimony of the transformative nature of faith in Christ will love this book. It’s is never preachy and certainly never too proud. A part of me wishes the concept resounded louder in my heart, but looks like I’m stickin with Aged Chance on this one., I picked up Ridiculous of Natural Causes because I loved the title, and it offered me a sense of what the book would definitely be like. I was not dissatisfied. The writing and mouvement has a definite The southern part of feel; if that’s not your bag, then this book isn’t for you. But if you would like something where you feel transported to Kentucky, this does the key. The main character, Possibility Bedford, is not your typical hero, or anti-hero, but instead a guy who feels real trying to find himself after a car crash. I didn’t always like his choices, but overall the book left me thinking long after I turned the last (digital) page. (Aren’t we all just trying to figure out what highway we’re on and the way we got there? ) Even though the story does sometimes meander, I always understood I was in good hands with a The southern part of storyteller taking his time. Definitely worth a read., Another great effort by Monte Dutton, who appears to hone his style jointly new novel he produces. Crazy of Natural Will cause features a protagonist who has more than a few curveballs chucked at him -- and throws a few himself. The writing captures the dialect of Eastern Kentucky well: frank, unpolished and occasionally raunchy. At its heart, Crazy uses a good (not perfect) man to weave some interesting feelings about Christianity in a post-Christian country all while keeping up a fast-moving narrative. Monte Dutton will make you think -- and that's always a good thing., I have been reading what Monte Dutton writes for fifteen years now. It offers obtained an adjustment on my part to get used to Monte Dutton the author. Therefore this is a good read. Without providing too much away it is about a tiny town football coach named Possibility. The coach unexpectedly has his life turned completely the other way up. What follows will keep you turning pages., I tend to read mysteries or sci-fi/fantasy stories but had this book recommended in my opinion by a friend and thought I had created take a chance on it. Once I started out it, I possibly could barely put it down. Maturing and living my whole grownup life in Eastern KY gave me a unique perspective on the tale and the characters are spot on. As well as a good, solid story, there's a lot of intelligence in here as the main character changes and develops. I really hated to see the book conclusion. I highly recommend that one., I couldn't finish the book. It is so foul i couldn't enjoy it. I tried through a few chapters but it got worse rather than better.

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